ReminderReminder to Higher Self:

Never, under any circumstances or state of mind or intense desire to be of help or ridiculously naive delusions of grandeur, volunteer to incarnate on a 3rd dimensional world and pursue a mission while in complete amnesia.

Hang this note on our refrigerator, please.


You, Me, Us

10 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. I say “AMEN” to that note, Mike! Amnesia sucks! However, it does serve a good purpose – if I had my memories of “home”, I would not be able to do my job here – I would be too homesick – more than I am now. ha. I was been promised – before I incarnated here – that my memories would be restored after a certain “Event” I am here to observe or witness – it had better hurry – this old body won’t make it much longer, then I’ll HAVE to go home. Disappointed that I have to watch it from our 3D viewing platform on our ship rather than up close and personal. LOVE your blogs, BTW! ellie

  2. Lida says:

    now there’s something I don’t need to be told…
    bad memory and all!
    but I will do it anyway…just in case my mind has a brown out!

  3. Julia says:

    LOL! I love this! What a great reminder to post on the Refrig!! Thanks for the laugh. I needed it today.

  4. angelicview says:

    Some say that people like us do this over and over again – “wanderers”, they call us.

    I don’t think I’m one of them. I think I came here as a one-time deal! 😉

  5. Let me add this to what you wrote above: I promise to stay “home,” wherever that might be and help from a distance.

    It’s somebody’s else turn to work in the trenches. This time, I’m manning the ship, observing the frequency changes, and sending information to be channeled into the mind of a humanoid.

    I feel like I’ve been to war!

    As soon as I return “home” I’m going in to be treated for ‘post traumatic Earth syndrome!’

  6. Karma007 says:

    I have to view this whole experience as if I was a space being looking for an outrageous vacation spot. I booked a trip to Earth for an indeterminate amount of time to really know what it’s like on another planet, because the brochures were not detailed enough for my inquiring mind. Here I am at the end of my adventure, pictures included, along the way I met humans that enriched my experience here on Earth. These are long lost friends that booked the same passage many millennia ago. We are just waiting for the ride home.

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