Summer Sighting

The entry below is a combination of posts from two months ago. The sighting occurred on the day of the summer solstice, June 21, 2011.

It was windy, so there is a large increase in volume near the middle of the video caused by air passing over the microphone. The voices you hear are my son and daughter.

Last summer, in June, my teenage kids and I were minding our own business; me working in the yard and they goofing off while I worked in the yard. (Why is this typical?)

We watch the skies closely when we’re outside because we know UFOs are real. The term “UFO” is bothersome to us, so we call them what they are-space craft. “UFO” is a lousy way to characterize the ships that our families zoom around in, if you ask me.

Anyway, my son noticed some pathways carved through overhead clouds. They looked rather peculiar, so he grabbed his digital camera and started shooting.

These pathways were quite interesting and as we stood there wondering just how in hell they were being formed, the answer flew right into view.

Space craft! Right overhead! My adrenalin surged and I started screaming like an idiot for my son to get some video and stills.

Naturally, this was one of the most amazing things that’s ever happened to us. We stood there in awe as the craft cut through clouds making those pathways and then watched as it flew around in clear sky.

It made angled turns, loops and was in no particular hurry to disappear. The whole sighting lasted a good five minutes.

Even had a neighbor come over and when we pointed it out to him, he said “oh, that’s nice,” then went back to his living room to finish watching a NASCAR race.

I think the space craft could’ve landed in his front yard and as long as it didn’t leave any marks in his grass, he’d keep watching TV.

Chemtrail clean up.

Space craft.

Space craft.

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  1. It’s very hard to find a faithful source of videos like this. Thank you Mike for share it.

  2. Karma007 says:

    Mike that is incredible! Warren had his ah ha moment when we first saw the space crafts when I first commented on your blog.

    They are capable of clearing the chemtrails, and you caught this on tape.

    Your neighbors reaction is typical of someone who is not awake. I feel sorry for him and others who don’t believe in a higher power.

    • mike0v says:

      Yes, and my neighbor is a long time friend.

      We’ve known each other for years.

      I can assure you, even if thousands of space craft appear in the sky, he will be interested for only a short time. He’ll go right back to his TV.

    • Karma007 says:

      People need to unplug the TV, it’s the main source of everyone’s not waking up! It’s a distraction from our third eye. I didn’t have a TV when I lived in Colorado. My friend finally persuaded me to get one. It was the biggest mistake of my life.

      We have one now, but only watch sports and weather. I do like food TV, TLC, History and of course Scify.

    • mike0v says:


      I just updated the entry with some still photos. They’re easier to see.

    • ksense says:

      Karol, you should see a lot of them in CO. We saw at least 30 in the 15 yrs we were out there.

    • mike0v says:

      Hey Brad,

      Got any photos of them? It would be cool if you did.

    • ksense says:

      We never had camera or video with us. I did stop one night with night vision, spotlight and video camera to catch one I had been following for 20 miles but as soon as I got out of the car it freakin’ disappeared….. nothing. I was upset about that because it was right over the car.

    • mike0v says:

      Damn! That would’ve been awesome.

  3. Karma007 says:

    Warren wants to hook Jo the digital Nikon to the telescope so we can photograph at nite. That’s when we see the most activity. We live in the woods so it’s really dark and you can focus better to follow their path in the sky.

    We are novices at photography, so it will be trial and error.

    Ps: I’m a NASCAR fan too, but I would certainly leave the couch and miss the race for a front seat at viewing a spectacular space craft.

  4. Unfortunately I never saw nothing like that at these skies over here. I always look at the sky trying to find something. My wife doesn’t like to much when I talk about this subject. She said that will belive when she see some UFO parked at the street next her. Till this happens everything about this is just imagination to her.

  5. Karma007 says:

    Alex, Warren thought I was loco too! But since having his experience seeing the orbs, he is a believer in such things. Now his doesn’t dismiss my logic about space craft, and other unexplainable events.

    We used to live in a haunted house, that woke him up somewhat to other worldly things. So I guess some people just have to experience it for themselves for it to be real.

  6. LidaV says:

    THAT is a great video. Any plane would have left a contrail, but not this UFO!!!
    Did you ever follow up to see if there were any satellites pasing over…although those would NOT disturb clouds.
    At the airport where you work, how do they treat UFO requests.? They must get some questions coming in from researchers. Here, all I get are busy signals and generic recorded messages so we can’t even disprove a UFO if we wanted to. The police just pass the buck after they stop laughing.
    I know, it was done to me when I called to ask!!

    • Karma007 says:

      Geosynchronous satellites move at the same speed as the earth, that’s how our cable companies work. We thought the same thing, but our orbs were up above 30,000 feet and and moved with lightening speed. Much faster than an aircraft.

      Thanks Mike, I can’t wait to show Warren when he gets home from work.

    • mike0v says:


      I just updated the entry with some still photos.

      In ATL, requests for information about UFOs are ignored or passed away to someone else. There aren’t any government entities that take them seriously.

      I’d like to mention that the space craft that passed overhead was in no way anything else. It was so obviously a space craft that even my fully asleep neighbor agreed. He just wasn’t interested.

      Later, my kids and I talked about it and thought maybe we were visited by our stelan family. I’m a Pleiadian starseed, so we wondered that maybe it was someone we know who was checking up on us.

      This sighting was incredible because it was in broad daylight and the craft meandered around like it was purposely revealing itself.

      Plus, the craft passed right over my house. And I do mean, right over my house. Directly above my kids and me.

      One minute we were standing there and the next minute a ship was slowly cruising by.

      The parts in the video where I’m yelling at my son to get video and screaming at the craft to land in our yard, I edited out.

  7. Karma007 says:

    Mike, did you have any profound visions or dreams on that nite or day. Had you been asking them to show themselves?

    • mike0v says:

      Yes. Which is the subject of my next post. I’ll try to write it up tonight.

    • mike0v says:


      The first part of “UFO Multimedia” describes what happened to me before the craft passed over my house.

      That dream sequence with the probe in my back yard took place a few months before we saw the UFO.

      At first I didn’t think they were related but after my kids and I discussed it, it started to make sense.

      I’ve never asked any ETs to show themselves.

      What happened to me that night of the probe visit, I have no idea and I certainly don’t know who it was, either.

      But to answer your question directly, no, I didn’t have any profound visions or dreams on that day or night. It was a few months before.

  8. ksense says:

    Tell your son he does good work.

    • mike0v says:

      Thanks. He has one hell of an eye for spotting things.

      He’s found several arrow heads in Texas and a civil war bullet near Cloudland Canyon.

    • Karma007 says:

      My ex husband and I were driving from CO to MN with his daughters. We were in Iowa when he stopped the car on the side of a major interstate at night. He got out of the car and just stared up to the sky, at that point I got out and above us was a triangular shaped craft with 3 lights on each side, just hovering. It was larger than a plane and had no sound.

      That was a defining moment for me that we were not alone.

      Warren woke me up one morning at 4am to come and look at an object that seemed to be morphing from an orb to something with wings. Thru the telescope it was stationary and was strobing, this was in PA. Another orb joined it to the right and did the same maneuver for over an hour.

      During the persied meteor shower was when we saw the latest orbs. They flew higher than planes, we saw several that night flying below them, and criss crossed the sky, there were two going across the sky. Warren is pretty unshakable, he’s my rock. But that incident pretty much solidified the fact that space craft are HERE.

    • ksense says:

      Yeah, when you least expect it, it scares the crap outta ya if they’re close.

    • mike0v says:

      Okay, photos, people!


      Who has photos?

  9. ksense says:

    I always wondered if I’d find civil war items here if I looked. The battles came right through this area.

  10. ksense says:

    If you’re ever up Dalton way, email me and we’ll arrange dinner for y’all.

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