For the Newly Awakened-a Primer

In early June I wrote this primer for my family as a reference they could turn to during their initial confusion. Unfortunately, there has been no need for them to see it. Yet.

Good morning! Welcome back! You’ve been away for what seems like a very long time, but your deep slumber hasn’t spanned as much of this “time” as you think. Really. Actually, “time” is a cooked up feature of the illusion you now find yourself in. Like all the other features that comprise this matrix, it’s well crafted.

Truths are now pouring down on your head like a soaking rain during the monsoon season in a jungle. Forget about grabbing an umbrella and trying to protect yourself from getting wet, you’re gonna get drenched. We all do when we wake up. Try not to drown.

Read on for a few helpful hints and tips, compiled by someone who has been through this amazing process, and while you do, expend some effort to remain calm and fight back the urge to panic.

1. Don’t panic.

2. This is not reality. Well, it is, but what you will find confusing is that it’s only an infinitesimal sliver of reality. There’s much more landscape ahead.

3. All will be well. Regardless of what you’re hearing from scores of sources, our outlook is rosy. Very rosy, in fact.

4. Need answers? They’re built right inside you. No kidding. Once your DNA computer is reprogrammed, you’ll feel like Albert Einstein on one of his best days.

5. In the meantime? Surf the web and check out blogs and websites like this one for information and advice. You may have come across such a site before and considered what you saw there a compendium of ridiculous nonsense. It’s quite alright. Now you know better.

6. Watch carefully. This experiment you’re living in is helping to define who you are and it uses a large array of contraptions to confuse and confound you. Seek peace within yourself. Don’t believe anything that attempts to scare you.

7. This is an experiment. Believe it or not, what you see around you is like a gigantic holograph and not only that, you chose to be here to play around in it.

8. Don’t be afraid. A very large part of your participation in this setting has to do with fear and love, or more specifically, choosing between the two. Choose love and you’ll sail into the sunset. Choose fear and you’ll sink like an anchor.

9. You’re not alone. You’ve never been alone. You’re so swamped and crowded with spiritual guides, angels, ascended masters and beings of assorted shapes and colors, that the space around you is like riding on a New York city subway during Friday afternoon rush hour.

10. We’re going home. The chunk of land on which you sit might seem very familiar and even heartwarming, which is a good thing, but it’s just not from where you originally appeared. Your true home is fantastically more beautiful and wondrous than this place.

What lies ahead for all of us is the saga of our voyage.

Our return voyage to our true home and to who we really are.

Happy trails!

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