Our World Waits…

Maybe this is a synchronicity, maybe it isn’t, but while driving home just 30 minutes ago a thought crossed my mind.

It was, “where’s the change?”

Where are the promised changes?

And now Valiant’s latest post:

Knock Knock…Tick Tock…Did I Forget to Mention…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 4-Oct-2012 13:14:21

It hasn’t been easy, in fact everything lately has been very strange.
Good days…Bad days…Feeling sick…
And somehow I believe a lot of people are feeling the exact same way.

Promises Promises,
Everyone has been waiting for change…For THE change…
And to be honest things should be changing…
But they aren’t.
The news headlines are the same…
The patterns, the scheme of things all seems the same.
But beneath, there is definitely that distinct feeling that something is wrong…

I warned about the volcanoes…
That IF, they, one or more erupts…Then that is a warning bell.
And the beginning of unstoppable changes…

Now the thing is…
If they don’t erupt then that’s a good sign…
A hopeful sign…
But only if this happens by God’s design…Nature’s wish.

But, if say technology were being used to hold back the volcanoes from erupting…
That could be very VERY bad…
That could be like trying to put a cork on something so overwhelming…
And the truth is there is no technology that could hold it back for very long,
Only delay things…
And that pressure would just keep building and building…
The build up would be like a pressure cooker
Leading to an even worse explosion…
Making even more volcanoes than there would have originally been…

That blockage, holding back that kind of pressure
Could make everyone sick….
You can’t mess with Mother Nature.
Nature will have its way regardless of your plans, Big Brother.

This patch job that you think you have in order
Is only delaying things…
And only creating a more dangerous scenario.
We are at risk of History repeating itself in several ways,
In all of our daily lives…until things are properly set in motion.

I know this seems off topic, but strangely I had this dream…
Which seems oddly fitting…
I saw a GLASS army, not crystal, and it was our military…
Marching through space…
Not bold and shining, but clear and fragile…like glass…
How odd it was…
How symbolic…
How fitting I think…hmm.

Did I forget to mention that there is,
And always has been…an over-ride button.
A switch which can undo all your schemes, Big Brother.
A magic button, that when pressed, can literally change the course of everything.
It’s a secret of course…
Only a few know about it…And only a few have the power to use it.
That’s all I am allowed to say about that…
Think about it.

Dear Mr. Spacemen, There is no safe distance you know…
That’s just something for you to consider also.

P.S. I would really love it if more people could own more of my original works of art.
And I know the originals are more potent than the copies…So to help, I would like to cut the price on my paintings because I need to get more of my work out there to the public. But I can’t afford to just give it away….So please, if you are seriously interested in my artwork, please contact me and I would be more than happy to work out something out so you guys can have more of my originals. I promise to do the best I can..

That’s all for now.

18 thoughts on “Our World Waits…

  1. Karma007 says:

    Yeah, I read that earlier today. I didn’t even have a glimmer of hope with the unimaginative debates last nite. No disclosure, no Nesara, no free energy.

    Interesting about the volcanoes, there has been sulfur smell in CA, but no activity to speak of. Read an interesting article today on RMN, about a guy back in the 30’s who had a head injury and saw CA and Japan drop into the sea after volcanic eruptions. His daughter is now just publishing the who manifest.

    I would think the fragile military refers to psychologically, not physically. And the secret button, other than the crystal skulls, I have no idea who would have ther finger on THAT.

    • mike0v says:


      It’s not good. We’ve reached the edge of the cliff. Big stuff should’ve happened a long time ago.

      As for the override button, Bill knows where it is and who can push it. Maybe that’s what needs to be done.

    • LidaV says:

      I’ve heard that the military in Afghanistan is very unhappy because they will be stopping all air support! Well, no kidding…I’d be unhappy about that too. Bill doesn’t know any of that. I just don’t tell him. He has enough to deal with already. Whenever he gets a ‘download’ it’s like a knife in his gut!
      How do you explain THAT to a doctor!!

      I am pretty resourceful…usually…but I am at wits end with all of this too.
      One day it’s all lovely and all going ahead….then absoutely nothing changes.

      I believe Bill. He seems to have it right. Probably because he doen’t listen to all the crap out there!!! Gets his info, spills his guts (if only!) and shuts down again. Until the next transmission and it starts again. Some if his ‘info’ gives me the wllys!

    • The sulfur odor comes from Gaia ‘belching’gas as she expands and makes necessary adjustments to her cellular structure; just as our bodies are doing and have done.

      Nothing to worry over. Better to release gas pressure than let it build. Earthquakes happen if not.

    • mike0v says:

      Well, now, a topic I can relate to! Belching gas.

      Yes, Yvonne, it is MUCH better to release the gas pressure than let it build. My mom might disagree, however.

  2. Karma007 says:

    Well we keep hearing about October Surprise, could this be our dropping off point?

    • LidaV says:

      yeah….SURRISE…none of all that good stuff is going to happen!! Just the bad, and continuation of all the nonsense!

      I need a drink!!

    • Karma007 says:

      We are only in Afghanistan to protect the poppy. Evidently the drug trade helps our gov. In more ways than one.

    • LidaV says:

      I believe it funds black tops…among others.

  3. LidaV says:

    yes I know…do THEY know (the troops?)
    they would be going MIA in droves…
    just like Vietnam!

    • angelicview says:

      Am I misunderstanding? Are you saying that the troops have gone missing in action? In droves? I have not heard this. :(

    • LidaV says:

      No no…if they KNEW what the real reason was….they would be leaving. Many left rank in Vietnam and many chose to stay after their tours were done. Bill Sr knew of some. Most who were there knew guys who went AWOL, or just chose not to go home.
      When they realized that they were regarded as expendable, they could ‘t take it. Or when the real reason for their presence there became known…they took off.
      Similar to the story told in Apocalypse Now.

    • angelicview says:

      Oh, I see! Thanks :)

  4. Jim Quade says:

    Things are changing, although very slowly. Than again I and even my wife has noticed that time is going much faster now in only the last few weeks, the weekends are here and gone and now the weeks are just flying by too. I do agree there doesn’t seem to be any changes from the media or any of the other places but I just keep visualizing that by the end of the year all that are ready will leave with the earth to the 5th or at least 4th dimension, andall the other things that are so great also happen. It is a Devine Plan that we all want to happen.

  5. ksense says:

    Need a link to all of Bill’s art that is for sale.

  6. LidaV says:

    before I forget, several have sold on this site. like Convergence.
    Thanks Brad…

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