Elementary Telepathy

My two teenage kids drive me crazy with all the time they spend using digital gadgets. Hours, literally, can pass by while they focus their attention on some app of some kind or another.

An instinctive reaction by a parent is to bark at them about wasting so much time fiddling around with cell phones, iPods, computers and all the other electronic toys that so easily find their way into our homes.

Lately, however, I’ve been spending a great deal of time thinking about how to find a silver lining in this cloud of digital distraction and if you ponder the overall picture for a while, it becomes obvious that all of this time spent on such devices isn’t really so bad.

The internet, right now, is serving as our unity consciousness, although in a very, very limited way in comparison to telepathy. But that’s what it is; a crude form of telepathy and unity consciousness that humans have learned to embrace and enjoy.

I can’t speak as an expert, but it seems quite obvious to me that the internet was designed into this earth experiment from the start. Without the internet, we lightworkers would be having a terribly tough time and I’m not so sure that earth and her inhabitants could make it to and through ascension without it.

This leads us back to our kids. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the younger generations have mastered this crude form of telepathy. My daughter can manage cell phone texts, emails and surfing the web simultaneously.

The way I see it, the internet and all of these distracting devices have acted as an introductory lesson in telepathy and unity consciousness.

When the time comes for us to relearn these abilities that have sat dormant inside of us, who do you think is gonna take the lead in mastering them very quickly?

20 thoughts on “Elementary Telepathy

  1. I was just speaking with my friend about this on the phone this afternoon. Her girls like games, too, where they create their worlds and where virtual “presents” to one another mean more to one another than physical ones, lol. Instead of thinking this is a bad thing, I think what you say here is spot-on: “a crude form of telepathy and unity consciousness that humans have learned to embrace and enjoy”.

    Indeed. I have seen it working in my life this way for over 14 years now, and it has only grown. I think it will be incredible what the now-kids will be able to do as they grow into adults!

  2. I chalk it up to (their capabilities) their brains being ’empty’ in comparison to mine.

    Their brains are a blank slate eager to absorb. Mine is loaded. It has been absorbing for 60-plus years. I was thinking the other day: I have lived through so many ‘technical upgrades’ while in this life. I’m embarassed to list them because it makes it seem as if I was born in the ‘Roaring Twenties’ or something. I remember when you had to ask the operator to place your phone call, then there was the phone on the stem, then the table model with the rotary dial, then you had a colored phone (they used to be black), and the princess style, then the princess style with push buttons…. you get the point.

    Then we had the record player that played 33 and a third records, the 45’s, the long play records, the mono, the stereo, the 8-track, the cassette, the cassette recorder; the VHS players. When computers first came out, those were laughable in comparison to the ones we use now; and we had very little help learning how to use word processor programs on them either. Now technology has actually gone into ‘recycling’ the old and has re-invented the 45rpm record and calling it a DVD.

    I don’t have a cell phone (because of the danger to brain and body health) and I don’t intend to get one until they fix that..

    The ipad, etc., is not important to me (I do have a Kindle). The way I look at it; it’s the young people’s world now. Let them jump all over it. They are ‘newbies’ and will be here long after I am gone.

    Yes; I am letting myself fall behind ‘technology-wise’ and it places me in the ‘old’ people’s category.

    • ksense says:

      Agreed. I don’t need to be in constant communication with someone else. We have a TracPhone flip phone for emergency use. 120 minutes lasts about a year when you count calling to see if wifey needs anything from the store. I’m currently looking into surgical procedures to have the cell phone removed from my daughter’s hand so that she can once again have full use of both. She gets a kick when I’m driving and say “hey, a phone booth! Now I don’t have to lug this damned cell phone around anymore!”

    • LidaV says:

      Although I love all those electronic gadgets and the convenience hey provide, I absolutely refuse to be tied to a cell phone. Nothing is that important except an emergency.
      Maybe like as midget stuck at the bottom of a bag!

    • mike0v says:


      Ask the operator to make a phone call? Wow. Still riding dinosaurs back then?

  3. LidaV says:

    I tell you what, I am a technology nut!! If only my wallet could keep up. The only thing we do not have is a flat panel TV…flat screen, but not a panel. I refuse to buy one while my old sets are still working! Waste of money.

    But I do love all the newest gadgets…except games, never got into those. And I have no problem asking any kid, or anyone else for that matter for instructions, directions, or help with the new ‘toy’! I can’t wait for all the suppressed technology to come out, I will be all over it!! I can usually figure stuff out myself without the manual…just handy that way.
    I do all the wiring setups around here…because I can. Maybe I was a real scientist in a former life?
    All my science education came in handy somehow…somewhere. Not just in tutoring and substitute teaching!!

    During my last job, I was on the team that wrote the customer service training manual. Nice kudo for me and got me away from those phones!!! Then I changed position (promotions) at work…so that issue was solved.

    This world still has so much to teach us and so much to discover. Wish I could do all that ad infinitum!! But the weary old body doth protest….
    Oh well…to sleep, perchance to dream!

  4. I’m waiting for the new technology that I want to have; like a transporter in the closet. Something that’s really going to be useful to what I would like to do (like get the heck off this planet and go visit some sane civilizations for a while)! All that other lame stuff they keep ‘inventing’ to make us spend money can stay right where it is.

    The man I am living with loves ‘gadgets’ too! He loves to buy them, then doesn’t know how to operate them, and guess who has to learn how to use it so he can be taught what to do……??!! ME!

  5. mike0v says:

    Look, everybody, we’re getting off track here. The blog entry is about telepathy and how I think kids will learn it very easily.

    You guys are going off on tangents about cell phones and how women have to save men from themselves and how we love or hate these gadgets and who wants one or not.

    Holy smokes, I think everyone is starting to get too familiar with each other, like a bunch of brothers and sisters!

    We’re supposed to be saving a world, right? Well, we can’t do that if we’re all laughing so much. Right?

    (It’s starting to sound like my homeroom class, senior year of high school…)

  6. We’ve got to have a little comedic fun in the classroom…. It brings light to the heart and gets us in a receptive mood to deal with all that serious stuff.

    Now; back to the serious stuff..

    I don’t think you ‘learn’ telepathy. You ‘bloom’ into it. It opens like the petals on a flower. You get all your little senses lined up in correct sequence and it simply opens up.

    What I think the internet has done for young people is to get them used to zooming in on what others are thinking and feeling, and sharing emotional states of mind.

    Instead of being self-centered, it allows them to see others have feelings, concerns, likes and dislikes.

    We’ve spent the last several generations being self-absorbed and in a “Me” “Mine” frame of thinking and acting. If anything is going to change this world, it has to change to an “Us” “Our” way of thinking.

    • LidaV says:

      Aren’t we supposed to keep on the ‘light’ side? To chase away the dark….
      But seriously folks…

      I believe we are already telepathic! Haven’t you ever been thinking of someone and they call you!! Even after months or years? Or go to the phone to call them and it rings, and it’s them?
      Yes we have it already it is just suppressed by all the constant NOISE in our lives…all that great technology that does the thinking for us. I love new technology too for the way it makes things easier to do…but it doesn’t “do it for me”! mLike calculators, if I relied on them solely, I be messing up my check book all the time. You have to know math first so you can spot the error being made. The intuitive mathematical mind still kicks in and says…no, that’s wrong! Let’s do this again.
      There is no greater computer than the human brain.
      Kids may be great at gadgets but they are too dependant on them to do the work for them. There is so much noise going on in their young little minds….they forget how to think clearly and fo themselves. “Here do it for me”” I don’t have time” “I’m too busy”….yada, yada. When I was teaching…simple math…could NOT be dione without a calculator. I mean, two simple numbers…how much is 5+9? I need a calculator…give me a break!!

      The sharing and feeling is great but can go overboard too….the internet is a tool…not the machine that does all the work.
      think Facebook…the Kardashians-do I really care who is seeing who? Or that Snookie had a baby-OMG, that poor child!!

      I know it ‘s there…the kids have it, but it needs to be directed to the right place…not the crap a lot of them turn to. That’s where parenting comes in too…it isn’t just the schools responsibility. nor the ‘village’ BS we were fed. they need to take part themselves. Can they? Will they?
      These are brilliant, talented, gifted kids in this generation. I hope they don’t all go to waste plugging themselves in like the ipods they own. I want to see them use their brains, not fry them! There is so much work to do yet….

  7. Ten minutes of applause for your response Lida!!! I agree 1,000 percent!!!

    I worry about what the young-in-mind are being exposed to as well. These so-called celebrities can’t fart without the media exposing it to everyone; and the emphasis on the ‘wrong’ things. No one is teaching them that it is important to build positive character.

    But let me not get into a ‘rant’ about what is wrong with today’s ‘advanced’ techology. Our teacher might wrap my knuckles with the ruler (smiles).

  8. Karma007 says:

    I believe e eryome has this ability. Mine started at 6 years old. The kids today have never known a non electronic world.

    It’s the electronic frequency that interferes with telepathy, if they could just unplug for a day they would see a difference in their cognitive skills.

    The cell phone and IPad are the bane of my existence, but somehow I can’t live without them for very long. The information I can find on the computer would take me days if not weeks in the library. For that I am grateful.

    I notice my
    Nieces who range in ages from 14-33, only text me. I usually call them and want to hear their excited voices about what’s happening in their lives. One niece texted me last week, that a baking experience didn’t go so well, I asked her why she didn’t think to call me for help. She thought being retired from being a chef, I wouldn’t want to be bothered with such trivial things. OMG these are the moments I live for, to help them help themselves.

    Mike and other parents, you are so lucky to be awake for your children. Think of all the parents out there who don’t have time because of busy schedules with work and other activities. I am glad my parents took the time to know I was a little different early on, it gave me the positive encouragement to be who I am, not what society thought I should be.

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