New Year Notes

My son bags groceries at a local supermarket as a part-time job and, naturally, he’s able to observe many different people in our community.

A few days ago, my son noticed a man who was paying his bill on another register aisle. This man wore a baseball cap and embroidered on the front of the crown was the masonic symbol.

As he walked out, my son noticed another symbol embroidered on the back of his cap. It was the “all-seeing” eye.

After leaving Wal-Mart yesterday, I noticed a dirty, shaggy, unshaven man sitting on a grassy curbside with cardboard placards surrounding him. On the cardboard was written his story: 20 years as a laborer and  construction roofer, now jobless with no prospects.

Everything about my day got better when three cars pulled over, spoke to the man and handed him wads of cash.

On the first of January I delivered on a bet, which had been made over a year ago with one of my supervisors at work.

As I gripped a table with my ass sticking out, he planted a size 13 steel-toed boot across my backside while seven or eight of my crew-members looked on.

The bet? That the ETs would show up before January 1, 2013.

Me and my big mouth…

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