Yesterday I went to Home Depot and bought $50 worth of incandescent light bulbs to replace the compact fluorescent bulbs that were in all the rooms of my home.

Georgia Power installed a smart meter on the side of my house a few years ago. Yesterday I bought some aluminum screen mesh and installed it between the power meter and the vinyl siding.

I’ve read on the web that doing those two things will help “quiet” a house. This is good advice because it works.

My dad and step-mom came through Atlanta on their way back to Mississippi and spent the night with me on Wednesday.

Both of them were very impressed with Bill’s art, which is piled high on my fireplace mantle. They said it was “intricately beautiful” or something like that. This, I was glad to hear.

This morning I went out on the patio in my back yard and looked up into the sky. A thin, hazy film of cloud cover was passing over very quickly. The winds aloft were moving pretty good.

As I watched an image of a human eye formed in the middle of the soupy layer. It was quite the treat and as soon as I thought about grabbing my camera and snapping a picture, it dissolved.

Yesterday during meditation I saw a vision of five different hands reaching upward. They were lowering a brilliantly illuminated, white, glowing orb.

“Fanning A Flame” has center stage on my fireplace mantle. Several times over the past few weeks I’ve noticed my cat staring at the wall directly above the drawing. She won’t tell me what she’s seeing.

Yesterday I took a nap and when I woke up, looked out my bedroom window. There was a gaggle of wild turkeys in my back yard.

What the heck does that mean?

IMG_0215 IMG_0214

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