They’re Back

After feeling really ill for the past few days or so and now that I’m back to “normal,” I think I know one of the reasons why we had to suffer through such an exhausting episode: our memories are being returned to us.

Well, maybe not for everybody, but for me, definitely.

I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and so, from time to time, when the pain becomes more bothersome than usual, I put myself into a traction device which I have at home.

It stretches the vertebral segments apart and it feels so good.

Anyway, I’ll stay in traction for 15 minutes and during that time I close my eyes and pretend that I’m a lead weight.

Last night, while doing this, the most incredible visions started flowing through my mind’s eye. Images and scenes started to appear, some quite clear and others less so, but it became obvious to me that what I was seeing was my history.

I saw medieval buildings with high walls, parapets and circular rooms with conical roofs.

I saw a gathering of people in a large, open field where a festival or celebration was taking place. Their clothing was like what I’ve seen from the 1800’s era. Puffy dresses and top hats.

I saw a work area where several men were placing platforms onto scaffolding, like something we see at a construction site but this scene was in a branch of the military. Officers in uniform were milling around.

I saw, and this was the most unusual vision, some boots. The boots were being worn by a soldier of some kind who had his feet propped up on an old, wooden table. From the design of the footwear I could tell that this man was alive a long time ago. The boots were leathery, held together with straps, very worn and looked like something a knight would wear.

And then I saw my second ex-wife in the large, open field in the midst of the festival. For some reason this vision was brought into very sharp focus. Very sharp. I think it was an answer to a question I’ve had before: I’ve traveled with my first ex-wife in past lives but what about my second ex-wife?

Well, now I know.

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