Selected Comments from “Our Shared Awakening”

In early May I decided to send the description of my awakening to Suzanne Spooner to see if she would publish it on Our Shared Awakening. (see my post entitled “What It’s Like”)

Lo and behold, she did.

The comments after a post are sometimes quite good, so I wanted to share them.


This is great Mike, thank you. Although this is different for everyone I found many similarities and reminders of this within myself.

When you mention the feeling draining away, you may find it is because you started feeling the fear again that everyone feels until they rid themselves of it. Concentrate on removing it from your daily thoughts. It takes about 90 days of focus to reprogram yourself away from it. Taking a break or diminishing your time on ATS and GLP will help that process. :)

Silent Wind,

Thanks. My description is a year old, so I’d like to say that you’re right, it took time to regain the sensation that melted away. But I did regain it and it feels like I’m in between worlds now; kinda like hovering in and out of 3rd and 4th density earth.

I gave up TV, newspapers and mainstream media a long time ago, even before my awakening.

Same with ATS and GLP. I don’t surf those sites anymore.

You guys are great and I’m really looking forward to meeting my spiritual family.



Thanks so very much for sharing your story, Mike. I came in aware that I “wasn’t from around here”, but spent a large portion of my life just trying to fit in and be “normal”- if there is really any such thing! Your story is really relatable, and I think it will help a lot of people wake up and have the courage to speak out.

Hey, are you Bella? If that’s you, I’d like to say that your blog is quite good. It’s one of the better ones, in my opinion.

You can talk to dolphins? I would give my dental bridge plate to talk to dolphins! I’ve always wanted to ride on one through the ocean.

And you’re exactly right: there is no “normal.” It doesn’t exist. Well, at least it never did in this life I’m living.


Vicki Dean Mayhew

Michael, I also have spent thousands of hours searching, reading, questioning…..and like you so eloquently stated, “Finally having answers and they are built right inside of you.” I have a pretty good BS detector and it is called “listening to my heart.”

At times when I think of this incarnation, I see myself on the other side deciding to incarnate at this particular moment in time to help with the Earth changes and I say to myself, “What was I thinking?”

I just wish we did not program ourselves to forget. Seems like we spend our lives re-learning all the stuff we already knew when we were on the other side. I have to remind myself that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. If we remembered everything when we got here, we probably would not want to stay and fulfill our soul contract.

It can be a lonely path when so much of the world is watching “Dancing With the Stars” and reality TV. Remember the absence of love is fear. Thanks for sharing. :)


Wasn’t that so cool? All of a sudden those crazy questions about all kinds of stuff had answers and they were right inside your mind.

I remember thinking to myself: holy crap, no wonder elections are bogus! No wonder we get taxed to death! No wonder mainstream TV is absolutely horrible! No wonder I can’t stand religious fanatics barking at us to repent or you’ll burn in hell! No wonder my cat knows a lot more than what I give her credit for!

See? And this went on for days, me checking off my list what I thought was the truth, but now knew wasn’t. You guys, that part has to be one of the best things about awakening. We have inside access to the truth and everybody else around us is clueless. Lonely? Yeah, but invigorating, too!

And the Veil of Unknowing? Amen to that. I have spent hours going over thought experiments where beings on a planet DON’T have their memories removed, just to try to figure out what might happen or how their society would function.

Plus, I’d really like to see my soul contract. You hear that, Michael? We need to make a few changes!


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