What You Give is What You Get

During meditation today I received two very distinct and very clear messages. They were given to me in order. I saw the image first and then read the declaration.

Eagle Head“It’s time for you to experience positive stress.”

I’m no guru or spiritual master or claim to be anything other than a simple human trying to make it through this crazy game but the image above was crystal clear.

And so was the message.

5 thoughts on “What You Give is What You Get

  1. Lida says:

    the fat lady is singing…but Big Brother is tone deaf!!

    home of the pseudo free…land of the brave….somewhere out there I hope!!

    just how hard do we have to slap them until they snap out of it?

    • mike0v says:


      When I saw this image I spoke these exact words to myself, “Holy shit! Did you see that?”

      In the vision, the block passed from right to left and obliterated the eagle head.

  2. LidaV says:

    Bill is still disturbed by all of this…it’s the callous disregard for all life that gets him, from the bad guyus.
    He is beginning to think that his intestinal issues are a reflection of what is happening with the earth…the earthquakes and volcanoes.
    He may just have a psychic/empathic connection there….hence his dreams & visioins of all earth events, present and future…
    and then there is that merpeople thing not long ago!!
    Perhaps the earth is speaking to him the only way it can…by having him feel the pangs!?!
    just my theory there…

  3. LindaS says:

    Positive stress might be like working “in the zone”. You have focus, energy, and a burning desire to complete.

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