Notes on December 19

Email excerpts used without permission. Too bad.


Hey Mike, I was feeling a bit stressed yesterday. How are you feeling?
I have to work today (and I’ll be glad when that’s over). Then I have a few days off to relax and enjoy more. But yesterday was a bit stressful.

I was wondering if I’m the only one feeling the stress?


You know, I’m feeling all kinds of stuff. I’m going from one emotion to the other. It feels strange.
Yesterday, I was depressed and sad and tired. Today, I’m better, but still tired.

My whole body has this tingling, kind of sizzling feeling going on. Like I’m being injected with high frequency waves. You feeling that, too?

I guess you could add all that up and call it stress. Actually, stress is probably a real good description of it!

So, what do you predict?
Big show? Medium show? No show?

Every part of me wants an enormous, come to Jesus, halleluiah announcement, like so spectacular that the world comes to a complete stop.

But our history of getting big promises that don’t materialize is keeping me cautious.


I wish our Pleiadian families would tell us when something is gonna happen, but they sure are keeping quiet!

I’m hoping for something really big on the 21st.


As for the 21st, don’t hold your breath about something big happening – I am sure it is somewhere out in the universe and eventually it will catch up to our lower dimensions in God’s Right Divine Time.  Everything HAS to happen in spirit before it can manifest in physical and everything is on a strict schedule, you know – even each falling leaf has to be in its exact right spot in its fall.

We’re getting there!


My whole body aches, I can’t seem to shake the joint pain.  I am so tired I haven’t taken melatonin in a week.  Does anyone else feel fatigued?  I haven’t seen the sun in days, it’s rainy and gloomy here which makes my mood less than optimum.


It was rainy for a few but now it’s bright & sunny. No aches but have been napping often. Not drained of energy but can nap whenever or wherever. Have a fun trip and a Merry Christmas.


I have never been so exhausted. Everything I do wears me out ridiculously! And everything hurts…back, legs,
headaches on & off, and lots of LOUD ringing in my left ear-my deaf one.

Bill too is feeling clobbered. Has good dreams, bad dreams, odd dreams. Receives messages and is taking notes of all of them…just for reference.



Everything okay?



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