The Puzzle Solved? (repost from July 25)

It’s time to make a prediction, everybody. A big one.

Several pieces of the puzzle have now come together for me and I believe I’m close to solving it.

Let me know that you think.

(Read Valiant’s latest post, dated 25 July. This message is overflowing with clues; it’s chock full of hints and tips.)

A race, from a seven star cluster, came to earth and put together a plan to help end the misery and suffering of humans.

This race is the Pleiadians.

Valiant says they seeded earth women in Celtic lands, Eire, and women in the country sides of Asia with blood from their own race, a trick that had been used before to bring about positive changes for a suffering culture.

The newly mixed blood began to spread across the globe.

As it did, unknown to everyone, this blood carried DNA with a secret.

And the secret is a gift. A gift from the angels.

A gift of awakening for the lonely, tired and jaded lightworkers.

“For their descendents today hold the keys to promise, to salvation, and they number EVERYWHERE….They just need to be ‘woken up.’”

So now, it becomes obvious to me.

We lightworkers will be returned to full consciousness soon. Before the vast majority of humanity awakens. Before December.

Once this happens, once our magic boxes are unlocked, what will we become?

Simple. Each of us will become a key.

“Say one person holds a lock, or is in fact a lock…a magic box themselves… And yet another person holds a key, or again is in fact a key themselves… Then what would you say could happen? What could the possibilities be?”

Now, imagine what might happen then.

Lightworkers everywhere become fully conscious keys.

And each of us is able to unlock the magic box inside any other person, to awaken them.

If it should happen this way, if this could possibly be true, I will cry a river of tears as I meet my family and friends and bring about their awakening.

Can you imagine how miraculous it would be to watch the expressions of your brothers and sisters and friends and relatives as the moment of awakening spreads across their faces?

Can you imagine sharing this gift with anyone you meet?

Can you imagine being able to awaken anyone around you, simply by being near them?

As a lightworker, can you possibly imagine a greater gift than the ability to help others see the truth?

All throughout my life I haven’t really known what I’m talking about.

This time I hope I do.

Ancient Prophecies 3
Secrets, Riddles and The Legacy

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