Ascension? It’s Not Just Earth

Today at work, as I sat there with nothing to do (which is a good thing), I started thinking about the spin cycle our world is about to be put through and I remembered that we’re not alone in the great big washing machine of ascension. Other planets are being prepared.

It occurred to me to create a blog entry that would remind any readers that it ain’t just Earth going through the washer and when that thought arrived, I got a very large and unequivocal nudge to do just that.

Somebody up there wants to remind us down here that this is not a one-trick pony.

From Valiant’s messages:

It has always struck me as odd that when it came to aliens, abductions, visitations, or scientific views on whether we were alone in the universe always came down to us being so unique. We’re so special, so many alien races across space, so many coming here and yet here we are being told how very special we are. Did you think we were the only planet being visited, observed, tampered with? How many alien races are there? And yet Earth is supposed to be a single great find, a primitive civilization, yet still so important.

I mean you didn’t buy that, ‘you’re so special’ thing, did you? Like how many times has that been said on a date…You’re so special, you’re the best, the first, etc, etc. Not at all.

There are several planets just like Earth, just like us, being watched, maneuvered and manipulated by various forces…As I have worded it before, for a very long time. It makes sense really when it comes to time, for beings that live so long to find so many similar places to visit.

But…there is so much more to it than that. Let’s just say for the sake of it, to give it a number. The number 9. 9 planets just like Earth. 9 is divine, 9 breaks the sign. 9 planets all experiencing similar cataclysmic events all at the same time…Transformations, divine interventions, being watched by higher powers via spaceships or heavenly eyes. 9 planets all falling apart at the same time. Coincidence?

Ancient Prophecies 8, A Paradigm of Nine Worlds

Ancient Prophecies 8, A Paradigm of Nine Worlds

I mentioned The Paradigm of 9 Worlds…I believe that was the one that sure grabbed your attention, Mr. Spacemen, and you came knocking so fast…The Fate of 1 is shared by all. Watch out…Because now, the Home Planets of The Council may start to see some surprises soon.

Ah, The Council, The Galactic Council…Officially representing a union of all the advanced worlds…What is it now, 13 planets that hold seats as leading voices above them all?
That number, 13…always creeps up somewhere…
Too old and grey The Council is…

Some advice…The Andromedans, all of you really, should take that advice and retire some of your older representatives and bring in some younger blood. Things are just too stale up there.

In Fact, Mr. Spacemen, you really should think about some newer approaches overall with The Council. So high and mighty it is after all…Don’t touch this, don’t touch that…don’t go here, don’t go there…don’t touch him, her, etc., etc….
How OUTDATED…A few words of wisdom here…A parent not only teaches its child, but the child teaches the parent as well. Think about that for a while.
Especially since things are going to change really soon….

4 thoughts on “Ascension? It’s Not Just Earth

  1. LindaS says:

    Occupy Galactic Council – just a thought

  2. Julia says:

    I think that you are right on & that there is far more going on than we realize. Like living in your little part of the world (or universe) and you don’t really know what is happening around the corner. Should be very interesting to share notes later!

    • mike0v says:


      I agree and there’s something I’d like to add.

      The hint or clue or nudge or whatever you want to call it, to create this post was one of the most obvious that’s ever been delivered to me.

      In other words, “they” REALLY wanted me to post Bill’s observations about the eight other planets.

      I think it has to do with everyone becoming so Earth-centered in this finale but we need to look further. There are billions of other souls on other worlds who are about to join us.

      What other spiritual blogs are reporting this? I don’t know of any others.

      Imagine the near future when nine planets are networked together after each one of them has just passed through ascension. The camaraderie, the happiness, the relief will be galaxy-wide.

      Imagine the celebration when nine planets can rejoice together because all of our shackles have been removed.

      When we hear about the coming parties and galas and festivals, I think this is what is meant.

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