Two Things

For the past few days, in my heart and in my mind, I’ve been stewing and percolating like a coffee pot. This whole business of an entire race of beings changing course suddenly and venturing in a new direction, while the vast majority of the population hasn’t the slightest idea of what is about to happen, is twisting and pulling me like a wad of taffy you see in one of those seaside candy stores.

A heck of a lot of stuff is bothering me but there are two issues that seem to be consistently at the top of my aggravation list.

The first, which is obvious to most seasoned lightworkers, are the channeled messages that are plastered all over the web and even though many of them sermonize love and hope, they’ve become, for me, as stale as a 100 year old Twinkie.

When I find myself scanning a paragraph of a channeled post, and I know that I shouldn’t, it’s easy to understand why the repetitive droning of the same message, which has been repackaged, is frustrating; we already know this stuff.

It’s like requiring Albert Einstein to sit through a high school algebra class. Of course, I don’t claim to be a genius of any kind but I can say, reasonably, that most lightworkers have completed elementary spirituality and are ready for a different assignment.

The second, which is equally obvious to lightworkers, is trying to live day to day in a world that’s not only filled with, but almost entirely composed of, deception and lies. It’s this wickedly fashioned matrix, or, more accurately, the drudgery of living in it, that makes my blood boil.

(And if I hear anybody say, “Well, you chose to experience this,” I’m gonna smack ya.)

It’s like being the little kid at the parade who notices that the emperor is naked and when you declare to others this plainly seen fact, a realization of being very alone overcomes you because no one in the crowd is able to perceive something that’s quite obvious.

There’s a train of thought that follows this acknowledgment of annoyances and it’s simple and I fully understand it; encountering and dealing with such adversity creates an experienced and well-rounded soul who is ready for advancement into the higher spiritual realms.

But how much longer does school have to last?

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  1. ksense says:

    I don’t believe that there are some who will “ascend” and others who won’t. That rings too closely to a religious viewpoint for me. I wouldn’t waste much energy on it. Something’s coming, some feel it and some don’t. Some of us who feel it have a grand idea that the ones who do the right things and have the right thoughts will make it to the promised land. Sound familiar? I think the Event will change us all equally. Will there be some “Left Behind” (pun intended)? I doubt it.

  2. ksense says:

    How much longer does school have to last? Until we learn that we’ll never know everything. Patience, Grasshopper.

  3. Karma007 says:

    Right on Brad, I can only stay the course that feels right for me and mine. I live day to day living in the moment. But I’m aware of the dissent and disillusionment of my fellow humans. I’m catholic, and from the beginning of my indoctrination from school and faith, I feel we’ll all be saved one way or another.

    I’ve held on to the principals that I was taught, help others, be kind to your neighbor and love all Gods children, furry and otherwise.

    I disregarded the dogma of a vengeful God, and that we should suffer endlessly for our sins. How can a baby sin? How can a mentally challenged person sin? These and other teachings have baffled me forever. Am I going to go to hell if I live with someone before marriage? Is it a sin to create life without marriage? I don’t get the duplicity in the religious teachings anymore. I stopped worshiping false gods long ago (pope). I keep the tenants of the commandments, they are just guidelines for us to live in peace and harmony with nature.

    I’ll always use my free will for good instead of evil, I’m through drinking the kool-aid that media, religion and government wan’t us to belove to be saved.

    • mike0v says:

      I was raised Catholic, too.

      Am I glad that crap is over.

    • Like it or not, karma does play into living in 3D on this planet of Duality. This means experiencing all aspects of what you have created. For every action, there is a reaction. Instead of the word ‘sin,’ substitute the word ‘karma.’ If you cause discomfort to another, you must experience how that discomfort feels. If you do not experience it in the lifetime you cause the discomfort, you come back to do it until you do.

      God is NOT vengeful; it is simply the law of cause and effect. It’s one of the laws of Creation period, plain and simple.

      Very few of us come in with a clean slate. We come in carrying ‘baggage.’

      If you do not learn through your own actions, how will you truly learn? You’re expected to make ‘mistakes,’ it is the only way to learn what NOT to do and WHY you shouldn’t do something. Karma is not punishment. Karma is the process by which you learn what NOT to create.

  4. LidaV says:

    How much longer will school last…I guess it’s up to Grand Schoolmaster to decide. He/she alone knows when all courses are complete and we can graduate…not some worldly curriculum specialist or writer! The worldy ones are, alas made of the same stuff as we are and subject to the same lessons.
    Love your comment Brand…patience, Grasshopper!!!

    The same One will decide who does/doesn’t ascend…again that One does not go by Earthly rules…like Eartly Religions and dogma.

    And aren’t we all glad about that!!!!
    I feel in my heart that all of here are doing the right thing because your comments have indicated that. So we can all sleep in peace…the sleep of the “Just”. I am happy to be among you.
    Sleep well everyone. When we all finally ‘wake-up’…for the final awakening…it will be grand!

  5. Karma007 says:

    Maybe we never graduate, we just keep on learning. Look how many other universes we don’t know about. We are the perpetual students of life.

  6. Julia says:

    I know what you mean about many of the channeled messages. However, I think that they need to keep saying the same stuff because some people are just starting to look for answers. So stay out of the First grade class if you are a Sixth grader. It will just bore & annoy you! Everyone gets to learn at their own pace. Only pick the class that you need!

    I also think that no one entity decides who will move up. Your spirit will decide for you (even if you don’t know that your spirit gets it, because you don’t get it yet & need to learn more.) We move up when we as individuals are ready, I think that many people are ready because they do right in their life & heart, even if they don’t read about the changes.

    I took a great comparitive world religion class. Basically in the end you discover that all religions have the same basic truths, whatever you call them. Love & respect each other, love spirit.

    And I LOVE Brad’s answer!

    • ksense says:

      I’m just a trouble maker 😉

    • mike0v says:

      This is an issue I’ve looked into before.

      Some sources say all of us are going, some sources say some of us are going.

      I have no idea who is right.

      And you know, Brad’s answer ain’t THAT good.

    • mike0v says:

      Hey, trouble maker, thanks a lot.

    • And I love yours Julia! There is always something more to learn. It’s why we exist.

      I’ve learned when life seems to be giving you kicks in butt to ask; “What am I supposed to learn from this? What are you trying to show me that I am not getting?”

      It’s a fascinating university we are living in. The problem is; with all institutions of learning you get ‘burn out’ and need a break; and we’re all feeling that “I Need A Break” syndrome right now.

    • ksense says:

      Mike, I just went to a site that has a lot of channeled messages. Wouldn’t you it, the first one said we’re all going and Earth’s population is 99% ready to ascend! But wait, the second one said that only the few awakened ones are ascending (insert George Carlin quote “It’s a BIG CLUB and you ain’t in it!). So, I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone who thinks only a few will ascend will actually be left behind saying “duped again, WTF????”

    • mike0v says:

      And that sounds about right.

      It’s a good thing that I’m not in charge of this circus…

  7. And if we believe Tolec, we will be here till the end of 2013.

  8. Karma007 says:

    Wow, talk about the school of hard knocks! It’s like the Truman show, but our real lives.

  9. LindaS says:

    I have been reading the recent posts, and I definitely can relate.(I like your blog because it feels real.) Last night I had an epiphany. I think our frustrations, etc. may be a part of our “leaving the nest” and going out into the world. For those of us with older children – remember the teenaged years? So maybe we are ready to leave regular schooling (channeled messages, etc.) and work in our specialized areas. Don’t ask me how – I have not had that epiphany, yet.

    • mike0v says:

      This is a wise observation; something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Leaving the nest and trying to find our way. But I read a post somewhere that said all of us will remember what our missions are after the mass awakening.

      Sort of like, “Oh, for Pete’s sakes, why was I worried? I know exactly what I’m gonna do.”

  10. claudia says:

    Mike, me thinks you are going to spread your wings and LET GO… wheeeeeeeeee

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