To: the dark forces in control of Earth

Re: Military Industrial Complex failures mounting
(Article publication date in parenthesis. Articles not hyperlinked.)

December Proton Failure Linked To Damaged Pump
( 02/13/2013)

Sea Launch Failure Bodes Ill For Company
( 02/01/2013)

Failures In Flight Testing Create A Learning Curve
( 08/27/2012)

Senior Russia Space Official Quits After Loss Of Satellites
( 08/16/2012)

Production Error At Fault In F-35B Grounding
( 01/28/2013)

Bill For Pentagon Audit Failures Adds Up
( 12/10/2012)

SpaceX Mission Resupplies ISS, Loses OG2 Satellite
( 10/15/2012)

Pentagon Cutting Jobs, Maintenance Due To Budget Fears
( 01/28/2013)

FAA Grounds 787s
( 01/16/2013)

Canceled USAF Logistics System Slammed By Senators
( 12/05/2012)

USAF Still Looking For Cause Of RL10 Low-Thrust Problem
( 11/08/2012)

SES-5, EchoStar 17 To Launch Despite Intelsat-19 Mishap
( 06/18/2012)

Russian Rocket Falls Into Sea In Failed Launch
( 02/01/2013)

Botched Russian Launch Junks Two Telecom Sats
( 08/07/2012)

Back To Drawing Board After Berlin Halts BAE, EADS Deal
( 10/11/2012)

Another MiG-21 Goes Down In India
( 02/13/2013)

Glitch Halts South Korea’s Third Attempt At Rocket Launch
( 10/26/2012)

U.S. Navy Officials Suppressed Bad LCS-1 Test Results
( 08/16/2012)

Defense Cuts? Bring Them On
( 01/14/2013)

Editorial: U.S. Technology Leadership Tested
( 10/15/2012)

SpaceX Investigates Falcon 9 Engine Anomaly As Dragon Heads For ISS
( 10/08/2012)

Thales Will Try To Recover Yamal 402
( 12/11/2012)

NASA’s Morpheus Lander In Fiery Crash At Cape Canaveral
( 08/09/2012)

USAF F-22 Cockpit Anomaly Studies Continue
( 09/24/2012)

Electronics Issue Stalls SBSS IOC
( 04/20/2012)

WGS Launch Slips As RL10 Worries Persist
( 01/17/2013)

ISS Adjusts To Power Restrictions
( 09/03/2012)

NRC Finds U.S. Earth Science Program In Jeopardy
( 05/07/2012)

2 thoughts on “Memo

  1. lidavg48 says:

    Don’t forget the 24 Navy commanders, and counting, that were ‘relieved’ of duty in 2012. (in Stars and Stripes Sept.12th).
    That was my last count…and that was only Navy.
    Plus the General of the European theatre who just resigned last week. But that was to take care more his ailing wife!!
    Which was wonderful of him, but does it count?

  2. Karma007 says:

    Why doesn’t congress just shut the checkbook for these boondoggles. They could be spending all this money on feeding the less fortunate, providing clean drinking water to drought stricken areas and to strengthen communities reliance on themselves.

    We don’t need a government spending money we don’t have, all their employment figures are false and the GDP will never show the real number of where are export capabilities are and where they go.

    Walmart is finally showing a decline, yippee! I don’t shop there, they don’t need my money. I shop at my local merchants and buy Made in the USA only. This is the stand we need to take, we withhold funds so they can’t spend. They are out of money, and there is none in sight at this point to help them out. The Vatican Bank is on its last leg, all the to Big to fail banks are starting to show their breaking point. Vote with your wallet, that’s what we do. It makes me feel good every time I don’t support a large corporation, I feel a little victory in my heart every time I resist the urge to be materialistic.

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