A note for the regular contributors to this blog:

Over the past several weeks a thought has become prominent in my mind, maybe as a result of a nudge by my spirit guides, although I’m not entirely certain, and it’s all about how the screen of privacy provided to us by the internet and the distances between us are gonna come crashing down soon.

If all goes according to “The Plan” there will be reunions of lightworkers all across the planet.

Hiding behind typed words on the internet will vanish. Hundreds of miles separating our physical existences will become easily traversed.

With that in mind, I’d like to share a hint for the wacky people that have contributed so much to this blog: during our reunion, when everyone is standing around, laughing and talking and wiping their brows because all of this craziness is over, if I should approach you with a stupid grin on my face and an index finger pointed outward and I say, “Hey. Pull this finger,” well, you might want to think twice before doing it.

You’ve been warned…

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