Notes on December 13

This morning is a morning that I’ll never forget.

As I awoke I was listening to someone speaking to me. The words were clearly and beautifully annunciated but in a language that I’ve never heard before.

The voice filled my mind. It was soothing, serene, peaceful and pure. I didn’t sense it with my ears only; I sensed it with all of me.

Being spoken were words of simple instruction and description. I knew this even though the language was foreign.

As I became fully awake, the voice tapered off into silence. I didn’t want it to end.

The words, the sound, the vibration and inflection were so pristine, so magical and so comforting that I wanted to fall back asleep.

After breakfast I sat down to meditate and over the course of an hour the words were translated for me.

“Your time of awakening is at hand.”

“The entire earth is now bathed in pure angelic light.”

“Humanity is now free.”

The best part of the message was saved for last.

I was given my mission.

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