On Track or Off?

Over the past several days I’ve been suffering with very unusual physical symptoms that I assume are related to the energies being beamed at us.

Like feeling my head was trapped in a vacuum, like the piercing ringing in my ears, like the complete lack of energy and like having about as much motivation as a toadstool.

The aches and pains and discomfort of our changing bodies has become something of a routine for me and so I’ve accepted the aggravation of it with humility.

But something else doesn’t feel right to me and I can’t figure it out.

I still see chemtrail poisons being sprayed on us.

I still see morning news shows turned into ridiculous, bubble-gum, sugar-coated, celebrity-centered, pop-culture idiocy.

I still get emails peppered with horrible political jokes and rants. Some of them are filled with such hatred that I’m shocked. And those are the ones from my family!

I still have coworkers who insist on having the TV blare at them all day, regardless of what’s being broadcast. (Yes, we have TVs at work in our break rooms. They’re turned on 24/7.)

I still have family and friends laugh at and berate me because of what I’ve tried to share with them. (I don’t share anything with them anymore.)

I still don’t see any massive financial reconstruction taking place in our world, even though many sources have said it’s guaranteed.

I still haven’t witnessed a space craft landing in a public area in broad daylight and seen by hundreds or even thousands of people even though Valiant has mentioned repeatedly that this should be a common sight in our world by now.


I’ve come to the conclusion that: A. My expectations were raised too high, or B. Something has gone wrong with “The Plan.”

Does anybody have any idea when we get to go home?

33 thoughts on “On Track or Off?

  1. I’m totally glad I am not alone in this: “Like feeling my head was trapped in a vacuum, like the piercing ringing in my ears, like the complete lack of energy and like having about as much motivation as a toadstool.”

    I keep thinking things from “Maybe I am drinking too much coffee or eating something I am sensitive to” (could be true, but…) to “Oh god I must have cancer — no one should be feeling like I do and be healthy…” (lol — that’s the extreme end).

    The litany of symptoms is much like your own, this time with a left hip and lower back that won’t quit aching. Might be the R.A. I suspect I have, but the more likely answer and the one my team keeps nodding their heads at is “Ascension.”

    As for the other stuff, well, I think that all of us have been through this in one form or another, especially Yvonne, who has been at this the longest or one of the longest of those who visit here. As for me, I found that my mentor and person I turn to so much in these times, Denise LeFay, posted something very, very pertinent to the questions you raise: http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/polarized-thinking-of-sudden-or-gradual/

    While I have only been conscious of the named process called Ascension since 2006, I recognize the “stair steps” that Denise has continually been writing about, and how people are on different steps. I guess it is a bit like being in AA (ones close to me are). Everyone in AA is working the steps of staying sober. Everyone who is there desires to be sober (pretty much, except for the occasional visitor checking things out). Some people have been sober for 25 years, others for 25 hours. Each person is on a different step of the 12 Steps and at various points in the healing process. Yet all are committed to their sobriety, at whatever place they are at.

    There is no way that all 7+ billion people can just be “ready” for Ascension. Yet, as Denise writes, the planet will Ascend. That seems to me to be the only “given” here — not Disclosure, not NESARA, not any of the 3D “bullshit” so to speak. This is about so much more than those things.

    So yeah, in fact, maybe it is not either of these things:

    “A. My expectations were raised too high, or B. Something has gone wrong with “The Plan.””

    but in fact that the “plan” and expectations were not the ones to be focused on — the focus is on the inevitable spiritual shift that will happen, and that going “home” is just as simple as going inside. You, in that sense, are already home — we are already home, and playing out our roles in the mission we signed up for before coming here, which is to hold as high a frequency as possible through the portal of 12-12 to 12-21. And beyond. That’s the only “plan” there is in some ways, and it is already accomplished in many regards, we just have to shift our thinking more into the 5D and really fully being there in every aspect.

    Anyway, I wrote a lot more in a comment on Denise’s post…

    Having said all that, I do hurt. I hurt a lot and want whatever is happening to be finished, too. I know many feel the same — we would like the release of being able to physically end the process that is so very taxing at so many levels: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional. I want that part to be over, too.

    If this is kind of like having a baby, and we are in the painful labor process now, then soon the baby will be here. We will have a different set of issues in caring for a “newborn” but at least we won’t be stuck having contractions, transition, and pushing this baby out!! Ugh. Yeah, I hear you on the being ready part… but ready for what, I don’t entirely know!

    Just hang in there. Yeah, our ideas of what “this” is have to grow and shift I think, as our understanding of it grows and shifts. Most of all, we just have to hold our ground, hold the love and the light, and keep on keepin’ on, no matter what.

    Take care, Mike.

  2. claudia says:

    Just wish to mention these last two days the energy has been feeling like amped up .. my hubby has been stumbling around like he’s been hit, even falling on his backside to the floor! I have felt dizzy at times as though there is something tilting the earth?? Have spoken to a few spiritual friends and they are feeling the worse for wear and just lying down and feeling really sh***y. So, what to do? Just letting go and allowing myself to be a conduit to ground this energy/new force into gaia. Im holding each one of your hands..we can do it! Love and Light.

  3. LindaS says:

    My Dad taught me about the 80-20 rule when I got frustrated about a project not getting finished. The first 80% of a project takes 20% of your energy and the last 20% of the project takes 80% of your energy. This is why the finish line never seems to get closer; its all those darn details. Of course, understanding this rule does not do much to help feelings of frustration or disappointment.

    As parents, we have a larger view of life than do our children. We can see their extraordinary gifts and talents, as well as their bright future when they cannot. This is the arena of faith. When it is difficult for any of us to keep our faith, then we turn to our Creator, our guides, and trusted friends who can hold it for us.

    It may appear we have made no headway with family and friends, but I suspect something gets through. It may be an idea that is rolling around in the back of their head or the sense of peace they feel around you. A friend told me she got through an awful situation because she knew her mom and I always prayed for her. We are angels unaware.

    Is a bunch of garbage still going on? Maybe, but then look at the source of the information – mainstream media, which has done such a stellar job of reporting the news. Chemtrails? I went from none for months to seeing them 2 days in a row. This time I watched something extraordinary happen – the trails were contained and then vanished. I felt such hope and joy. Physically, I do not even remember what it is like not to have pain somewhere. Many times I stand outside, look up and say – I sure hope someone has reserved a week at a spa for me because this is pretty rough for a woman in her 60s. That’s me – comic relief in any dimension.

    John, Paul, George, and Ringo summed it up pretty well – “I get by with a little help from my friends”.

    From my heart to yours…..

  4. angelicview says:

    Mike, really, great post! I feel it, too, and so do a lot of other people from what I am seeing. And also, GREAT comments! You guys are all on track and have lifted my spirits! It DOES help to have friends to hold up the faith when others start to lose it. ;)

    Chemtrails: I hadn’t seen any/many in so many months! Then the last few days there were so many! Ugh… Okay so yesterday morning the sky was full of them. But then some clouds rolled in and when those clouds left – no more chemtrails. They were all gone.

    Feeling bad: “Ugh huh”. I have had pain, nausea, weakness, just general fatigue the last few days. It seems I’m not alone. Nearly every lightworker I have come across on facebook are saying the same thing. For me, this began Monday early evening. I was going to post a great Dolores Cannon article I had found but it needed some “tweaking”. It hit me like a ton of bricks – this pain and fatigue. I still have yet to post that article.

    Calliope makes a very good point (and I love Denise LeFay, too), it really doesn’t matter what we see in the outside world. We really need to stay focused on what is going on inside of us. People (Mike, your family included) will either awaken or they will not, and it won’t change anything. The EARTH is ascending. Not every human being. Only the ones that are ready right now. And some people who don’t seem “awake” right now to ascension WILL ascend upon dying – they just have more karma to work out first, perhaps. And I also believe that people who don’t know about OR believe in ascension WILL actually ascend when the time comes – because their soul (higher self) knows that they are ready.

    Mike, are you still meditating on a regular basis?

    Anyway, I’m glad you posted this because it helped me to read it and to see other people’s comments, as well. We are okay. We’re about done with the “decrappification” and now we’re into “crappification” (as KP would say) :)

    • mike0v says:


      Not a bad bunch here, aye? You guys impress me, week after week.

      Maybe we ARE really strong souls and know what the hell we’re doing!

      Meditating? Yes, I’m still meditating but I’m not getting the good stuff anymore. It’s like my guides have replaced my color TV with a black and white one.

      It seems like the quality of my visions traveled along a bell curve. At first they were grainy, then they got crystal clear, and now they’re grainy again.

      Don’t know why. Of course, there isn’t much of anything that I DO know.

  5. Karma007 says:

    Mike we all feel like we have been hit by a ton of bricks. If these are ascension symptoms, then so be it. My head hurt so bad yesterday, it felt like my head was in a vice.

    I plodded through the day as best I could. Sleep is so disrupted, between the hot flashes and astral travel, I don’t get more than two hours at a time.

    I ended up in this really modern and big kitchen last night. It had marble countertops and sleek appliances. Yes, this is what heaven looks like to a chef! I keep visiting these places at night and don’t know why. I was happy to be there and quite content. I remember unpacking boxes too, maybe this is my move to the star ship. I actually had an apron on and was starting to prepare food when I woke up suddenly.


    Other people would dismiss our maladies as sickness, I think we are purging our bodies for the big reveal. Hang in there brother, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

    • mike0v says:


      Same thing with me again today. I feel absolutely horrible. I’m exhausted and my head is killing me. I’ve taken three naps today and I’m still tired.

      Got really strange looking visions as I fell asleep each time, too.

  6. mike0v says:


    Thanks for the great input. I’m beginning to think that we’re smarter than we think we are!

    In this post I wanted to point out the huge gap that exists between what many spiritual blogs are saying and what we, as close confidantes of Bill, know should be playing out differently.

    Blog, after blog, after blog says that we’re in the home stretch and the finish line is just ahead. They say that’s why we’re feeling so crummy; because the energies are making us weak and disoriented.

    They say that our beautiful world will be delivered to us so very soon and to keep our heads up and our hearts open.

    And that’s what we’re doing.

    But what about Bill? Think about his posts and his messages to humanity. What’s going on behind the scenes isn’t a tea party with ballerinas and princes dancing and cavorting.

    Certain things were supposed to have happened by now and they haven’t. The ETs are WAY behind schedule. Earth is rumbling and Bill has told us more than once that if a major volcano erupts, that’s bad, and if two erupt, it’s apocalypse time.

    And now the angelic realm isn’t sharing information with him as much as before. And chemtrails still fill our skies. And the lies in the media continue. And all of that bad stuff was supposed to go away long ago.

    The gap between the good and the bad is what I’m talking about.

    John Smallman on his blog paints a glowing, vibrant, rosy picture of our immediate future but Bill, whom we all know personally, says that the ETs have ulterior motives, the dark forces should have given up by now and everything is behind schedule.

    I completely understand if some of us aren’t interested in this. I understand that some of us would prefer to ignore the details of spiritual blog messages and Bill’s posts. I understand completely. Digging through this stuff is not for everybody and I certainly would never force anything on anyone.

    But I know Bill. His artwork sits on my fireplace mantle. Lida is wonderful. (Yes, Lida, you’re wonderful!) I’ve become personally attached to Bill and his family. (Yes, Lida, attached!) So, for me, this deep curiosity has become close to my heart.

    John Smallman, Mike Quinsey and all the other big names? I have no idea who they are.

    But Bill? I know him. I know he’s trying like hell to help humanity.

    So why is there such a disparity between what Bill is telling us and what the other spiritual blogs are saying?

    • ksense says:

      Perhaps thinking that our beautiful world will be “delivered to us” is what is causing the frustration, feelings of hopelessness, depression and fatigue. As Gandhi said – “be the change you want to see in the world” but beyond that, be content with the change that you are…… just BE. We spend a lot of time and energy watching for something that is not observable because it’s inside us. We’re just now learning where to look.

  7. Julia says:

    I have been feeling low as well. It took me some time to see that it is not ‘really’ physical. (that often fools me)
    Some chem trails here as well, but my view of the sky is limited, so I don’t know if they are being cleaned. I hope so & ask for it whenever I see them.

    I think that different people need different messages. That is why some resonate with me & others (that people seem to like) do not. If you are not the tea party & ballerina type of guy, you maybe need a kick in the pants to get you thinking. Maybe instead of fluff, you need a job to do, a person to send light to & support.

    But sometimes folks need hope more than truth (only in a good way, not as in harmful lies), because the truth might scare them, but the hope will propel them forward. (and there is No truth on TV…)

    Maybe the positive stuff is vital to keep energy high & positive. But the ones who need a kick find that kicking message & it motivates them in a better way. We are each so different in what we need to move us forward. Bill’s messages make me want to send light & love. They don’t scare me, but they could be too scary for some.

    Just my 2 cents!

  8. LidaV says:

    Hi Friends,
    Several things….
    All life is in turmoil right now…some good, but mostly, just chaos and stress! Loss of hope and impatience for some. Life still goes on…

    Those awake and awakening are feeling it the worse cause that’s the way it’s supposed to be…we are the sensitive ones. We take it on th chin (and elsewhere on our bodies) for the rest of the sleeping masses. Maybe those sleeping massea are asleep for a reason…everything happens for a reason. You are, after all, only given what you can take.
    I guess we can take A LOT!!! NO? Throw your burdens on me…that kind of thing!

    Yes I’ve been in pain too…my legs, my hands, my joints. And my spirit…we lost a dog this week…she couldn’t take it anymore. Sweet and sensitive, she felt the pain too, so we finally put her down and she is in a better palce now. I am sure I will meet her again.

    Bill has been miserable too…his legs are hurting now. I remember how my body used to get rid of pain…during naps years ago when the kids were little, I would feel pain traveling down my body and into my legs, thru my feet. Weird, but that ‘s what happened. But, duh…that’s gravity for you…you stand up all the ‘crap’ runs downhill, doesn’t it. To your feet! Then you lay down, take the pressure off your legs and feet…and the pain runs out! I am positive that’s what happens. I feel it every morning now…and every morning the pain is a little less.
    Ascension symptoms…maybe…but it IS happening!!

    Where are the ET’s….per Bill, thy should be showing up for all the world to see???
    They have backed off remember…for good reason. Talking to MY source on this subject….they are very leary of what the BG (bad guys) would do. They have been told that if they show up and disclose their purpose publically…the Zombie Apocolypse WILL happen. The BG’s will unleash a virus unlike the world has ever seen. The ET’s do not want to see this happen! Not just because it would wipe out MOST of mankind…but it would also infect them, and they could never return to their own worlds because it would kill their worlds too.
    The ones that are here on the planet are here to sweat it out with the rest of us. That is their mission and commitment.
    “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for his friend!” They are the best friends this sorry bunch of earthlings will ever have. Praises to them.

    The BG’s don’t give a rat’s ass who they wipe out. They don’t want to give it up…their control, their power, their wealth!! Thy really like being Lords and Masters of their domain!

    Remember Bill’s last Ancient Prophecies drawing: 2012….
    the big bolt from the sky…wiping everything out! Divine Intervention, the ET’s standing by, to witness.
    They can and will help, I am sure of it, but not until WE as the people of this planet say ENOUGH…STOP. We know what you are doing, we demand that you stop NOW, because the only outcome is total anhilation….to YOU. We will all ascend after all. The fact that the BG’s are holding out only makes it worse for THEM, not us.
    We need to step up. More and more of us. Until critical mass is reached and the scales tip in our favor. It can be sweet and rosy…if we let it.
    For Pete’s sake let’s let it!
    Time is short…don’t despair or lose hope. We are towing the line for humanity. Pull hard my friends and coworkers, it is almost over. Keep your eyes on the prize.
    And know this Bad Guys….it doesn’t matter how much you squeal….you are still going down in the end. The good news is, those you have been screwing will get to see this and it will be both sad and joyous at once.

    Special hugs and kisses to my other son/brother/cousin Mike!! Yeah I feel it too!

  9. Karma007 says:

    Mike we have online communities like this provided by you, because our family and friends don’t understand what WE KNOW. Thanks for being our sounding board, and the captain of the crazy ship. We salute you!

    • mike0v says:


      And I’ll tell you something else, too; when this crazy experiment is over, all of us in this group are gonna remember that we planned this reunion before coming to earth.

      Just like in Bill’s book.

      All of us know each other already, we just can’t remember it.

      Imagine the laughs we’re gonna share…

    • angelicview says:

      Yes! Yes! And yes!

      And by the way… Spirit has been very very quiet lately, too. I have also read on Facebook that people feel a bit blocked off. It probably just has to do with the energies and not anything wrong. But we all seem to be feeling it. :)

    • mike0v says:

      I agree, Shannon. Like I just posted above to Karol, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck! It’s THAT bad.

      Talk about energies coming down on us! It’s like we’re getting a triple dose!

      If I didn’t know better I’d swear that I have the flu.

  10. Karma007 says:

    I happen to know that the human head weighs 10 pounds, from the movie Christmas Story. Mine feels like 15 pounds, if this keeps up I’m going to need a neck brace for the rest of the week.

    • mike0v says:


      That is exactly it!

      My head is too heavy. Feels like a lead weight on my shoulders. Like a 20 pound bowling ball.

    • Karma007 says:

      I’ve tried Benedril, Aleve thinking I had sinus issues or allergies. It makes me drowsy, but doesn’t cure the heavy head thing. Maybe it’s our Pineal glands exploding out if the calcium buildup from fluoridated water and GMO’s. If this is the case, then I’ll send ya a neck brace!

    • ksense says:

      Want to clear your head? Try 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper in warm water. It also keeps the arteries clean and elastic.

    • Jim Quade says:

      The headache is because of the changes that the Galactic Federation has done last week, they changed the options for the outcomes of this situation we are in so the cabal can’t keep up as easy. For a much better explanation please read Sheldon Nidle’s message of tuesday the 25th. He also talks about leg cramps and other muscle pains.

  11. Karma007 says:

    Ok, something really bizarre happened this morning. The voice that usually wakes me up, said to me this morning, “remove the pain”. I woke this morning without the heaviness in my head and I feel better than I have in a week.

    Brad the cayenne pepper I usually do with organic honey and lemon. It’s a liver cleanse, thanks for the info.

    • ksense says:

      Glad to hear the pain is gone. On the “on or off track” question, I think ascension is more a by-product than a goal, if you will.

    • mike0v says:


      The lifting of the heaviness happened for me last night. It was very noticeable, too. Like someone had flipped a switch.

      I felt like I had been hit by a truck all day and then in the evening, after my kids and I ate, the malaise just disappeared.

      What a strange sensation…

  12. ksense says:

    What if we replaced the word “ascension” with happiness? We would read comments like:
    “when does happiness happen?”
    “will it be sudden or gradual?”

    The two aren’t always interchangeable but many people are waiting for a point when they’ll ascend. Maybe it’s more like happiness and peace. That’s just the perspective I have today.

    • mike0v says:


      Once again, very profound with few words. Thanks.

      Now, how much water do I mix with the cayenne pepper? Like a coffee cup, maybe? And then do you just shoot it down or drink it slowly?

    • Karma007 says:

      I equate ascension with knowledge. Every time I hear the word ascension, I think more knowledge. I go through everyday wanting more knowledge. Whether through books, other people, blogs I am hungry for knowledge.

      I am so glad the cloud has lifted for you Mike, it was a rough week for me and I don’t work, I sat around in pajama pants all week on the couch. I can’t imagine how you worked around all that noise from jet engines.

      We are on the mend…

    • ksense says:

      A mug like coffee. If you shoot it, you’re stomach will protest. Drink it like coffee. I take twice a day for my heart but when I started there was quite a bit of “head-clearing” happening.

    • LidaV says:

      Brad, your interpretation makes so much sense! When you don’t really know what ‘ascension’ is, happiness is so easy to understand by everyone…and so welcome and inviting! Thanks for that…

      now to go find my bottle of cayenne pepper.
      I have a bottle of Garlic and Cayenne gel tabs…will that work as well?

    • ksense says:

      Not sure about the gel tabs. I only know that a pretty strong tea will clear your sinuses because the vapors go through your sinuses and the tea is in your mouth & throat.

    • LidaV says:

      true…there is nothing like a ‘brew’ of tea!

    • If you want an ‘instant’ sinus opener; go to a chinese food restaurant and get some of their chinese hot mustard sauce and pour some over your food. If you can breathe after digesting it, your sinusus will be cleared. Makes me feel like I am a bull in the ring snorting at a matador.

      I don’t know if it helps “heavy head syndrome.” Maybe you’ve been simply overloading the brain cells and they need time to re-group. And maybe it is time for your brain cells to change into their crystalline form.

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