Here and then Gone

My teenaged kids are getting pretty good at tapping into their psychic nature. Neither one of them is an Edgar Cayce but they’re doing okay.

Last night, my son told me this story:

A few days ago, he was on his way to pick up his sister at the local high school at around 8:00 pm. She’s a member of the color guard in the marching band, which holds practices after school.

While he was driving he pulled up to a stop sign at a typical intersection that formed a “T.”

He looked to his left, which was the direction in which he was turning, and noticed about 300 feet down the road a police car which had stopped another motorist on the shoulder. The officer’s car was flashing red and blue lights, so my son assumed the unlucky guy in the car was being ticketed.

Then, he looked to the right for any oncoming traffic, found it was clear and made the left hand turn.

That’s when he said he “freaked out.”

As he drove down the road he expected to pass the police car and the detained motorist but they had disappeared.

The two cars had vanished.

They were gone.

7 thoughts on “Here and then Gone

  1. LindaS says:

    Thank goodness he can share his experiences with you. Even now, I sometimes have trouble knowing if what I feel, see, or hear is from this physical world or elsewhere. I’ve learned to take a breath before I say or do anything.

    I think these experiences might feel a little scary because it is as if you cannot trust your senses. I was fortunate to have parents who accepted this about me and suggested I think of it as an adventure. They also cautioned me to be selective with whom I shared my experiences because not everyone understands. (The adventure idea is really helpful when you have deja-vu.)

    • mike0v says:


      I love hearing their stories. My kids have seen quite a few UFOs and several extra-dimensional things.

      I’m now regularly seeing people and animals in my peripheral vision that don’t exist in our 3D world.

      My son was looking into a parallel dimension somehow when he spotted the cars. To me, that is very cool.

  2. LidaV says:

    or what happens to me…and my husband…and daughter…I check left, then right, then repeat once more before I pull out and SWEAR the road is clear…and a car comes out of no where and just misses me!
    so, yeah, I understand how your son feels!

  3. Wow. Wild!

    I dunno. Maybe my frequency is too low with all the psychic-draining going on around me, but I am starting to feel like an Ascension retard (meaning that word like it is in French: late or delayed. ‘Course, I have a sense of humor like a 12-year-old boy sometimes and watch South Park, so yeah, I kinda mean it the other way, too, lol. Hope I do not offend…).

    I’m not seeing anything too weird! Just chemtrail planes turning on their business right up above me. That was freaky to see for the first time — from nothing, no trail, not anything, to a switch going on and sudden white big trails coming from behind the plane! That was kind of wild. But not paranormal. That happened last week. I’d seen plenty of trails, and learned to identify when they were the chemtrail type, but I never actually watched one turn on like that! It was affirming.

    I read recently the best book about these kinds of experiences. One of my most favorite blogs, the “home blog” I trust and can go to again and again, is TRANSITIONS, Denise LeFay’s site. I read her book A Lightworker’s Mission and she describes this kind of stuff and more – encounters with 2D elemental beings, time-slips at her former home in California near a local “node” or portal site… It was really wonderful stuff to read about and she writes about her experiences so well. She makes the stuff seem normal in many ways. She has endured a lot over the years. Definitely a wise woman first-waver starseed.

    I *feel* this stuff around me, I have awareness of it, but no real concrete experience beyond my mere sensations of what’s beyond the veil. Sometimes I wish I had more. But maybe it would distract me from my current mission of transmuting through direct experience of what is around me? I have a feeling if I started seeing more, I would just really kid of “check out” of the process going on here, and not really do what I need to do. So it is probably just as well.

    But sometimes I would like a little crumb, just for incentive. 🙂 Maybe I will start to have more. I have always been aware of energetic imprints and signals, just not ever really seen the truly paranormal stuff. That I know of…

    On an aside: and here we are at 8:31 MDT on August 31. I came here, just to see if Valiant has posted anything since the 26th.

    Man, I sure would like a breakthrough. Sometimes I have a feeling, like with the stuff above, that I have a lot more work to do, and the only way out is through. There’s going to be no relief except through enduring. Maybe that is old “programming” at work, but on the other hand, sometimes I wonder if we still don’t have many years of work to do instead of merely 16 weeks to the day until the 21st. Maybe the 21st is just a kickoff, like the start of a football game — only the beginning of incremental change. I’d like it to be something spectacular, and spectacularly good instead of cataclysmic (which I doubt it will be anyway — not for those ascending at any rate).

    Your son’s experience is encouraging that change is afoot. I’m glad he had the experience and you could share it here. thank him as well. 🙂

    • LindaS says:

      Transitions was the first website I found, and it has been my go-to site, as well. It seems I have the same kind of job as you – transmuting and anchoring. I ended a long-time career three years ago and have been pretty much house bound since that time. It has been physically draining, but I am happy at the same time. I sense we will be doing a lot of work for many years, but the difference will be freedom and opportunity. I keep misreading the title of David Wilcox’s post as “There will be….” instead of “Will there be….”

    • LindaS — I love how I keep bumping into folks who are a part of the Transitions readership and community!:) It was my best friend’s mom that gave me the heads up about the site some time ago. Before I found Denise, I got so much help from Karen Bishop in understanding things, too. So many good people out there. It makes up for some of the more dubious ones, haha. 😉

      I hear you on the life changes and ending careers. I think it is par for the course for many of us in the past several years.

      I love your “misreading.” That’s encouraging, too. Oh yes, for a little more freedom and opportunity, I can actually see carrying on for a while! Hopefully what’s been happening in recent weeks and months is just the last painful bits before some release. Birthing that baby… It’s crowning now.

    • mike0v says:

      Add me to the list of “Transitions” readers.

      There’s only one thing wrong with her blog.

      She doesn’t write enough!

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