Cats from Space

Back when I was married, my ex-wife, my kids and I had a relatively typical American household. Three bedroom house, two-car garage and two cats roaming around the place, not doing much of anything that anyone would consider constructive.

The Applehead Siamese was an independent character who got along with all of us in equal measure but the Mackerel Tabby had an affinity for me. It was well known in our family that the Tabby was MY cat because she followed me around like a puppy dog and devoted more of her attention to my presence than anyone else in our home.

So, after a particularly enjoyable divorce and then moving out and finding a place of my own, I knew that the Mackerel Tabby would have to relocate. I never gave much thought as to why this cat favored Dad over Mom or our kids. I just imagined the cat was crazy, like me, and so had found a kindred spirit, a soul as confused as she was.

Then, yesterday, I came across an entry on Kauilapele’s blog which detailed a message from “Galactic Guardians” and their mission to aid humanity in our ascension process.

The last paragraph is here:

“We say this to you, as your Galactic Family… ‘Hold to who you are. Stand upright as who you are. Be in Joy with who you are. And this final phase will be completed… In the Perfection of who you are.’”

“PS. Here are three beings from our ship (and we are sincere in this).”

Click on the link to see the three “beings.”

Three cats. I’m supposed to believe that three extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional, highly evolved beings decided to incarnate as cats and live in Hawaii? (Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad.)

Now I know why I have the Mackerel Tabby. The ETs are spying on me!

8 thoughts on “Cats from Space

  1. Julia says:

    Actually, I think that they are helping you! Pushing you to see more, and appreciate yourself as much as they appreciate you.

    Maybe that is why all the cats in my household adore my husband. (even though they supposedly ‘belong’ to me!)

  2. angelicview says:

    In the Dolores Cannon’s “Convoluted Universe, Book 2”, that I am reading now, one of the most interesting stories so far is one about an ancient temple that was there before the Sphinx was built. It over-looked the Great Pyramids of Giza (it was up on a hill). Anyway, it was in the time just as the Earth was descending into 3rd density, but not quite there yet. In this temple were special humans that could heal people and get great messages from God. The cats were telepathic and could go out into the city street and come back and let the special people in the temple know who needed healing or spiritual guidance. It was said that the Sphinx was built in memory of these special people and their cats.

  3. Domestic animals reincarnate to be with humans they have been with before. They (the animals) most likely would have been in a different form. Today, they are a cat. When with you in another incarnation, they might have been a dog, etc.

    But it is all coordinated for your benefit. And as usual; the animal is more advanced than the human and is able to recognize your energy long before you recognize theirs. They KNOW who you are ‘soul wise.’ It is you who are unaware….

    Why are they with you?? They are with you to teach you compassion; to teach you about love. They are experts at this.

    They also provide healing energy and help absorb negative energies generated by your thoughts, thereby keeping your body healthier. Haven’t you noticed how the domestic animals now get the same diseases humans develop?? They get diabetes, cancer, etc…… When you are sick or sad, they will spend more time with you, often laying next to you until you are well.

    You do not have to be a member of the household for a dog to ‘act’ if you are in emotional distress. I remember visiting a neighbor and suddenly breaking into tears over the distress of my husband’s Alzheimer’s condition and her dog came right over to me and somehow maneuvered his head under my hand which was resting on my knee. I was so touched by that.

    Then you have the ‘guardian’ cats. Those who are animal versions of the Beings who helped develop DNA for the human body. They are assigned to you for various reasons. But they ‘change’ the energy wherever they exist.

    • mike0v says:


      This explains everything about my cat. I have no doubt that the little monster has beleaguered me in previous lifetimes.

      As everyone knows, animals and humans communicate with each other quite well even though we speak different languages.

      My cat, who is very much the grump, can read my mind!

    • Julia says:

      Makes so much sense from what I have experienced! When I was growing up we had a big old Mama tabby cat. Whenever one of the kids were crying she came right away to comfort them. She was such a blessing! I believe that some of my cats have been with me before.

  4. All animals can read your energies and your mind. So can plants (by the way).

    Plants read your thoughts and react to them. They know when you are coming home. You can be blocks away; but they know it.

    It’s the Humans who lag behind on this planet. Believe me!

  5. ksense says:

    Cats are energy vampires and spies of the Dark Side…………… :-)

  6. LidaV says:

    I know my animals were sent to me to bring me joy and comfort me when I need it. Lately I have been very distressed over one of our dogs who is very old and near death (something she keeps fooling me with daily! Think it’s over, then it’s not)
    I can’t tell you how many times I get upset over thhis dog even though I now full well it is coming close to her time.
    My daughter’s one cat will climb on my bed with me when I am exhausted from anguish and cuddle up so close, he gets hair in my face. Then he reaches out one paw to touch me, like he’s saying it’s OK, I’m here.
    It is so sweet. he is so loving, and his purr is very comforting!

    I have read that a cat’s pur has soothing and healing qualities…has to doo with the frequency and gently rumble.

    …and then there’s my goats….don’t get me started! Complete joy from them.
    Plus I have 4 more very lively dogs, all very attentive. Trail behind me like tails all day long.
    I get more attention from my animals than the humans. Except Bill. He feels every pain I have. I swear he is empathic!!
    Yes, I believe everthing you all say about the animals.
    I can’t remember NOT having one in my life! And will never NOT have at least 2-3, preferably more.

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