What If…

Ancient_Prophecies3_A_235x285_During meditation today an interesting thought crossed my mind.

In Valiant’s drawing, “Ancient Prophecies 3, Secrets, Riddles & the Legacy,” a directed, golden energy is being beamed from a star ship down to earth.

A tree is on the receiving end of the light.

Imagine this: a painting, which lives in a humble home in the central U.S., is the tree in Valiant’s drawing.

From the ship, the guided, loving energy is directed to the painting, which acts as a hub.

From the hub and along its spokes, this energy is delivered to awaiting artwork.

Hub and Spokes

2 thoughts on “What If…

  1. Here is my interpretation.

    Look at the bars or banded stripes in the body of the Ship. That is DNA.
    Pleiadian DNA being transmitted into a tree which is rooted into the Earth. The tree could also stand as a symbol of the “Tree of Life.”

    • lidavg48 says:

      Mike…hope you’ve read your email!!!
      I have some comments about that….feel free to copy them here.

      That was GOOD Yvonne!!! Real Good.

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