Practice, practice

If you think you need some practice in preparation for ascension, try this: remember every single person you’ve ever met in your entire life.

Remember every single famous or powerful or wealthy person you’ve ever met or read about or heard about in your entire life.

Look around you on any given day at any person, no matter who it is.

Now, remove any and all of your judgements about those people. Completely.

Not so easy, huh?

14 thoughts on “Practice, practice

  1. angelicview says:

    Yes, not an easy thing to do. I have been working on it for a while now and I feel that I am finally nearing completion. I do catch myself thinking bad of others on occassion and I remind myself that I shouldn’t judge them. We are all the same. We are all spirits with contracts and spirit guides working out Karma and struggling along in this life.

  2. This is a slightly complicated subject.

    I used to have problems with the word ‘judgement’ when used regarding people. So much so that I had to ask about it when I had one of my ‘Readings.’

    What I was told was I was “observing” people and coming to a conclusion. Judgement comes into play when you condemn another because of their actions or their situation.

    I had to break it down into this: Even though a person has, or is engaging in conduct you find not good for your personal individual journey, would you help that person if they needed something from you to help them on their journey, or would you look at them as if they were the scum of the earth and ignore them because they have done or are doing something you disapprove of?

    I have learned to look at others differently. I’ve learned that every one has a reason for why they act the way they do. Everyone’s journey is pertinent to them, and yes, it does affect us all in one way or another. Dysfuntionalism is a great teaching tool.

    When we get to the point where we no longer pay attention to one another’s actions there is no reason to be here anymore; because this is where we come to learn how to ‘allow,’ how to help, how to have compassion, how to learn tolerance, how to love in the purest form. It is one of the toughest curriculum in the universe.

    • Julia says:

      Thanks! That makes sense. I like that I can not agree with actions, but that has nothing to do with loving them.
      It’s always easier to say it than to do it.

      It takes work, but I find that things that used to make me crazy, no longer do.

      I just shrug and think, wow, oh well. Better send them some extra love. Sometimes it’s better to avoid someone that pushes buttons, until you can find those buttons & turn them off.

  3. claudia says:

    Welcome to Karma Cafe. There is no menu. You will be served what you deserve. ~ Unknown.
    I have finally got over asking myself “Why me?” !!! Ive got to say that my Ego has lead me up some strange garden paths but hey Im still laughing!

  4. ksense says:

    There’s a difference in judging a person’s soul and judging their decisions, IMO. A lot of people hide behind the phrase “don’t judge me” while doing some of the dumbest things imaginable. My calling it dumb is not a soul judgement of the person.

  5. Karma007 says:

    Confusius say; when you care about what other people think, they hold you prisoner. Take no prisoners!

  6. ksense says:

    In all seriousness, when I think back on those who I used to perceive as having done me wrong, it really isn’t important. In fact it took me a while to think of something. Presently I don’t have that energy toward anyone but who knows what today will bring? I just try to enjoy life. The heart attack was a hard lesson in attitude.

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