An Open Letter

An open letter:

To: all of the many ET races that are watching and observing Earth

From: a concerned lightworker

From the very beginning of his introduction to humanity, in March 2012, after I read the first sentence he wrote, I knew Valiant was telling the truth.

It must have something to do with the “resonance” all of the spiritual gurus talk about because, inside me, there was a deep knowing that this man was speaking from the deepest depths of his heart and soul.

I easily understood and knew that Valiant had been touched by an angel and that he would bring to Earth messages from Divinity.

There are others who don’t share my trust and faith in Valiant and the knowledge he’s brought forth from the higher realms and, at first, this was distressing to me. Now, however, I’m very much at ease. I know. It’s as simple as that. I know.

Something I’ve found to be confusing after reading and learning about Valiant’s life and gifts is that you ETs DIDN’T know. Somehow, all of you have been able to convince yourselves that Valiant isn’t truly connected or hears from angels.

This is a huge assumption to make and we all understand how badly things can turn out when assumptions are made, but it’s a reasonable conclusion to come to when we look back on Valiant’s messages.

Numerous times he’s informed you that the Law of Intervention has been lifted and that all of you, every single ET race above us, will share our fate.

Numerous times he’s informed you to appear to humanity and not in quick flybys that only few humans can witness but in massive numbers for many to see.

Numerous times he’s pointed out the ulterior motives of many of you ET races, which I can only imagine was shocking as hell for you ET races to see published on the internet.

Numerous times he’s given to humans information that only deeply placed and highly secretive people and ETs possess.

Numerous times he’s told the dark forces that their time is up, the game’s over, that Divinity and the angels are thousands of steps ahead of anyone and if the dark forces hold on for much longer, it’s not gonna go well for them.

Now, I’d like to ask all of you ET races two questions: did you read all of this stuff and convince yourselves that it was hogwash?

Or did you read all of this stuff and then decide to ignore it?

When Valiant was in his late twenties, he was taken to a fortress-like residence in the dream world.

There, he met a man.

“He was tall and pale, like an albino, with white hair and pale, pale eyes. He had the manner of a man UNLIKE ANY I’d ever seen before. Strong, confident. FEARLESS.”

This man had a message for Valiant.

“He explained briefly who he was, he was a watcher…he knew everything, saw everything, all the time…I sensed that he seemed to exist outside of time, or was in a secret place where time did not apply. He just stared long and deep into me…Those eyes of his, so intense, far beyond human, this man was literally capable of anything—but was noble and pure and good, that much I know. The only clear words I can remember him saying to me, or that I was allowed to remember as he stared at me was…’You are so interesting…You know exactly what to do…And yet, you don’t do it. Why?’”

Perhaps humanity would benefit from this man paying a visit to you ET races.

Maybe if he asked YOU the same question- “You know exactly what to do…And yet, you don’t do it. Why?”-our world could move forward in peace and truth.

Sincerely yours,


5 thoughts on “An Open Letter

  1. lidavg48 says:

    Well done Michael…

  2. Julia says:

    All good questions. We wish that we could get an answer. Hope it gets read by the right folks.

    • mike0v says:

      And you know something, Julia, it may seem hard to believe but I really want the production to end for a simple reason-we’ve all had enough.

      All of us. All of humanity. When will our suffering be “enough?” When will enough children die of hunger for the quota to be reached?

      Yeah, I know, it’s just an illusion, just a game, a thought experiment cooked up by creator gods.

      But if given a choice, I bet the vast majority of humans would like the game to end now. I’ve seen enough violence and hatred to last me an eternity.

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