Cloaked in Clouds

Lots of research and evidence has shown that some clouds we see in our skies are actually cloaked space craft.

Below are two examples of these “cloud ships.”

(If you click on the images you can see them in their original size.)

Cloud ship? I think so. Thanks to Brad.

This space craft…

…emerged from this cloud ship.

10 thoughts on “Cloaked in Clouds

  1. Karma007 says:

    Brad, that is just unbelievable. It looks like cotton candy…sorry making dinner for guests tonite, everything looks like food to me!

  2. Julia says:

    We sometimes get amazing clouds over the Sierra Nevada mountains. Just beautiful, and often very interesting shapes. I’ll try to get some photos for you.

    It’s interesting that when I was in the Caribbean in May, I was totally fascinated with the clouds and did many paintings where they were the main subject. I wonder if I was seeing old friends! You just never know!

    • mike0v says:

      Did you see clouds like the one Brad photographed?

      On the day we were visited by the space craft, my kids noticed that it had emerged from the cloud formation in the lower picture.

      Look closely and you can see a pinkish hue in the center of the cloud. Very strange.

  3. mike0v says:

    By the way, Brad, where was this photo taken? Looks like out west somewhere.

  4. Clouds very similar to Brad’s passed over my home in Maine in 2008. I blogged about it and was lucky to be able to take pictures. The link is here:

    If you click on a photo a page opens where all can be seen on a strip. Boy was I ever excited to see those pass over!! I always wanted to see one in person.

  5. LindaS says:

    Yvonne, some of your clouds look like they are smiling.

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