What’s Happening

In January 1991 a very, very dear friend of mine was diagnosed with leukemia and admitted to a hospital in northern Virginia. She spent nine months in bed while there and died in September. She was 28 years old.

Last night in the dream world, she came back to see me. She told me she incarnated back into her earth body for a short time so she could visit.

While meditating today I was zooming down a darkened tunnel that looked a lot like an esophagus and yes, as I neared the end I began to come into a lighted area. It wasn’t an opening like a door. It was like someone had turned on the lights.

Also, this was said to me during this meditation: “You are not a separate wisdom.”

In Atlanta the weather has cleared into some of the most beautiful days I’ve ever seen. The chemtrail spraying has stopped. For now, anyway. Hopefully, forever.

Visionkeeper wrote a wonderful blog entry today and mentioned crows and how they’ve been screeching like crazy where she lives. Well, it’s the same with me. The crows here are making more noise than usual.

Several people that I work with told me that they’ve been really fatigued over the past couple of weeks and can’t figure out why. I laughed at them and told them it was Armageddon.

I’ve now seen noctilucent clouds every morning before work for the past week or so. These clouds never appeared in our skies until now.

The night sky is becoming brilliant with stars. Last night I sat on my patio for about an hour just looking up. The celestial sphere is returning to its correct color of deep black with piercing pinpoints of star light.

Radiantly twinkling stars have reappeared.

The morning terminator is now a magical sight to behold. (The line of sunrise or sunset on a planet.) Find an open field without any tall buildings or trees to block your view and plop down there before sunrise.

As night becomes day, you will see a show that’s magnificent. The terminator is now perfectly distinct and as you watch you can see two different times at once.

Look one way and you’ll see dark, rich night. Look the other way and you’ll see warming, luminescent day. Sitting below the terminator while it passes overhead is pure joy now.

7 thoughts on “What’s Happening

  1. ksense says:

    We’ve had brilliant blue skies here for months but definitely more blue than when I was young. It looks like High Country sky now.

  2. I’m sorry about your friend’s early transition by leukemia — not an easy path for a lifetime. But I am glad that you received a communication from her. That’s a really cool thing. My friend lost her 14-year-old daughter to suicide, but regularly visits her mom in dreams. It is a comfort to that mom. That veil is so thin!

    I’m sorry to report that days after not seeing them, the Denver area definitely has chemtrails today — looking at them spread right now, in the characteristic X patterns that create clouds. Huge streaks that are feathering out — been watching them grow larger outside of my window over the past hour (it’s 11 am now). Wonder what they are trying to control today…

    The energies were difficult for me this weekend. I keep thinking about Denise LeFay’s comment about the Lightwave being like a sandblaster, cleaning out everything of a lower density in us and around us. We all have different moments and waves of this, I think. When the skies are clear and we feel that we are not being sandblasted, well it is especially important to enjoy those times!! I don’t think we all get “sandblasted” at the same time. If we did, it would be too discouraging, and I think our grid would falter. Does that make sense? So this weekend and today is my turn to be chemtrailed and sandblasted, lol. Thanks for holding the positivity for us! I promise I will do the same when it could be your turn, lol. 😉


  3. Karma007 says:

    I here ya Karin, we had some bad days right before the bad rains. Now the sky is dotted with regular clouds and the blue is indescribable. It’s a cross between turquoise and azure blue. It’s crisp and cool here about 69, sweater weather, and the squirrels are making crunchy sounds over the leaves.
    Keep your head up, better days are ahead for all of us.
    With Mike’s latest post, sounds like we are all one brain. Working in different capacities according to our skill and abilities. If everything was hunky dory all the time, how would we ever expand our conciousness and problem solving? That’s why brainstorming in a collective produces much greater results. I worked at a software company in Colorado and this is how we achieved results for our clients. Expounding on one idea at a time, gives you latitude to think out the whole process in detail for for future revisions.
    That’s what we have been doing for eons, as humans. Each generation improving upon the previous generation. Although, not all generations saw what we are experiencing. Very few bucked the status quo, and paid dearly.
    We have hope, that’s the difference between us and the sleeping masses.

  4. LidaV says:

    So sorry Mike. It is awful to lose someone you love & care for.
    I lost my Mom 8 years ago and the pain was horrendous. She would come to me in dreams occasionally. Bill would see her too. She came to him more frequently, probably because she had a bond with him. The last one he remembers most vividly, she came up the front stairs. Two fearful creatures on either side of her, to tell him he was right about everything all along!!!

    I have had dreams years after a beloved dog had passed. The dog would walk in from the perimeter of our poperty (about 1 acre), and all of our lost pets are buried around our property (a veritable pet cemetary here) to let me know he or she is OK and happy now! I always grieved so long for them each, maybe it was their way to finally bringing me comfort.

    On a happier note, the weather here in south Jersy is magnificent today! The sky is the most beautiful shade of blue, with a few puffy white clouds. Temperture is around 70. The air is clean and sharp! The kind of weather you wait for every hot humid, or rainy day. And want it to last for the rest of the year.

  5. ksense says:

    Oh, I have to tell you Lida, we lost a small dog 2 years ago and every now & then I feel him put a paw on the sofa and raise up to see what I’m doing. I actually feel the cushion press down. I know it’s him because that’s what he always did.

  6. LindaS says:

    What a beautiful message of hope and change. I feel more peaceful after reading it; plus, I learned a new word – noctilucent,

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