On Your Marks…

Two impeccable sources of information, James and Valiant, help to lift the dark veil from the eyes of humanity.


“Consider the following story: Advanced humans, living on an inter-dimensional
level were cleverly induced to embody human instruments designed by a foreign
intelligence, the Anunnaki. As this “work force” was developed, the physically
embodied humans became utterly accepting of their limitation because it was
systematic in suppressing the Sovereign Integral consciousness – the infinite
and eternal life force that powered their human vessels.”

“Early on, human bloodlines intermixed with their designers, and the human
evolutionary pathway into diversity was accelerated. Part of this diversity was
contained within the elite societies that helped to formulate the separation of
the human family in the Money Power Grid. The designer “Gods”, the Anunnaki,
were ultimately satisfied with their mining operations and left Earth and their
human creation behind.”

With the Annunaki gone, were humans now free of the Money Power Grid? No. The Elite stepped in and began their reign over humanity, silently and seamlessly.

This continuation of the subjugation of Earth did not sit well with Heaven. Something had to be done to give humans a fighting chance against suppression.

Valiant explains the technique that Divinity used to level the playing field:

“Inverness…Hong Kong…
Is Where the story began for some of us…”

“1,000 years ago when the first seedlings matured…The second generation of the first to be
tinkered with…The Dreams began.”

“It is here where the Higher Powers first intervened…For they could see before, then, and
after…So they knew when to act, just what to do and why…”

“But the most important thing that happened…The reason for this story…Was that this brought
their two DNA bloodlines together to mix…A Key and A Lock…This proved to be a magical
combination foreseen by Angels…That, over time and through generations…would spread a
very special bloodline…more so than all the others…A bloodline with time-released magic
genes…that would awaken one day…”

Heaven’s intervention worked. Humans are coming out of their groggy stupor and seeing clearly but will this DNA magic within certain people be enough to tip the scales in favor of the light?

Maybe. Maybe not. But humans aren’t alone in this endeavor. We have a powerful ally. Earth herself.

James explains:

“Let’s say that you are the true God, First Source. What would you do to awaken
people to their true nature? What process would you use to shift the human
family to a perspective of realization that what they had believed in was of
deception and suppression of their true natures, knowing that the components
of the suppression framework could not be removed overnight or the individual
would likely go crazy or, worse yet, perish. What would you do?
First Source has limited moves on the “chessboard” because humanity is sealed
inside a prison where the guards and warden of the prison control the money
system and hold and distribute the power among themselves.”

“Earth, consisting of the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms as well as the
elements of air, water, and fire, combined with Nature as defined by the
cosmos, is the “Queen” on the chessboard that First Source can use. These are
strategic instruments through which specific walls of the prison will be destroyed
and individuals who are properly prepared can reclaim their identities as
Sovereign Integrals and establish a new transparency and expansion within
their wholeness.”

It’s fascinating that First Source can use Earth herself as a tool to destroy the walls which imprison humanity. But what are some examples of these “strategic instruments” that James describes?

Valiant knows:

“The Earth is trying to tell you something, it has been for quite some time. And there are people who are listening…maybe not just putting the pieces together fast enough…Why even the weather is trying to tell you something, like maybe where to go and where not to go…”

“The Forces of Heaven and Earth remember…All those crystals beneath the ground, just rocks?
Maybe more? Imagine what they could do when aligned…they might just render all technology useless if you keep pushing the planet’s buttons…It does have it’s own defense system, as you should know. Why then, anything you might try…well, it might be like throwing forks and knives at rolling boulders when she wants to rock things up and change things her way if you don’t fix things that you’ve done, and make things right…”

So here we are. Earth and awakened humanity allied together after a long and strange journey. It feels like being a sprinter, in the blocks, waiting for the starter to fire his pistol.

One thought on “On Your Marks…

  1. I disagree with the quote taken from “James:”

    First Source has limited moves on the “chessboard” because humanity is sealed
    inside a prison where the guards and warden of the prison control the money
    system and hold and distribute the power among themselves.”

    This doesn’t make sense to me. “First Source” is supposed to be the creator of ‘whatever’ is down here. First Source ‘can’ do whatever it wants, or whatever is necessary; but for some reason has decided to continue playing the game it set up on this planet and has sent in additional game pieces (us – all Lightworkers) to keep the game going.

    At least this is what appears to be the case in my mind.

    How can you be “God – The All Knowing, the Creator of All Things” on one hand, and be weak and stupid on the other?? How can you allow ‘darkness’ and ‘evil’ to take over your creation if you created All??

    Every time I read about Lucifer, or similar references over-throwing heaven and taking over on this planet, it raises a huge question mark in my mind.

    To my way of thinking; “God” must be in on the entire game. And this opens up other fields to ponder.

    “Heaven” is not what you think it is; and neither is “God.”

    Humans, when and if they are told the complete truth, might not be pleased at their status in the land of Creation. There might indeed be a rebellion; and not the one we assume (anger at the Anu/Cabal system).

    Humans might not like hearing the COMPLETE truth; and I don’t think they will ever be told.

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