On Track or Off?

Over the past several days I’ve been suffering with very unusual physical symptoms that I assume are related to the energies being beamed at us.

Like feeling my head was trapped in a vacuum, like the piercing ringing in my ears, like the complete lack of energy and like having about as much motivation as a toadstool.

The aches and pains and discomfort of our changing bodies has become something of a routine for me and so I’ve accepted the aggravation of it with humility.

But something else doesn’t feel right to me and I can’t figure it out.

I still see chemtrail poisons being sprayed on us.

I still see morning news shows turned into ridiculous, bubble-gum, sugar-coated, celebrity-centered, pop-culture idiocy.

I still get emails peppered with horrible political jokes and rants. Some of them are filled with such hatred that I’m shocked. And those are the ones from my family!

I still have coworkers who insist on having the TV blare at them all day, regardless of what’s being broadcast. (Yes, we have TVs at work in our break rooms. They’re turned on 24/7.)

I still have family and friends laugh at and berate me because of what I’ve tried to share with them. (I don’t share anything with them anymore.)

I still don’t see any massive financial reconstruction taking place in our world, even though many sources have said it’s guaranteed.

I still haven’t witnessed a space craft landing in a public area in broad daylight and seen by hundreds or even thousands of people even though Valiant has mentioned repeatedly that this should be a common sight in our world by now.


I’ve come to the conclusion that: A. My expectations were raised too high, or B. Something has gone wrong with “The Plan.”

Does anybody have any idea when we get to go home?

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