Just a Dream?


I don’t think there’s a science fiction writer anywhere on our humble planet who could come up with a story as twisted, convoluted, dramatic, suspenseful, meaningful and philosophical as the one in which we’re living at the moment.

Valiant’s latest post details another chapter in this crazy, epic tale and I’m very thankful that this message was less cryptic than the earlier ones.

Details that were fuzzy to me in the recent past have now become quite obvious and if I said I wasn’t concerned about what Valiant tells us, then I’d be lying.

Something is not going well in the skies above us.

What is now plain to see is that the ETs are waiting for the mass awakening of humanity and they don’t want to reveal themselves to us until this event takes place.

John Smallman has mentioned the mass awakening on his blog repeatedly. He has also given details about this spiritual moment and says that not all of us will awaken at the same time. He states over and over that it is divinely guaranteed.

Blossom Goodchild recently had a conversation with her friend from above who openly revealed this information.

The Gaia Portal blog joins the list of sources that have spread this news.

And Valiant’s latest post nailed it down.

So, it seems to me, if I’ve interpreted this mountain of data correctly, that our ET friends have to appear BEFORE the mass awakening event and if they don’t, well, there will be some surprises for them.

Not good surprises, either. The bad kind.

Talk about leveling the playing field!

For anyone who might read this blog, can you possibly believe what is taking place around and above us?

Within the next two weeks or so, as Valiant has told us, our ET friends MUST present themselves to the world. If they don’t, if they choose to remain cloaked, well, I’m gonna use an old cliche here: the sh*t will hit the fan!

Imagine; the ET presence must be made known within days or a very large volcano on Earth will erupt and start killing humans.

Am I lost in the twilight zone? Is this all just a dream?

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