Cats from Space

Back when I was married, my ex-wife, my kids and I had a relatively typical American household. Three bedroom house, two-car garage and two cats roaming around the place, not doing much of anything that anyone would consider constructive.

The Applehead Siamese was an independent character who got along with all of us in equal measure but the Mackerel Tabby had an affinity for me. It was well known in our family that the Tabby was MY cat because she followed me around like a puppy dog and devoted more of her attention to my presence than anyone else in our home.

So, after a particularly enjoyable divorce and then moving out and finding a place of my own, I knew that the Mackerel Tabby would have to relocate. I never gave much thought as to why this cat favored Dad over Mom or our kids. I just imagined the cat was crazy, like me, and so had found a kindred spirit, a soul as confused as she was.

Then, yesterday, I came across an entry on Kauilapele’s blog which detailed a message from “Galactic Guardians” and their mission to aid humanity in our ascension process.

The last paragraph is here:

“We say this to you, as your Galactic Family… ‘Hold to who you are. Stand upright as who you are. Be in Joy with who you are. And this final phase will be completed… In the Perfection of who you are.’”

“PS. Here are three beings from our ship (and we are sincere in this).”

Click on the link to see the three “beings.”

Three cats. I’m supposed to believe that three extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional, highly evolved beings decided to incarnate as cats and live in Hawaii? (Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad.)

Now I know why I have the Mackerel Tabby. The ETs are spying on me!

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