Water, water, everywhere

Thank you, William. May the angels bless you and keep you. Always.

Knock Knock Tick Tock…A Time of Legends…An Event…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 5-Feb-2013 13:23:25

It’s been a while….
Sorry about that, I swear it feels like I’ve been under attack…
Like something just doesn’t want me talking…

I said I would post again when I had something to say…
There’s no denying that people have been waiting,
Hoping for those changes that they so desperately wanted to come to arrive.
And believe me, they should have come already.
If Dear Big Brother hadn’t screwed around with time…

The GOOD news is that due to the time we are living in…
Any attempts to mess with time are ordained to backfire.
(I didn’t know this until recently)
Changes WILL COME.
Some things just have to happen, they were meant to.

The merging realities have left us with some truly variable possibilities…
Some parts of the world will be spared, saved….
While others will be erased.
Here’s a clue…I wouldn’t want to live in a land riddled with wars.
Lands of war will be silenced, enough to last a 1,000 years.

But the BIGGEST things..
The Window…
Time wasn’t reset, just delayed…The clock moved back and forth…
Merging realities will do that you know. December 21st, its judgements and events…
Have moved to The Spring Equinox…by then most of the realities should have blended
Completely into one…

For in the spring when things are new, new they shall be. Unlike ever before.
It’s a mystery, one so many have been so desperately trying to solve…
But some have known all along,
Just ask The People of The Sea…
Yes, Big Brother, The Navy, they know about those Ocean Dwellers…
But just how much they know, or why they’re here…now that’s a different story.

They’re a quiet sort of people, tight-lipped I guess you would say. It must be that unique way
Of how they communicate. So, Big Brother, Navy guys, Scientists, don’t bother asking them
But I will tell you this much, they know about THE EVENT to come…It’s why they’re here.
Long ago they came to save the sea from mankind’s abuse…to save the creatures that nearly left The Earth.
They came to preserve, to protect…what our foolish ancestors abused.
And have remained for that same reason…for what’s to come.

It’s about The Water.
When The Wheels are set in motion,
Those who are meant to know will understand EXACTLY what I mean,
While others will only see this as being cryptic and making no sense.

When The Wheels are set in motion…
The Moon will be Full and Yellow…
A hum, a pulse….that is the hour when it will begin.
Heroes shall arise…
Big Brother, Science, Dark Forces, you’ve played your games with chance and time…
I wonder what Heaven had planned for that…
You tried to make super beings, I wonder if The Higher Powers could do better, hmm.
Designed for this, you see. The more you throw at them, the stronger you make them.
Sick for now maybe, but oh so mighty one day.
Unstoppable…You can’t prevent it from happening…You’ve created your own solution in this way…So think about that will ya, before you throw your next punch.
And believe me…nothing done will be forgotten…Vengeance will be sweet.

I know I said it was about the water…but don’t waste your money on a boat.
The decisions were made long ago…by Higher Forces, what will be will be…

Dear Mr. Spacemen, Confused? Here to watch and learn?
Believe me when I say…When it’s time for you to become involved, you will.
No choice in that, that’s for sure. Funny, huh?

That’s all for now.

4 thoughts on “Water, water, everywhere

  1. angelicview says:

    This is great news! I know there’s big Big BIG things to come this Spring… and I know it will be more than “okay”… it’ll be GREAT :)

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