Tap, Tap

Last night I was awakened, at 2:50 am, by a loud tapping sound, like someone was vigorously beating a fingernail on the glass of my bedroom windows.

Nothing surprises me anymore, not after all that’s happened since finding out about this nutty illusion we live in, so when I became fully conscious I said, aloud, “What? What do you guys want now? I’m trying to sleep here.”

Silence. (These doggone spirit guides. Why does everything have to be so mysterious?)

I thought they wanted me to look at my windows or look out my windows, so I did that.

Nothing. Just quiet, peaceful nighttime.

So then I said, aloud again, “Look, you guys, if you want to leave a message, make it easy on me. Write it down on a piece of paper and put it on the kitchen table.”

Then I rolled over and closed my eyes and started seeing a weird, wavy, distorted plane of space in my vision, like the night sky was made out of rubber and someone was gently swirling it around.

After a minute of that the black void became segmented, like a tile mosaic and each piece of the vision had its own border and some pieces were closer to me than the others.

This time, instead of speaking, I thought to myself, “Great. Like I can understand THAT, you guys.”

And then I fell back asleep.


Today, during an hour long and very placid meditation, I saw an image of an arm and the hand that was attached to it. The hand was holding a pistol and was firing off shots. It was easy to see because of the recoil after each pull of the trigger.

Suddenly the pistol was removed by another hand, thrown into the air and disappeared. The hand that tossed the gun then morphed into a benevolent ET who was grinning from ear to ear and waving at me in a friendly way.

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