Higher Forces

I know who you are.

Took me long enough to figure it out but figure it out, I did.

It was you in my back yard so many months ago, watching, waiting, wondering.

My dream about you must not have been too pleasant for someone such as yourself.

And now the spell has been broken and it’s time for you to admit defeat.

Just remember, it was scripted that way.

All of us played our parts and we did so in magnificent fashion.

Didn’t think we could do it, did ya?

When you think about it, a more compelling and interesting plot just couldn’t have been written here.

It had to be inked in Heaven.

By angels.

4 thoughts on “Higher Forces

  1. angelicview says:

    Personally, I Love Angels! :)

  2. Julia says:

    Yes, I love them too. They are so protective of us, even if we don’t ‘know’ it.

  3. LidaV says:

    yes…the “spell HAS been broken”.
    aren’t we glad, aren’t they sad!
    and all the players have won the Oscar of all Oscars!!!!
    because they performed the best screenplay ever written by the best screenwriters!

    now where is that after Oscars party???

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