New Year Notes

My son bags groceries at a local supermarket as a part-time job and, naturally, he’s able to observe many different people in our community.

A few days ago, my son noticed a man who was paying his bill on another register aisle. This man wore a baseball cap and embroidered on the front of the crown was the masonic symbol.

As he walked out, my son noticed another symbol embroidered on the back of his cap. It was the “all-seeing” eye.

After leaving Wal-Mart yesterday, I noticed a dirty, shaggy, unshaven man sitting on a grassy curbside with cardboard placards surrounding him. On the cardboard was written his story: 20 years as a laborer and  construction roofer, now jobless with no prospects.

Everything about my day got better when three cars pulled over, spoke to the man and handed him wads of cash.

On the first of January I delivered on a bet, which had been made over a year ago with one of my supervisors at work.

As I gripped a table with my ass sticking out, he planted a size 13 steel-toed boot across my backside while seven or eight of my crew-members looked on.

The bet? That the ETs would show up before January 1, 2013.

Me and my big mouth…

11 thoughts on “New Year Notes

  1. LidaV says:

    never put a date on a bet…
    however, you WILL still have the last laugh!!!
    get yourself an oversized pair of shoes…with cleats!! sace them for THAT day!! and payback.
    then you can wave from the spaceship as it takes off with you inside!!
    it ain’t over!!

  2. Karma007 says:

    Well, at least you put yourself out there for ridicule. Most people wouldn’t have enough guts to admit what they believe in nowadays.
    Good for you son in recognizing symbols of the dark side, most kids wouldn’t have a clue.

    • mike0v says:


      My email isn’t “loudmouth101” for nothing. It’s a problem of mine. I can’t keep all this stuff bottled up inside. I just can’t. I don’t have the ideal personality for a lightworker. So, yes, pretty much everyone at work knows about my fascination with ETs and space travel.

      I made that bet so long ago, I didn’t even think I would have to “pay up.” I truly thought the good ETs would’ve been here by now, helping to rid our world of hunger and illness and poverty and violence.

      Just more wishful thinking…

  3. angelicview says:

    Awe! You poor thing!

    I was amazed the other day (because I don’t talk about this stuff at work) when one of my co-workers mentioned that she had been disappointed that we didn’t all arrive in the 5th dimension on Dec 21st! I was like, “Huh?” Completely taken aback, I said, “I didn’t know you knew anything about that!” She said, yeah! And started talking about Sheldan Nidle and more about what what supposedly supposed to happen. I still stayed fairly quiet and played “dumb” about it – but said that I had heard of that and had read some of that stuff.

    A fellow Lightworker – right in my workspace! Who’da’known! ;)

    • mike0v says:


      Well, now you have someone to talk to! I think that’s fabulous. Don’t you?

    • Karma007 says:

      Yes, one more person to acknowledge what you believe in, it feels good doesn’t it when you find like minded coworkers.

    • angelicview says:

      Yes! I didn’t dig that deep into what she knows or believes. I know she doesn’t get online, but her husband does. So I assume all she knows it what he’s told her. I doubt she’s really as “into it” as I am. However, I was still grateful that I’m not the only one there who’s heard of it. :)

  4. Julia says:

    Mike – I don’t have the ideal personality for a lightworker – Not True! You actually do have the perfect personality. Someone needs to talk about it. You plant seeds, and that’s a GOOD thing!

  5. claudia says:

    Hey Mike, yes sometimes we have to put our money on where our mouth goes.. hope the spanking wasn’t too stressful :D
    Thank you for sharing as it shows you have a healthy ego.

    ok, so it’s now 2013 and we are required to be in our truth and integrity right? So we have family and friends around us who look wearily at us with our beliefs of Golden Age, UFO’s etc.. well I’m ‘fessing up that I have to also carry another burden of contention with same ppl as I believe Michael Jackson hoaxed his death to help awaken mankind to the evil cabal that has manipulated all industries through greed and power. The entertainment industry is so satanic/pedophile based. Just look what influence it has on our youth’s minds. The fear card is their friend. Stay calm, centered and positive. I have my trusty spiritual sword by my side at all times.. :)

    Love and Light to all.

    ( re MJ pls do your own research as I have. I personally have never followed him as a fan of the King of Pop before his “death”. It’s Michael Jackson,the man, the humanitarian who I respect. Remember the mainstream media can make or break anyone if you don’t follow their evil agenda.)

    • mike0v says:


      From what I understand, quite a few celebrities have faked their deaths. If you’ve dug up information that shows that Michael Jackson is still alive, I won’t be arguing with you.

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