Our universe is a mathematical tapestry but the numbers and the geometry of this fantastic creation are something I simply don’t understand. Math was my worst subject in school.

I’ve been told that numerology is an ancient and prescient discipline and shouldn’t be cast aside as worthless but should be regarded with respect and even though I know absolutely nothing about the practice, I most definitely give it my consideration.

That’s why, after my awakening, I was mildly shocked to see the CVV security number on my renewed credit card when it arrived in the mail.

VISA card.

Now, what the hell does THAT mean?

36 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. Karma007 says:

    In the words of Bill Engdahl, “that’s your sign”. You have been officially RFID chipped, the sign of the beast.

  2. Actually; it is not the sign of the Beast.

    That was a falsehood. To be ‘marked’ so you can be tracked means you are now cattle in someone’s mind and you are therefore a beast of burden. Back in the days when ‘mark of the beast’ was placed into the bible, people weren’t marked because they had no way of doing so. Today they do. We have all been ‘marked’ as a beast in today’s world.

    But 666 adds up to an 18, and 18 adds up to a 9. Nine represents many things, but the abbreviated meaning of the 9 is:

    Allowing things or people who no longer serve your life to leave. You are getting ready to embark on a new journey; a new beginning in your life, but first, all things that no longer have a place in your new life must be released. Some will go freely and willingly; others will be taken away against your will and this could be an emotional period of time for you. It is also telling you that the time period covered by the 9 indicates a time when your life is to be lived on a highly compassionate and broadly universal level, and to cultivate a broader outlook.

    The so called 666 can also be turned upside down to read 999. They both add up to the same digit of 9. Either way; you will find yourself helping others much more than you used to and giving more love and compassion to others on a wider scale.

    So Mike; from the time your credit card was issued with that CCV number until the time it expires, your life will be under the influence of what I wrote in the above paragraphs.

    • mike0v says:


      Once again, thank you, my dear. I don’t know how I could have made it through all of this without you.

      The interpretation of the 666 is very, very accurate for me.

    • mike0v says:


      Something else. Maybe it’s a synchronicity, maybe not, but the expiration date on my card is 12/13.

      Remember your dream, 12 waiting for 13?

      The mystery deepens…

    • LidaV says:

      for me…9 was always a ‘lucky’ number!!
      hope so…we could all use that.
      if we hope for the best instead of wait for the worst, aren’t we better off!

  3. LidaV says:

    it sure sound better than the initial explanation!!!
    now you can sleep more easily instead of constantly looking over your shoulder….
    sweet dreams dear, you’ve earned them!!

  4. ksense says:

    Dang, Mike. They’re screwin’ with ya already, huh?

    • mike0v says:

      Well, I’ve been married and divorced twice, so I’m pretty sure I know what hell is like.

      Getting jabbed with a pitchfork would be better than dealing with either of my ex’s.

  5. Jim Quade says:

    Talk about the power of numbers. I moved out here, Buffalo Wy, 7 years ago, I knew nobody and had no job, had just got divorced after a 37 year marriage. After a week I got a job and later started looking for a place to build my new house, I was going to get money from the divorce because my ex and I had decided to just split everything and I get half, it worked out kind of that way. I needed a storage place for a while so I could get my belongings here with me, #115 was the unit, I bought a lot, #52, later got the address for the lot, #34, and after I realised these I did the zip and it is 82834, yup another 7. I had sat on a rock here on the lot before I bought it wondering if this was the right place for me, now I look back and see how many great things have happened since I came here. I have met many other lightworkers, and even several people from my past lives that I had experiences with. Thank you, Jim.

    • mike0v says:

      Well, I have to say, Jim, that getting divorced after 37 years of marriage must have felt like a real karmic kick in the rump. Beyond any shadow of a doubt, I had a bunch of karma to resolve with my first ex-wife.

      She and I were married for a short time in our most recent past lives and we did it again in our current lives. I hope I learned something.

  6. Jim Quade says:

    I always looked at it as I was trying to teach her something, I don’t thinnk we had been together before in any of our past lives. Since I moved out here I have met one person that had me killed in 1537 England, I had to resolve a lot in that situation, and I have met others out here as well from previous lives, interesting.

    • LidaV says:

      how do you all find out your past lives???
      I know there are past life regressions, but isn’t that hypnosis…and I am not a fan of that. Many years ago…before the husband, a guy I was seeing was a psych major and ‘offered’ to do that .
      Uh, no way pal…
      so now what?

      I know you past life does bring extra ‘stuff’ along with it to resolve in your new life…do I really want to go there? Hearing what you two went thru makes me leary!
      ..but it is sure is interesting to hear from someone else!
      Must havbve been a chicken in my former life…

    • LidaV says:

      which is my typing skills leave so much to be desired!!! more like chicken scratch.
      however my penmanship is quite nice! go figure.

    • mike0v says:


      I’ve seen several past lives in meditation. That’s how I found out about my ex-wife. I wrote a blog entry about it a few months back.

      She and I have even met in the astral realms and talked. I’ve had lucid dreams of our conversations.

      It seems kind of silly for you to ask, however.


      Because you have one of the most plugged-in, spiritually adept persons living in your house and you can ask him anything!

      Ask Bill! Actually, don’t ask him, TELL him to give you some details of your past lives.

      Your his momma, you carried him for nine months, you changed his dirty diapers, you fed him and you raised him. Put your hands on your hips and just tell him!

    • mike0v says:

      Oh, and one other thing.

      Hypnosis is one of the most wonderful tools we humans can use for so many different purposes. There is absolutely nothing to be scared about when it comes to hypnosis.

      Hypnosis has been routinely attacked and discredited by the dark forces for many years to keep us in the dark about such a soothing and restorative ability that we all have.

      Just like the pineal gland and any other stuff about spirituality, hypnosis gets downplayed constantly.

  7. Jim Quade says:

    Ok let me try this again, I had it all written out and then lost connection and lost everything. About 10 years ago we, my ex and her friend went to Omaha Nb to go to a past life hypnosis session through Silvia Brown’s ministers, they took each of us through 3 past lives and recorded it. I being quite analitical had a hard time going down first but after I got the hang of it it went better. The first life was when I was a man about 20, thats all I got out of that one, the next I was a woman of mid age living by the forest then later in the same life living in the forest, the 3rd I was a farmer in N central Nb in 1880 then I seen me in my coffen. Afterwords we went home a 3 hr drive so I layed down and listened to the tape, and at the end of the tape I seen all these signs that said drowned, so I knew that I had drowned in that life and that explains why I have always had a hard time in water above my head. Since then I got one from a CD from Doreen Virtue that worked quite well, in that life in 1537 I was killed by a man hired by the woman I was in love with at the time. since I have been here I again met that woman and had some real hard issues to resolve, but made it through ok and wiser in the end. Another came to me in a dream, that one I died in the Peral Harbor attacks, also I have been told I was an Aboriginal shaman once, that explains why I have such a deep desire to go to Australia and be with the Aboriginies.
    My ex found out that her friend and her have been together many lives. In the one she seen herself at the top of a stairs in her house on a plantation and caught her husband kissing some other woman, which caused her jealosy that she still carries with her and which ruined our marriage. This is why I feel I was with her to help her through that but she just wouldn’t let it go.
    Listen to all the events around you, I get a daily horiscope that I have no control over and that tells me things I am totally surprised at at times. One day it said I would be getting info about a different job and two more times that day I did get info about a different job, I didn’t take itbecause I did a little meditating on it and found out it wasn’t in my higher interest. I also found out who my Soul Mate is, and that one shocked me, I had no idea about that one. looking back a little I can see it even though I cant do anything about it right now.
    Answers are all around you all the time, just be aware of them, like they say the sincronycities of coincidences.
    Sorry about the spelling of some of the words. Jim.

    • mike0v says:


      Wow, thanks for that.

      During meditation I visited the Akashic Records and pulled down the volume which contained the listings of the lives I’ve lived.

      It was really thick with hundreds of entries.

      And lo and behold, the final entry at the top (it was in reverse chronological order) was me.

      I remember that vision like it happened yesterday.

    • angelicview says:

      This is a fascinating discussion here! I would love to learn about my past lives, as well. Perhaps it is my feeling that I am incapable of finding out that is blocking me from finding out. From now on I’ll try to break that habit and know that I can. Let’s see if it works. (It will ;) )

    • mike0v says:


      It’s so funny how we’ve talked about this before. I want to do what YOU can do. I want to talk to Spirit.

      Tell ya what, let’s trade. You see visions, I get to talk.

      Maybe if you ask Spirit, she’ll show you some past lives. Have you tried that?

      Your story about taking your dog for a walk at 3:00 am and chatting with Spirit was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. That’s what I want to do!

    • Karma007 says:

      Wow Jim, I haven’t accessed my Akashic records, Sylvia Brown says your able to access other people’s but not your own. I too was drawn to Boulder, Colorado for some reason back in the 80’s. I believe it was to help my former boyfriend Rob who was in the Airforce get over his issues. I had a really bizarre déjà vu when I was bringing him home from the hospital after his back surgery in a Dairy Queen of all places. The feeling that came over me was that I was done there and could go help my parents who were aging and in another state.
      I’ve been told I was Confusious and that I was a nurse inEngland during WW1, who lost her fiancé in the war. I have an affinity for Asian and Egyptian history which might be a sign of some past lives there.
      Sorry I have been absent from the STRING theory, but the Steelers are playing the Broncos tonite and food is a priority for half time. Bacon wrapped pineapple with teriyaki chicken skewers, mashed potato dip and plenty of chips and veggies.
      My thoughts are that we have avoided an incident today with positive thoughts and intentions. My heart feels good about that. Mikes theory on Lemuria rising from the volcanic activity sounds very plausible. I am hearing we are going to see Atlantis off the east coast near Georgia.
      We all have certain abilities for a reason, we will one day find out our connection to each other. Maybe friends in a former life?
      I read an interesting story of Admiral Byrd flying to the north pole and encountering the 4th Reich in Shamballa. This was discovered in his personal diary. I feel the Hollow Earth theory has some substance. I live in an area with a lot of caverns, and have explored them all at various times in my life. Also I live 20 miles from where Flight 93 supposedly went down, 20 miles from the QueCreek Mine Rescue and directly north of where the underground Pentagon is at Raven Rock.


  8. LidaV says:

    Me too Shannon!
    Thanks guys…that was great!
    And by the way, Mike….I try to get bossy with Bill and he just laughs and say I’m so funny.
    Maybe he was MY Mom in a former life?

    Also, just as a side note on Marriage & divorce…my brother is on wife no 6.
    I’m still on no. one.
    And he makes fun of me all the time.

  9. mike0v says:


    Here’s the link to my entry about my visit to the Akashic Records, if you’re interested.


  10. Jim Quade says:

    A little about the hollow earth and all the other planets, which are hollow also. Mt. Shasta in California has one entrance to the Agarthians, which moved there from Lemuria before Atlantis destroyed itself. Another opening is in Vietnam and possibley another in the Philippines and yes at the S pole which Admiral Byrd discovered on his trip there. The Argathians are also one of the groups that is waiting for us to raise our energy frequency before the 12-21, when we move on to the fifth demention we will spend an amount of time with them as they help us regain our knowledge that we had left behind when we came here so many eons ago, I believe also they will help wiht reactivating the rest of our DNA.
    This inner earth thing has been on my mind for many years now, if you go back to the bible about the great flood it talks about water coming from the springs of the earth enough to cover the earth. Well where did the water come from to fill the springs, and now if you learn about inner earth you find they have oceans there also, so is that where all the water came from??? Walter Schauburger, lived through the turn of the last century and did great studies about water and says that water needs to go down to the center earth before it should be used again to complete it’s cycle and nowdays water is only allowed to go through a half cycle so it to has lost most of it’s energy which in turn does not recharge us as it should either. By the way I don’t rely much on the bible, but that comment about the springs has always bothered me. I also wonder if maybe there are other entrances in the ocean because of the starships seen going into and out of the ocean at time and certain places. Remember the movie “The Abyss” toward the end where the diver was at the bottom and the “angels” came to help him, they took him through this chamber wall where he could breath air again and the water just didn’t come into that area. Interesting. More to think about. Jim.

    • LidaV says:

      Jim, I too have been fascinated by the Inner Earth theories!! There is supposed to an entrance somewhere in Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. Bill/Valiant has mentioned that there is a very large triangular area from southwesten Pennsylvania, donw through western Virginia, almost all of West Virginia, and into northeast Kentucky that is considered a “safe” location… I think Mammoth caves runs from central to northern Kentucky. I believe this is just one safe zone he knows of…probably because it is where we are….there are others in the US too.

      I went splunking when I was in high school…in a non-commercialized cave(s). You know the kind without the lit up paths and boat rides. Talk about complete darkness when the lights are out. It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life.

      Love The Abyss!!
      Watched Battlehip last night…another interesting concept with the shields placed around the alien craft.

    • angelicview says:

      In Dolores Cannon’s book, “Convoluted Universe Book 2”, she talks about the entrances that are under the Great Pyramids. She says that the tunnels cannot be traversed by us yet because we need a space ship or something (this is from memory – I read a lot)… she says, because there is not enough air in the tunnels for us. I never thought of it before, but it does seem as if air would be a difficulty in those long tunnels to inner earth! ;)

    • mike0v says:


      This would be a great spot to link “The Smoky God” book on your blog.

      Remember when Jansen sails into the inner earth? I believe he and his son passed through a portal into another dimension which lead to the inner earth.

  11. You’ve just opened up a ‘can of peas’ with the Inner Earth subject.

    Geologists say the earth is solid more or less. Stories have trickled in to say the earth is hollow and other civilizations live within it. There is supposed to be oceans, a sun; a more advanced civilization living inside the earth that very few have had privy to experience.

    What is the truth………??

    Well; if there is indeed a sun and an ocean inside this planet, it does not fit into what we are taught in schools about our solar system.

    After thinking about this over the years and just recently tonight, I am leaning towards the explanation that yes; there are these things inside our earth, but it must be a dimensional ‘insert.’

    The Civilization that supposedly lives inside this planet operates at a higher frequency (probably the 5.5 dimension; perhaps the 6th). You cannot have a ‘sun’ inside a darkened place unless it is artificially placed there …… (do I hear Holodeck technology here?)

    As a matter of fact; the outer surface of the planet where we live could be an artificially created program as well.

    How the heck would we know? We’re stuck here on the surface. They could show us anything and we have very little choice but to believe it as the academic truth.

    I say this because when I moved to rural Maine where there are no street lights, no road lights, and the only lights at night after the sun went down, the moon set for the day, there were no stars in the sky, and every neighbor went to bed turning off all the lights in their homes, it was eeriely pitch black. I mean it was pitch black!!

    I felt as if I was in a closet with the door shut; and my thoughts were (this was at the time when there was talk about the earth passing thru the photon belt and there would be days of darkness); they could move this planet anywhere they want to and we would not know if it happened while the sky is black like this.

    The universe is absent of light save for the ‘points of light’ known as planets or stars. And we’re debating over “the dark forces” versus the “light forces?”

    It’s “dark” every where!! It it wasn’t for the “dark” the “light” would have nothing to do…. If we think the dark has to be infused with light to make everything wonderful and perfect in Creation, by Golly; we’ve definitely got our work cut out for us for eons and eons to come and there will never be rest for the weary.

    We’d better start looking at existence in a different light (pardon the pun). There is something wrong with the picture we have been given to study. I think it is time to think outside the box a little and perhaps open up a new pathway.

    Oops!! I think my ascension coding just morphed like a popcorn kernel exposed to the heat because of the 9-9 energy portal…… You have to watch those energy portals…!! They help you to ‘awaken.’

    • angelicview says:

      My belief is that in the 3rd Density, the Earth is solid. Above that in Density, the Earth is hollow. There are different laws of physics there (in other Densities). As our bodies become lighter and with less mass as we move up in Density, so does the Earth’s. Lemuria was flourishing at a time in history when the Earth was in a higher Density, and so they were able to foresee the falling of the vibration and move there to escape the fall – to not be susceptible to the lower vibrations. When we gain enough vibration to raise our Density, we will be able to see them and visit, if we like. :)

  12. I think there will always be a 3rd density earth. It is a boot camp training ground for those who need and want to learn. It’s a hologram insert just like all of the other densities. When we “ascend” we experience the next density and its complexities for learning purposes.

    We weren’t told the complete truth about this planet and why it exists. I don’t think we will know the complete truth until we never have to come back here again.

    These scenarios that have been set up for us to ruminate about, to struggle against and triumph over is starting to ‘make me smell a dead rat.’ This constant focus on ‘war’ is ridiculous. First it was, and still is, war among the planet’s population; now we’re being told about war in the astral realms, one planetary system warring with another planetary system over the ownership of this planet.

    I’m really just sick of the entire blooming mess. Is there no peace in the 3rd, 4th and ‘whatever dimension’ in this entire galaxy?

    “Something” is not right. Something is off-kilter. It’s like the ‘programming’ for this planet has developed a glitch and is stuck. I’ll tell you one thing: I’m tired of coming back here to try to ‘fix it.’ All of this matrix re-programming had better work.

    This Spirit, known as Yvonne on this planet is getting tired of running around in a circle and getting nowhere. I am beginning to feel like a dog chasing its’ own tail…

    • mike0v says:


      It isn’t possible, in any way, for anyone, anywhere, to say what you just said in a better fashion.

      I bow in respect, my dear.

  13. Karma007 says:

    Are all the scenarios we are experiencing for greater understanding of what is yet to come? So many theories so many outcomes. Just on this blog we have delved into Hollow Earth, Ley Lines, spiritual realms, other dimensions and timelines. How many other people do you think that actually think about these things on a daily basis like we do? Not many, it you look at the counters for many blogs it’s usually just about a couple of thousand. I started down the rabbit hole on Kauilepeles blog, and it was from there I found RMN and Valient’s along with Mikes and Shannon’s.
    With Yvonne’s insight into so many different subjects, we are at least thinking outside the box and coming to conclusions that most people have never even thought of in their lifetimes. If my parents were around to see these blogs it would totally blow their minds.
    I told you all before that my mom listened to Art Bell, she is the one that pioneered this path that I am on currently. Some days I can’t explain why I do the things I do, reading, going to a particular place, connecting with certain people while I’m out and about. I’m really fortunate that I can express my free will everyday because I no longer work. I let the day progress as it wants to, I try not to force it to happen, but just LET IT HAPPEN. This is when I have most outrageous experiences. I hope everyone can have this experience sooner than later.

  14. ksense says:

    Same here Karol. Things just unfold in a great way when they’re allowed to. Not having to “work” does help that energy do its thing.

  15. Jim Quade says:

    Yovonnie, I read a book some time ago by “Mary Summer Rain” called The Seventh Masa, It talks about this guy haveing a reocuring scarry dream, as the story goes on he lives out the dream. he and a friend go to a masa on the Zuni reservation in New Mexico and getting permission to go into a sacred masa with a cave in it and finds an underground pyramid that has etched on the walls the story of life on this world with many statues inside also. this was lighted by a great crystal in the center of the pyramid. She writes this book as fiction but also states that to use you own judgement about the story.
    Could it be possible that a or many crystals lite the inner earth???
    Another book I have read is called “Spirit Walker” by Hank Wessellman, this is a story about himself seeing himself and meeting himself 5000 years into the future here on this world, where the world has returned back to a natural land and the people have gone back to tribes that just travel around as they did in our native american cultures times. Another eye opening mind thinking book. As things are transpireing now I can see how something like this can be soooo able to happen. Jim

  16. Jim Quade says:

    I get a lot of information from different site on the internet. Here are a few of them, Google “Galactic Messages”, this has many chanelers that chanel from different galactic groups of our brothers and sisters that we left so long ago. Sheldon Nidel has direct contact with a group from Sirius and gives his message usually on Tue. Salusa, a conciousness also from Sirius chanels through Mike Quinsley, usually 3 time a week, Mon. Wed. Fri. and several others that tell what is happening and what to expect to happen. is another site that has good information, another is The Federation Of Light, daily information, (Pleiadeans) at yahoo group .com sends info at times in several messages. A lot of this info helps me through these tough changing times. All will be made known to us before the end of this year.
    I wish I knew how to get some of these messages posted on here, there was one tonight that gave all the simptoms that have been experienced in us with all the changes in energy that are occuring

  17. LidaV says:

    all these things you have all just talked about….I never thought I’d find people who thought like me. Ever! Not in this lifetime.
    This is such an honor and such a great source of hope and excitement…and enlightenment.
    You have all just proven to me that all is not lost…we can still think, discuss, dream, ponder, and hope. Right here on Mike’ blog!

    I too have read Sheldon Nidle’s posts, and I like Montague Keen’s very positive and loving messages. Art Bell was a long time ago for me. He got me interested when he a ‘time traveler’ from the future…then he kind of lost track and turned his show over to Geoge Noory. I also read Jeff Rense, but he went way off too…too much political stuff from him.
    I’ve read Branton, all the UFO writers. Jacques Vallee was very good…got me thinking about interdimensions. So many I haven’t mentioned…they all interconnect to make an incredible picture of our world and universe: past, present and future!
    Kudos everyone…makes me want to stay up all night and read more, but my pillow is calling me…

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