The awakening of humanity will take place during a time of great turmoil.

The awakening WILL take place.

The awakening will happen very soon.

The goal of the dark forces is to topple one of the well-constructed and maintained pillars on which our illusory world exists in order to create global chaos.

“Home. There are those who will be calling you home soon.”

Today, during meditation, all of this was given to me.

The time loop is already happening to me.

Our new earth will have two suns.

The ETs WILL help us.

The deep underground bases and cities are trashed. Office equipment, furniture, computers, broken glass, boxes and all manner of junk is strewn throughout the tunnels and hallways.

Doors have been blasted open and barely hang on their hinges.

Animals are down there, wandering around, scrounging for food.

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