They’re Back

After feeling really ill for the past few days or so and now that I’m back to “normal,” I think I know one of the reasons why we had to suffer through such an exhausting episode: our memories are being returned to us.

Well, maybe not for everybody, but for me, definitely.

I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and so, from time to time, when the pain becomes more bothersome than usual, I put myself into a traction device which I have at home.

It stretches the vertebral segments apart and it feels so good.

Anyway, I’ll stay in traction for 15 minutes and during that time I close my eyes and pretend that I’m a lead weight.

Last night, while doing this, the most incredible visions started flowing through my mind’s eye. Images and scenes started to appear, some quite clear and others less so, but it became obvious to me that what I was seeing was my history.

I saw medieval buildings with high walls, parapets and circular rooms with conical roofs.

I saw a gathering of people in a large, open field where a festival or celebration was taking place. Their clothing was like what I’ve seen from the 1800’s era. Puffy dresses and top hats.

I saw a work area where several men were placing platforms onto scaffolding, like something we see at a construction site but this scene was in a branch of the military. Officers in uniform were milling around.

I saw, and this was the most unusual vision, some boots. The boots were being worn by a soldier of some kind who had his feet propped up on an old, wooden table. From the design of the footwear I could tell that this man was alive a long time ago. The boots were leathery, held together with straps, very worn and looked like something a knight would wear.

And then I saw my second ex-wife in the large, open field in the midst of the festival. For some reason this vision was brought into very sharp focus. Very sharp. I think it was an answer to a question I’ve had before: I’ve traveled with my first ex-wife in past lives but what about my second ex-wife?

Well, now I know.

13 thoughts on “They’re Back

  1. Jim Quade says:

    The last few nights I have had a lot of dreams too but I don’t seem to remember any of them when I wake up, but I know at the first of this week I was getting downloaded with a lot of stuff. Jim Q.

    • mike0v says:


      Me, too. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the download and see weird shapes and characters and letters.

    • I recently read that when you see geometric shapes you’ve just been visiting higher dimensions. I would guess the shapes are the portals into them. For example; this dimension is represented by a circle.

      The characters and letters are the symbols used to communicate similar to the alphabet we use here.

  2. Karma007 says:

    Oh Mike, you are our Knight in Shining Armor!

  3. angelicview says:

    That’s great Mike! I haven’t had any dreams to speak of in the last couple of nights that I can remember. I am feeling much better today, though. The fog began to lift yesterday and feeling even a little bit better today. It’s strange how we were all feeling bad at the same time. 😉

    • mike0v says:


      Must’ve been like a synchronized download for lightworkers. Maybe. I don’t know for sure.

      But what I saw was my history. No doubt. And I’m starting to see more and more of it.

      You know how crappy you’ve felt over the past few days? Well, multiply that by about five times and that’s how it felt to have my vision at the beach this past summer. It was THAT bad.

    • I might add that your intense ‘need to know’ and your intense desire to know pulls this information to you. You’ve had this desire to ‘know’ who you were for a long time and placed a lot of emotion around it. Here’s the Einstein formula: E=mc2.

      My interpretation of his formula is:

      Emotion applied to mind creates….

    • ksense says:

      …….. squared

    • LidaV says:

      Einstein’s theory was based on the assumption that the velocity of ‘LIGHT’ is a constant.
      Think about that…..!!

    • Lida,

      I really feel bad that math and right-brain thinking and I never bonded in this life. I’ve always seen Einstein’s Theory and could not understand it as it was ‘presented’ but one day a simpler meaning popped into my head; and I who look at algebra as if I am reading and trying to understand Klingon suddenly realized I was learning quantum physics on a level I could understand.

      I don’t know if he meant for us to understand it in that way or not; but its the way my Higher Self presented it for me.

    • LidaV says:

      I think you learned it just the way you were supposed to. Isn’t that great!
      Me, I was always good at Math and was intrigued by it’s many uses…obviously not just in science, but it sure helps there.
      I wished I could have gone on to Grad school to learn more…but then that would have interfered with “Life”. So I am where I am supposed to be…and finally happy about that thanks to all of you wonderfulpeople!

      Just thinking about how much more we will learn and experience gives me goose bumps and chills.
      I can’t wait!!! Bring it on!!!

  4. Aisha North’s post today — — speaks to the tiredness. I’m still feeling it, but have been feeling better every-other-day. I have a “bad day” and then a “better day” and then a “bad day” again. But, last week, there were five people connected to me on Facebook who all posted pictures of *double rainbows* around the world! France, Washington State, England, Belgium… There was one more, but I can’t remember where now. It was in the US. The two more people posted the one in France on videos on YouTube, too. 🙂 It was a really obvious kind of sign, IMO, and cool that it was spread across the Northern Hemisphere (and the connections I have).

    I connected those rainbows with the Oracle Report, too, for today: for Saturday and Sunday, the 29th and 30th.

    Today’s full moon energy should be interesting, and perhaps with the waning of the moon cycle, some of the intensity may wane? Although Oracle Report speaks to Saturn moving into Scorpio, too…

    I go back to the childbirth metaphor, where we are having those “breathers” between contractions, but I don’t expect things to let up at all, only intensify. We are all corporately birthing a new existence, eh?

    As for dreams, this past week, I have had dreams where I do lots of crying. They are mostly tied into this life, and are dreams where I am in such straits that I cry with intensity and then wake myself up with it! Last night (or really, it was this morning, as I woke up at 4:45, was up for a while, and then could go back to sleep), I dreamed I was at a really fancy restaurant with my son. For some reason we were stuck eating there. I knew I would have enough to cover the bill based on the prices on the lunch menu, but when we received it, it was over double what I planned, and into the three-digits! There were hidden services and charges. I remember being so angry — for some reason this was one of our only options to eat, and it felt like the kind of place the cabal elite would hang out — ones who were used to paying so much for a simple lunch. (It was good, I remember. Extravagant.) In arguing with the management about the bill, I broke down crying in frustration — the one meal was costing half of our budget for a month of meals, and I needed the hidden charges taken off. I had no qualm with paying what was posted in the menu, and what I budgeted for, but the extra costs were so unfair.

    Anyway, this stuff is clearly more status-quo stuff than past life stuff, lol. At least I am able to release some emotions about all this in dreams. I think mine are more of a release valve at this point, not so much informational in nature (not that they don’t have information, but mine feel like a release more than anything).

    There was another intense crying dream, too, but I can’t recall what it was – I did not note it down anywhere, so I have forgotten.

    I like what Yvonne writes up there: “your intense ‘need to know’ and your intense desire to know pulls this information to you. You’ve had this desire to ‘know’ who you were for a long time and placed a lot of emotion around it. … Emotion applied to mind creates….”

    Sure fits with my dream up there!! Emotion applied to mind creates these dreams where I am fighting injustice!!

    It’s good you can write about this stuff. Writing and thinking it through often yields more information.


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