Here and then Gone

My teenaged kids are getting pretty good at tapping into their psychic nature. Neither one of them is an Edgar Cayce but they’re doing okay.

Last night, my son told me this story:

A few days ago, he was on his way to pick up his sister at the local high school at around 8:00 pm. She’s a member of the color guard in the marching band, which holds practices after school.

While he was driving he pulled up to a stop sign at a typical intersection that formed a “T.”

He looked to his left, which was the direction in which he was turning, and noticed about 300 feet down the road a police car which had stopped another motorist on the shoulder. The officer’s car was flashing red and blue lights, so my son assumed the unlucky guy in the car was being ticketed.

Then, he looked to the right for any oncoming traffic, found it was clear and made the left hand turn.

That’s when he said he “freaked out.”

As he drove down the road he expected to pass the police car and the detained motorist but they had disappeared.

The two cars had vanished.

They were gone.

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