During meditation this morning I saw one thing and it was this:

(Please keep snarky comments to a minimum.)


9 thoughts on “Kaboom

  1. LindaS says:

    Your exhibit reminds me of this splinter I could could not remove, but my body pushed it out a little later. Maybe Gaia got rid of some “splinters”.

    • Eleanor Miser says:

      Mike, my first impression was a solar wind coming from the sun. A BIG one! I hope it is directed away from Earth – even a side glance could cause problems, I think. Info I found to explain solar wind is this: It comes mainly from coronal holes in the sun, which would explain the bulge seen in your first drawing; it has a significant influence on our ionosphere, Earth’s magnetic field, auroras and on telecommunication systems. A direct hit can kill our communications satellites.

    • mike0v says:


      Your impression is correct. What I saw was the sun. A giant bubble formed on its surface, became whole, pulled or pushed itself away from the star and flew off into space.

      Several things have passed through my mind after this vision.

      One is this video, The Solar Killshot. It runs for about six minutes and explains what you mentioned.

      Another thought that came to mind is maybe this is the “event” you’re here to see.

      What I mean by that is this:

      When the alignment took place on the 21st, an energy download reached its peak, right? Now we’re on the down-slope of the energy.

      Let’s say the sun acted like an immense capacitor. Capacitors store electrical energy and can dissipate that energy at a later time.

      Maybe the sun collected all this energy and is storing it for future use. When the timing is right (remember, timing?) the sun releases the energy in a huge coronal mass ejection.

      But the energy isn’t harmful to humanity. It’s spiritual and provides the spark which awakens all those who are asleep.

      Think about what’s going on in the news right now. Hillary Clinton has disappeared. Obama took a vacation. Congress, too. The “Fiscal Cliff” countdown is reaching its end. Hundreds of financial bigwigs, military brass and heads of govt agencies have gone missing.

      Where did they go? Underground. Not into the big underground bases and cities because they’ve been destroyed but their own personal bunkers. Bunkers that weren’t destroyed by the galactics. Why did they go underground? Because they know a coronal mass ejection is on the way.

      In my vision, the bubble was very much like a teardrop. It formed slowly and then as it got bigger, it picked up speed and ejected. But I didn’t feel fear or anxiety. I felt a very soothing, peaceful vibration to the whole thing.

      Maybe the heads of state and the powerful think the CME will be devastating and destructive but it won’t be. It will be a blessing for all of us, instead.

    • mike0v says:

      Here’s the link to the article that talks about Ex-Feds and Wall Street Execs going underground by the hundreds.


    • angelicview says:

      Snarky comments? Like, “did the Sun fart?” LoL!

      “Hi Ellie!!!!!!” *Waves* I’m so happy to meet you! I have followed your story on Steve Beckow’s site and it’s great to see you here. 🙂

      Mike, remember the vision I had, of a solar flare (or solar “something”) that knocked out all electronics? Well, your vision looks similar to mine. Only a few in our group took it as a bad thing and I thought it was totally a GOOD thing! Perhaps our visions have matched up, just a little.

      Thanks for the links to the articles. Going to read them now 🙂

    • mike0v says:


      Just like my daughter. “Dad, that doesn’t look like a solar flare. It looks like a solar fart!”

      And no, I don’t remember your vision. Do tell…

    • angelicview says:

      Well, I really like your drawing 🙂

      Here’s my latest vision copied and pasted from my email:

      “I believe we are going to get a wake-up call. I believe it will come in the Spring and it will be in the form of a world-wide power outage caused by solar flares. Everyone will basically be “stuck” where they are at, because there will be no mode of transportation working. No cars, no planes, no nothing will work except our feet and a rowboat.

      Those who are at war will be faced with their perceived enemy. They will not be able to go anywhere. Their guns will either be laid down and they will help each other or they will kill each other. They will have to choose.

      All governments will fall – they will be meaningless, as will money. We will have a choice. Will we pull together in our neighborhoods to help each other survive and be comforted or will we lock ourselves up tight in our houses and stand there with a gun – not allowing anyone to come in?

      This will go on until such a time as everyone has made their choice. Most people who do not pull together with others will die.

      In the meantime, this cosmic boost will be coming from the center of our galaxy. Probably in December, like they have forecasted. And so people will experience an opening of their hearts like they’ve never experienced before. This will help all of humanity in it’s time of need. The only ones left that will be killing each other will be the worst of the worst – the ones that didn’t have a hope. We just need to stay out of their way and let them kill each other off. The ones that barricade themselves off in their homes will die.

      Once there are only good people left on the Earth, the ET will land and help us get re-started. That’s when the New World will start.”

    • ksense says:

      Good thing we ride bikes. I can go for that scenario Shannon.

  2. Julia says:

    Interesting view Mike! Notice that it is going to the side, not toward you? I keep reading that it is advisable to stay close to home for the full moon tonight. Someday we will get to really understand all of these symbols. (Sort of like learning a new language isn’t it?)

    I keep being drawn out to the forest for walks. Staying close to nature seems the thing to do these days.

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