Two Things

For the past few days, in my heart and in my mind, I’ve been stewing and percolating like a coffee pot. This whole business of an entire race of beings changing course suddenly and venturing in a new direction, while the vast majority of the population hasn’t the slightest idea of what is about to happen, is twisting and pulling me like a wad of taffy you see in one of those seaside candy stores.

A heck of a lot of stuff is bothering me but there are two issues that seem to be consistently at the top of my aggravation list.

The first, which is obvious to most seasoned lightworkers, are the channeled messages that are plastered all over the web and even though many of them sermonize love and hope, they’ve become, for me, as stale as a 100 year old Twinkie.

When I find myself scanning a paragraph of a channeled post, and I know that I shouldn’t, it’s easy to understand why the repetitive droning of the same message, which has been repackaged, is frustrating; we already know this stuff.

It’s like requiring Albert Einstein to sit through a high school algebra class. Of course, I don’t claim to be a genius of any kind but I can say, reasonably, that most lightworkers have completed elementary spirituality and are ready for a different assignment.

The second, which is equally obvious to lightworkers, is trying to live day to day in a world that’s not only filled with, but almost entirely composed of, deception and lies. It’s this wickedly fashioned matrix, or, more accurately, the drudgery of living in it, that makes my blood boil.

(And if I hear anybody say, “Well, you chose to experience this,” I’m gonna smack ya.)

It’s like being the little kid at the parade who notices that the emperor is naked and when you declare to others this plainly seen fact, a realization of being very alone overcomes you because no one in the crowd is able to perceive something that’s quite obvious.

There’s a train of thought that follows this acknowledgment of annoyances and it’s simple and I fully understand it; encountering and dealing with such adversity creates an experienced and well-rounded soul who is ready for advancement into the higher spiritual realms.

But how much longer does school have to last?

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