Who Ya Gonna Call?

Everywhere we look on the web, spiritual blogs are chirping that the shift in frequency is rapidly approaching.

Some of these blogs are announcing a mass awakening of humanity and I agree with those messages. There’s just no way this wild experiment will have any chance of success unless everyone is jolted out of their sleep.

Something that concerns me is how little time is left until December.

Not because I’m unprepared or fearful or hesitant or haven’t beaten back my demons.

No, I’ve got myself pretty much under control. I think.

What concerns me is that I have a son and a daughter, four brothers and sisters, nine nieces and nephews, two parents and one step-parent.

Regardless of how the rest of this year plays out, whether we have disclosure or not or a financial reset or not or mass revolutions or not, have any lightworkers considered the volume of phone calls we’re gonna get?

The cat’s out of the bag in my family. I’ve told them so much stuff that I think they should be granted honorary lightworker status. They know what’s coming. They don’t believe it, but they know.

Every single one of my large bunch (21 people) has told me that when the “big something” takes place the first person they’re gonna call on the phone is me.

So, imagine that the mass awakening is tomorrow and huge numbers of humans are released from their comatose condition. What are they gonna do? They’re gonna start calling.

A cell phone is all I have and I’m buying only 450 minutes a month.

I think it’s time to install a land line…

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