Just a Dream?


I don’t think there’s a science fiction writer anywhere on our humble planet who could come up with a story as twisted, convoluted, dramatic, suspenseful, meaningful and philosophical as the one in which we’re living at the moment.

Valiant’s latest post details another chapter in this crazy, epic tale and I’m very thankful that this message was less cryptic than the earlier ones.

Details that were fuzzy to me in the recent past have now become quite obvious and if I said I wasn’t concerned about what Valiant tells us, then I’d be lying.

Something is not going well in the skies above us.

What is now plain to see is that the ETs are waiting for the mass awakening of humanity and they don’t want to reveal themselves to us until this event takes place.

John Smallman has mentioned the mass awakening on his blog repeatedly. He has also given details about this spiritual moment and says that not all of us will awaken at the same time. He states over and over that it is divinely guaranteed.

Blossom Goodchild recently had a conversation with her friend from above who openly revealed this information.

The Gaia Portal blog joins the list of sources that have spread this news.

And Valiant’s latest post nailed it down.

So, it seems to me, if I’ve interpreted this mountain of data correctly, that our ET friends have to appear BEFORE the mass awakening event and if they don’t, well, there will be some surprises for them.

Not good surprises, either. The bad kind.

Talk about leveling the playing field!

For anyone who might read this blog, can you possibly believe what is taking place around and above us?

Within the next two weeks or so, as Valiant has told us, our ET friends MUST present themselves to the world. If they don’t, if they choose to remain cloaked, well, I’m gonna use an old cliche here: the sh*t will hit the fan!

Imagine; the ET presence must be made known within days or a very large volcano on Earth will erupt and start killing humans.

Am I lost in the twilight zone? Is this all just a dream?

61 thoughts on “Just a Dream?

  1. Karma007 says:

    I’ve heard that the Yellowstone area is important, it could spread ash over several states. Also Mt. St. Helen’s in Washington State. That could be the snow Bill is seeing. This would also make for a sudden winter, the clouds would block out the sun, and would plunge us into winter immediately.

    Who ever is procrastinating is surely aware now that we need disclosure sooner than later.

    • mike0v says:


      A super volcanic cauldron exists below Yellowstone. Its size is enormous. It spans several states. If it were to erupt, pretty much every American would be dead very soon.

      And your insight with the snow seems absolutely accurate. Bill keeps seeing snow and an early winter. This could explain the whole thing.

      Now, I ask you; should we be concerned? I truly don’t know.

    • I found this thing could happen at my researches a long time ago. Yellowstone will wake up and his ashes will put the world into a glacial period that could last to 6 months till 2 years, with very low temperatures and acid rain. In that case… I predict mass extintion.

    • mike0v says:


      I don’t want to see this. I don’t want to experience this.

      I just want to go home!

    • Mee too Mike, but I just want to stay here, in a beach at vacation time forever..

  2. Karma007 says:

    I live in the mountains, it’s been in the 50’s here in the morning. We don’t have this kind of weather here until October!

    Warren and I have had to wear coats in August when it’s usually the high 90’s. The leaves are falling off the trees already and the hickory nuts are falling from the trees. I have to beat the squirrels every morning to gather as much as I can for baking season.

    Also I think there are factions fighting amongst themselves above in the sky’s and below in the bunkers.

    • mike0v says:


      Yes, same thing here in Atlanta. Our weather right now is more like mid to late September weather.

      The weather today is beautiful and feels more like autumn than summer.

      I’m gonna ask you again, dear sister. Should we be concerned? I don’t want to live through a volcanic eruption.

    • Karma007 says:

      My dreams have been really scary, I see myself on one of those big caterpillar earth movers. There is no vegetation in sight, just dirt. I am rebuilding something. Last week dreamt of construction that was not finished, needed to find safe haven, was with one of my friends. It appeared that whatever happened was over, and we were trying to come to grips with the aftermath.

      Is there any unusual stuff happening at the airport, are they shuttling planes elsewhere, is there more troop movement inside?

    • ksense says:

      I haven’t heard anything on DIA.

    • Karol,
      I dreamed with something like this too. Was a 4 months ago, more or less. I was in a devastated land, fire, ashes, and broken constructions. But I was not afraid, I remember me and 2 other people that I never see before over a hill, beside a small tower with a control panel and one operator. Me and the other ones was wearing gloves, but a big metal gloves, with buttons and leds. The operator into the tower made a sign and a very high energy came to the sky from some kind of sattelite, was a blue ray, it reaches the tower and the tower send the energy to our gloves. With this energy we are able to remount the broken estructures, raising the buildings and cleaning everything…

      similar dreams isn’t it?

  3. LidaV says:

    yes, the ET’s need to sh*t or get off the pot…and if they chose to get off the pot…the bloodguilt of earth will be on them.
    and the judge, jury, and executioner will not be merciful.
    Quite the conundrum, don’t you think!

    Should we be afraid…oh yes, very afraid if we are not awake enough to realize what is happening. I feel deeply sorry for those that are NOT awake!

    • mike0v says:


      How’s Bill? Is he okay? I hope he’s doing alright.

      And I’m gonna ask you, too. Should we be concerned? Living through a volcanic eruption is not something I want to add to my resume.

  4. It’s not over the USA, that it happens. Here in Brasil, at the south where I live, it’s winter time, the normal temperature here today would be 3ºC, but today we have 27ºC, since two weeks ago.

    • Karma007 says:

      Alex, my friend Jacira is leaving for Brazil in two weeks, she is originally from Victoria. She’ll be there for three weeks and that is on the coast. I worry about her travels this time.

    • I don’t see any problem, here we have no extreme conditions of weather at this time. Brasil’s coast is very calm for tourism, less the radical ones. Brasil have a continental extension, there’s no vulcans, in case of a big event like tsunami, that never happened here, we have how easily to runaway to the inland. Wathever your concern, be sure that’s a safe place here.

      Be calm and don’t worry.

    • by the way…
      sorry my bad english, sometimes I try to write faster than I really can, so I hope it don’t sounds like Tarzan talking for you

    • LidaV says:

      I am glad we have you there watching for us!

    • Karma007 says:

      Not at all, my friend is Brazilian too, and sometimes she uses a Portugese word when she doesn’t know an English word to use.

    • Thank you all, you’re very kind at all.

  5. LidaV says:

    He is OK. He has increased his bedrest by 1/2 to 1 hr more a day, and added 5 mg to his pain meds…he says it made a huge difference. And I have picked up some of his small chores…whatever I can do for him, you know I will do. So he is actually a little better than I expected. ….small steps with him…it does help.

    I was always afraid of water…so of course I live near the shore!?!?!?
    I knw of Yellowstone…they been monitoring it’s activity for a whiole now.

    About a year ago, Bill had a dream about volcanoes going off and how he saw the plumes from a distance. He sent it to Raye @ RMN. I will find it and email it to you. Gave me the illies then…do I really want to review this now?
    He just recently ‘saw’ safe zones…one was huge triangle from Kentucky to Pennsylvania and Virginia, included all of West Virginia. He might be just seeing the one for the Northeast because that is where we are. He wasn’t sure if that was the reason for that…
    will find that dream for you….

  6. ksense says:

    Although I don’t know why, Bill’s posts don’t make me fearful. Mike, have you noticed that all summer long just about every rain storm came from the Northeast instead of from the Gulf like it always did before? There have been a few that came from the West but most came from the Northeast.

    • mike0v says:

      Brad, that’s good. In the final analysis, yes, we will all be fine.

      It’s just HOW we end up in a fine state of being that concerns me.

      I’m going on my dreams, like Karol above. I sent a personal email to everyone describing my dream from last night. A volcano had erupted. My two kids and I were standing in my driveway as we watched the wall of ash come rolling in.

      Then today, Bill’s post talks more about it.

      Guess all we can do is sit back and wait.

  7. LidaV says:

    Brad has then right outlook…better to be aware than totally clueless…less fear, if any, after that!

    Mike, check your email, I sent you a few of Bill’s dreams ffrom a while ago…very interesting!!!
    Glad I save them….

  8. Karma007 says:

    I’m going to get on dutchsinse, he is a meteorologist with spot on predictions of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. There may be a pattern. Evidently the ring of fire, the volcano’s that surround the pacific and Japan have been very active, they are all lit up. Even the ones that have been dormant for years.

    • mike0v says:

      Holy cow! The Ring of Fire is the crystal network that Bill spoke of in his posts! It’s starting to light up?

      You guys remember? The whales keep the crystal network soothed with their song. The crystal network is a stabilization and communication and defense mechanism.

      The crystal network can render all ET technology inoperative. It can blow this world to smithereens.

      The 13 crystal skulls control and communicate with the crystal network.

      It’s obvious now. The Ring of Fire is getting ready to detonate.

      The volcano that erupts won’t be above ground, it will be the Ring of Fire under the Pacific.

      I don’t think I need to explain to anyone what will happen if the Ring explodes in multiple eruptions.

      Why did I sign up for this? Does anybody remember?

    • ksense says:

      Mike, Metatron has spoken often of the crystals. You might find this one helpful. I enjoy the crystal teachings. http://lightworkers.org/channeling/151009/james-tyberonn-archangel-metatron-crystal-skulls-and-ascension-paradigm-19-january

    • mike0v says:

      Thanks for the link.

      What do you think, Brad?

      What the heck is going on?

    • ksense says:

      I think the crystals around the world have been coming online for a while and now they’re starting to resonate. The next key date is September 22 – Autumn Equinox – Initial networking formation of all 12 Primary Sun Disc into Crystalline format. I just can’t get myself to buy into a gloom & doom scenario.

    • mike0v says:


      Is that the beginning of our transformation into crystalline based bodies?

      Metatron has said before that this process will be done by December 12.

      Which coincides with Bill’s message that everything must be completed by December 12 or nine days of wrath will follow.

    • ksense says:

      I think so. My diet is so different than it was even 2 years ago. All I want most of the time is a salad with sliced salmon or chicken.and water. I can’t get enough fresh greens in my body. The occasional burger is OK but things like pasta are out. I was strictly a meat and potatoes guy before. Now, you all know that I haven’t ever done any of the cool spiritual and mental things some of you have but I can definitely tell that the body is different. Even certain sounds and words just rub me wrong too.

    • mike0v says:


      I’ve been through the same thing with food. I can’t eat anything unless it’s organic. If I drank a soda right now I’d get sick.

      The only thing I drink is water, coffee and pure fruit juice.

      The meat and potatoes diet is very much over for me.

  9. Karma007 says:

    It will devastate sea life, birds and mammals. It will be 100 times worse than Mt.Vesuvius, they are just now digging those people out of ash and dirt. They were buried over 15 ft. deep or more in some places.

    We are strong mentally, that’s why we’re here Mike, don’t fret. Keep dreaming and visualizing a better tomorrow.

    They still don’t have the 13 th skull, one is a fake.

    My Arkansas crystals should be here Friday, I will be making the orgonite this weekend. It should help boost our positive attitudes and create a healing mechanism for Bill. We need him to be as healthy as possible. Any energy I can send him, I will.

  10. Karma007 says:

    The only way I can summarize our group is that we are the KEYS, and Bill is the LOCK. We can think when he is under the weather, you and I dream, Shannon sees, Brad is practical, Alex is a researcher, Yvonne has no bounds in esoteric knowledge and Lida is rock in her efforts to keep Bill comfortable.

    We might all be here during this time for Bill.

    • mike0v says:

      Very insightful, Karol.

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

      One thing is absolutely certain: things are about to get very, very interesting!

      I think our humdrum boring lives are gonna get an electroshock real soon!

    • There are many things that could happen indeed. But I prefer don’t imagine something so tragic, however the facts appoint to that. At one of my researches, I found an interesting speculation about the carbon based life. Crossing data from predictions and history we aren’t under a just one big event. Will be a combination of events, one of them “in theory, of course” will be the increase of sun’s radiation. But this will not kill us. It’ll change da based carbon life that we know for carbon 14 to carbon 7. Carbon 7 is instable, but in that research attributes carbon 7 at the compound of the saints body. Because the carbon 7 shines like a golden aura, it can also levitate because have less density that carbon 14.
      It makes sense, when we remember about the “fotons ray thing”, the galactic pulse at december 21th… If the things happens at this way, nobody dies, just be transmuted for a higher being.

      Please, this is just a speculation based in that thing that I found.

  11. Karma007 says:

    We had salmon and 3 bean salad for dinner, just finished. Warren went from drinking a 6 pack of diet cola to just tea and water. He used to eat meat and potatoes too. But has scaled back to lean white meat, fish and vegetarian several days a week.

    I did make chocolate zucchini bars for dessert tonite, but they are loaded with dates, pecans, organic coconut.

    I find we don’t need to eat as much as we used to, I could easily finish a whole subway sub. Now I’m lucky if I can finish half.

  12. LindaS says:

    It was a “fall” day here, which is odd because summer runs into mid-September in central Texas. Like most of you, some of my recent visions and dreams have been unpleasant. This may be a possibility now, but in my life, things frequently turn on a dime. So, the outcome always can change. Perhaps we might propose an “Occupy Galactic Federation”. (This idea has kept me laughing for an hour.)

    • ksense says:

      It’s been cool here in GA too but I have a feeling it will warm back up in Sep. All of my dreams are either instructive or playful.

    • mike0v says:


      Central Texas, like San Antonio? I have family spread out all over Texas. San Antonio, Galveston, Fredericksburg, Houston.

      When it comes to dreams, I’m just like you. All of my recent ones have been unpleasant. I’d love to start having some better ones.

      The infinite possibilities that exist with each day are becoming more and more compressed now. Soon, we should start to hear very similar messages from any higher beings because the timelines are getting squeezed together.

      Like flowing down a funnel, everything is compacting to fit through the hole.

    • LindaS says:

      Austin now, but have lived in Dallas, Houston, South GA, and NM. I am about 60 miles east of Enchanted Rock, which is quite an amazing place.

      Is anyone else taking classes in their dream state? It has been an ongoing process for months, but now I remember them. In the last two weeks it has been telepathy, seeing with my mind’s eye, and bringing things to me (physically and energetically).

    • mike0v says:

      Linda and Brad,

      I agree with the dream sequences. Just last night I had a dream which was obviously an instructive lesson.

      The problem is that bad ones are thrown in with them.

      Many of my dreams over the last few months have been about regaining our ability to fly. Actually, I’ve had so many of those that sometimes I wake up and think I can pull it off in our 3D world!

      It’s like knowing just how to take off and get airborne but a minor step has been forgotten, so I can’t do it.

      And I’m not kidding. My kids think I’m bananas because they’ve seen me standing on my patio reaching upwards and gritting my teeth.

      When I told them I was trying to fly, both of them rolled their eyes and went back to their iPods.

  13. ksense says:

    I know what you mean. It’s easy to overeat now and it’s not pleasant.

  14. Karolina says:

    Noone knows what will happen. Noone will save us. Our task is to save us ( or go home) ourselves. We are controlled by our thoughts and believes (matrix), so the only thing what we can do is to question our mind.
    We are now on edge when we have to master our mind. It is our manager, it should be our butler.

  15. ksense says:

    Bad dreams are very rare for me but they’re almost always connected to something that I need to clear out of my psyche. Is it possible that some most people see something they need to clear as a message that relates to the waking state of the world when it really doesn’t? Just putting it out for consideration.

    • mike0v says:

      That sounds very reasonable.

    • Julia says:

      That sounds very right to me as well. I just don’t have a sense of doom, just a lot of work to do.

      Weather here in Northern Calif. is average. It’s been very hot in the last few weeks, but back to normal now. (I have a sick computer, so I have been off line for a bit)

    • mike0v says:

      Hey Julia,

      Are you noticing any increased activity in earthquakes out there? Has an increase in activity been reported?

  16. Karma007 says:

    Just had a convoy of 6 military helicopters fly thru the valley,hmmm.

    • mike0v says:

      Yes, hmmm…

      I have no idea if this means anything but does everyone realize what tomorrow is?

      Tomorrow is the 120 day mark. Four months to the singularity.

      Is that meaningful in any way?

    • Over my researches, I spend some time with crop circles and their meanings. It’s very hard, there’s many symbols and codes that turns it in a such difficult task. This video below, really impresses me, I want to share with you:

      He seems very smart to me. If this guy is right, we’re in trouble.. Or is the right time for the lightworkers and the awakens to act.

    • By the way… I can’t become vegetarian, please tell me he’s wrong…

  17. Karma007 says:

    Very interesting Alex, I’m enlightened about crop circles. I felt the were astral news reports to us on how to live in harmony with the universe.

    We are primarily programmed for “mind over matter”, we can change our outcome by the simplist behavior, not eating meat.

    You can gradually do this by cutting down your consumption to 1-2 times a week. Over the course of a month you can transform not only your body but your mind also.

    You will first notice it in your complexion, then your weight loss. Finally your meditative state will improve.

    Just try it for a week and see how you feel. It took Warren, my partner, months to adjust. His health improved, he slept better and lost weight.

    Thank you for this informative video.

  18. Karma007 says:

    Alex we have those types of restaurants here also, they bring the meat to your table on a sword! My brother is a carnivore and loves this place.

    Being a chef, I can’t stand the smell of meat cooking, when in school, I would have to put plastic gloves on to make hamburger and meatloaf.

    Mike, I am lactose intolerant also, there are many substitutes that are plant based or soy to satisfy your craving for cheese and other dairy items.

    I make Warren nachos without meat, and he’s just as satisfied with the end result. Today I will make him a jar of fresh salsa with stuff from the garden.

    I don’t miss meat, there are so many other items at the farm market and store to keep us full and satiated.

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