2012 and the Mayan Prophecy, from Valiant

Re: 2012 and the Mayan Prophecy…

I understand now, based on what I’ve been seeing in visions, sensing and feeling…besides being physically ill from it!  The energies manifesting have been overwhelming.

Over the past week, we have been merging timelines as they collapse in on one another. The other realities are all coming together with this one, one at a time.

First it was once a day…then twice a day, like every twelve hours. I do not know how long it will continue, or how many realities this involves, or any clue to the final reality (outcome).

First night, a portal opened to a very bad (negative) reality and something very bad came through: a vampire, or two.
Then the next night, another portal to another reality opened and something very good came through. Guess this offset the first one.

Then again, the next night…which was last night…a very bad reality opened a portal, and something else very bad came through into this one. Something “beastly” because I saw it running and saw its eyes glowing.

There have been other portals opening for other realities at those other in-between times, but those realities were much like ours, so there was no significant difference made to ours…

I am seriously hoping that tonight a very good reality merges with us and sends over something very good to make the balance with last night’s.

From this, I can say we now have real vampires and real mermaids/mermen. The mer-people were the good guys! They may have been here already, but now, I can sense them!
…and then there’s the “beast” I saw last night!

It seems that ‘art is imitating life’…movies, TV, books…what we have imagined, is now coming true. What the people of this planet have been fixated and obsessed with has come true…hence the vampire (all those vampire books and movies) and the beast (monster movies).

But like I said , I am not sure how this will all end…or when. This weekend?
I don’t know it all, just what I’ve been allowed to “see.”

I do sense that because the realities, or timelines, are merging so quickly, this also accounts for all the physical problems we have been feeling so intensely-the pains, confusion, light-headedness, etc. The electromagnetic and gravitational forces because of the merging are doing this. I hope it stops when this is done! I am having a lot of difficulty coping with it and you all probably are, too.

But I do believe the 13 crystal skulls are responsible for this merging. They have activated themselves and caused this. The outcome may take months to figure out. It may even end up worse than we previously thought it would. That’s how it made me feel today…I hope I’m wrong.

So please take all this as a warning to be very careful!!  Because I don’t know what came through last night, or what may come through tonight.

Changes will happen once the realities have merged, but I don’t know what those are. No one will until it is done.

If a calamity happens tomorrow, or the next day, it is because we have merged with another reality.

I am sorry this seems so vague, but it’s what I was shown.

I am also very sorry I have not been communicating with each of you. I meant to, but lately, being on the computer makes me feel worse the next day. So I stay away. I have asked my Mom to send this for me…the gist of it is mine, the rest are her words.

Good luck to all of us!
And yes…that’s it for now!

9 thoughts on “2012 and the Mayan Prophecy, from Valiant

  1. Elliemiser@aol.com says:

    I can certainly relate to the negative portals – couple nights ago, a long, skinny, dark red snake was winding itself up my left leg – I ripped it loose and threw it away before it could bite me – it was poisonous. Night before last, a large diamond-back rattlesnake bit me on the outer edge of my right hand – I had to pry it loose and dispose of it – then I wondered how long it would take for me to die from the venom but I didn’t die, which surprised me! My body has various aches and pains popping in and out around it like I am being played like a keyboard. Thank God none of them stay long! Maybe that is the effect of the merging timelines passing through my body…. ellie

  2. angelicview says:

    No worries! Look, everything that we think about exists somewhere (in an astral plane). The astral is very close to our bodies and it will become visible to us as the veils are dropped. Remember, thoughts ARE things. We’ve heard this. But now it will become reality. Now, the lower astral is kind of the denser, scarier things. If we are feeling low (for whatever reason – fear, depression, anxiety, or physical pain) we will be seeing what’s in the denser, lower astral. However, if we are of a higher vibration, the we will see the higher-level things that have been thought – like Angels, fairies, or unicorns, for example. And yes, the timelines are coming together. No fear. No worries. Our Angels and Guides have our best interests in mind. We just have to do our part. 🙂

  3. Julia says:

    Thanks to Valiant for sending this information. I have been having strange dreams, but they do not last long. I start the morning with positive meditations & send love to all of you. Just keep focusing on what you (we all) want. Love and a peaceful, beautiful life. (and that party Mike is inviting us too!)

  4. Julia says:

    I just read this again & was wondering if the ‘beasts’ are the same ones as in his book? I just ‘saw’ the same image in my mind when I read the post.

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