Art of Youth

Drawn by my kids as a contribution to the efforts of raising awareness in this crazy world.

(Click on image for larger size.)

9 thoughts on “Art of Youth

  1. I like the first drawing quite a bit. It is pregnant with very high symbolism and needs to be read with the brain that is located behind the solar plexis. That brain ‘instantly gets it!’

    I ‘see’ what it says, but if you ask me to explain, it would take quite a volume of pages to explain and would become a mini-book. Surfice it to say, it’s good, and it’s deep…. Any more art in your house??

    • mike0v says:

      The top drawing was done by my daughter.

      Please, no need to explain!

      Yeah, there’s more art but it’s in the ex-wife’s house. (A house, by the way, bought by me, with a full finished basement, which I did with my own two hands, beautiful leather furniture, two car garage, big workshop, huge deck which I built myself, nicely landscaped yard in a great neighborhood. Yeah, that’s where the art is. But am I bitter? Nah…I’m not bitter…Karma sucks.)

  2. LidaV says:

    As Spock would say….Fascinating!
    Maybe they’re not ‘babes’ , but what they say is HUGE!
    Congrats Dad…your kids are sharp.

  3. Karma007 says:

    Warren told me of a dream he had several nites ago. He was standing in the bedroom of his childhood home with me and the dogs. He was looking out the window and saw fast moving clouds cover the sun and it immediately got dark. He said I turned to him and said ” this is it, the is the end”. The dogs laid down on the floor and he just stared out the window. He said I walked away and went downstairs.

    I never mentioned to him the three days of darkness, or the space craft that is to block out the sun. At that time our animals are to be in a state of stasis, this is when ascension begins.

    Mike, don’t feel bad about leaving behind your stuff. You have all you need with a place of harmony and your children. A house isn’t a home until I move in to it. I have moved 28 times, my mother was a realtor/broker. Warren had to leave behind three houses with three ex wives, thank goodness I had three dads and they left all their stuff to me, tools, etc.

    Life goes on…

    The art work is very thought provoking, funny and fits the mood we all have at this time in our lives.

    • mike0v says:


      Thanks. It’s tough going through so many divorces. I’ve been through three, like Warren. (my parents got divorced, then I was divorced twice.)

      My story is unusual, however, and that’s why I had to vent a little.

      My ex has psychotic depression. She cycles through periods of remission and then relapse.

      It was during a period of relapse and the illness had completely taken over her life when she demanded a divorce.

      I told her to just wait because she would get better in six months or so but she wouldn’t do that.

      Out the door I go, knowing full well that when she got better she would realize the mistake she made.

      Sure enough, after about eight months the illness lifted, she went into remission, and started begging me to get remarried and come home.

      Talk about a roller coaster ride…

    • Karma007 says:

      Mike, Warren last wife was committed several times, he was going down the rabbit hole with her. He was glad to have friends and family to help him thru this terribble period.
      i come from very rich divorced parents who tried to buy my affection. It didn’t work. I am here at 52the still working on getting better.

  4. angelicview says:

    Wow! Your kids drew these?!? Awesome! They are great artists! :)

  5. Very smart and a great sense of humor. The key to unlock everything.

  6. Julia says:

    These are great. The first one is very thoughtful. The sombrero is a hoot!

    Tell your kids to keep drawing. It’s the best thing in the world & I’m glad that you encourage them. (too often parents don’t encourage art). Do tell them both how great we all think their drawings are!

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