Notes on December 23

Something is stirring in the Milky Way. It’s gotta be.

Last night, just as soon as I plopped my head down on my pillow and covered up with blankets, a torrential flood of memories passed through my vision.

I was stunned. Shocked. Whatever. It was amazing.

Beings of all types, buildings, landscapes, vehicles, space craft, planets and a huge assortment of other stuff flowed across my inner image viewer.

It was so rapid and unnerving that I had to sit up and open my eyes to regain my sense of place.

I’ve had visions before but nothing like this. Ever.

One particular image became frozen for a few seconds and I think it was done to make sure I got a good look at what was there.

What was there was a space ship docked on a platform. This platform must have been five miles in diameter and the ship was too large for it; enormous sections of the craft overhung the platform’s limits.

Beings, small vehicles and buildings gave the vision the perspective needed to comprehend the size of the ship. It was gargantuan! Hell, it was larger than gargantuan! It was immense.

After being drowned in the visions and then sitting up, I laid down again and hoped the moving imagery would stop so I could sleep.

Thankfully, it did. The show tapered off and disappeared.

I have to say that I’m very much ready for a ride in a star ship.

Anyone else?

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