Shields Up!

“I also designed my artwork to be shields of protection…”

“For shields of protection I will post and share the artwork that I designed for this time.”

“Did I mention that when bad energy is thrown at my shields it not only deflects and transmutes the energy, it makes it stronger. So, in other words…Thanks for all the fuel.”

“I would really love it if more people could own more of my original works of art.
And I know the originals are more potent than the copies…”


Earth armor 1

Click on image for larger view.

5 thoughts on “Shields Up!

  1. lidavg48 says:

    very Star Trekky title!!
    love that!
    unfortunately one of those bad beams hit one of his personal shield and hit my daughter (his sister)…and we know how that ended up. If I had even suspected something this bad, I would have surrounded her room with more shields. he must have been in a ‘hole’
    so be careful guys…never let your shields down, or underestimate how beams can deflect and bounce around.
    the good news is…she is healing well! just takes time for us 3D humans.

  2. Julia says:

    Shields up. Ready to Rock & Roll!
    Thanks for posting all of these beautiful paintings. Very interesting to see them all together.

  3. Karma007 says:

    When you see them all together, the story is much clearer. You can almost pick out which ones were done first according to the intensity of the brush stokes and denseness of the lines.
    They remind me of the aurora Borealis.

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