Fuzzy Downloads

All of us experience different symptoms when a dense layer of spiritual energy is raining down on our heads and for me, when this happens, an icy cold sensation runs down from my shoulders, through my arms and into my hands and fingers.

It took me a while to figure this out but now it’s plainly clear, so when the coldness creeps into my arms, I know what’s happening.

When we’re sleeping and a spiritual electroshock is being delivered I don’t know what physical symptoms are produced but I can say that my dreams become very lucid and in living color.

Last night must have been one of these dream state download sessions.

The first part that I remember began with me floating in interstellar space and looking out at millions of stars that were scattered everywhere in a random pattern. Then, a group of them came together to form a blob or cluster directly in my line of vision.

From this cluster the stars began arranging themselves into words, or what seemed like words. This might be due to me bugging the crap out of my spirit guides to deliver any messages they have for me in written form so I can read them.

(I don’t trust my hearing. Working around jets for 27 years does that to you.)

I had a “knowing” that whatever was being written was, in fact, a message and that I should try to pay close attention to the information.

Well, I sure hope this was a test memo because I wasn’t able to read a damn thing. The words weren’t well-formed enough to become readable. There were too many blank areas in between the formation of the letters and the words appeared and disappeared too quickly.

So, I’ll just keep waiting for any more messages.

And I can hear my spirit guides laughing and saying, “Hey, doofus, the next time you go to bed, wear your glasses!”

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