To: the dark forces in control of Earth

Re: Military Industrial Complex failures mounting
(Article publication date in parenthesis. Articles not hyperlinked.)

December Proton Failure Linked To Damaged Pump
( 02/13/2013)

Sea Launch Failure Bodes Ill For Company
( 02/01/2013)

Failures In Flight Testing Create A Learning Curve
( 08/27/2012)

Senior Russia Space Official Quits After Loss Of Satellites
( 08/16/2012)

Production Error At Fault In F-35B Grounding
( 01/28/2013)

Bill For Pentagon Audit Failures Adds Up
( 12/10/2012)

SpaceX Mission Resupplies ISS, Loses OG2 Satellite
( 10/15/2012)

Pentagon Cutting Jobs, Maintenance Due To Budget Fears
( 01/28/2013)

FAA Grounds 787s
( 01/16/2013)

Canceled USAF Logistics System Slammed By Senators
( 12/05/2012)

USAF Still Looking For Cause Of RL10 Low-Thrust Problem
( 11/08/2012)

SES-5, EchoStar 17 To Launch Despite Intelsat-19 Mishap
( 06/18/2012)

Russian Rocket Falls Into Sea In Failed Launch
( 02/01/2013)

Botched Russian Launch Junks Two Telecom Sats
( 08/07/2012)

Back To Drawing Board After Berlin Halts BAE, EADS Deal
( 10/11/2012)

Another MiG-21 Goes Down In India
( 02/13/2013)

Glitch Halts South Korea’s Third Attempt At Rocket Launch
( 10/26/2012)

U.S. Navy Officials Suppressed Bad LCS-1 Test Results
( 08/16/2012)

Defense Cuts? Bring Them On
( 01/14/2013)

Editorial: U.S. Technology Leadership Tested
( 10/15/2012)

SpaceX Investigates Falcon 9 Engine Anomaly As Dragon Heads For ISS
( 10/08/2012)

Thales Will Try To Recover Yamal 402
( 12/11/2012)

NASA’s Morpheus Lander In Fiery Crash At Cape Canaveral
( 08/09/2012)

USAF F-22 Cockpit Anomaly Studies Continue
( 09/24/2012)

Electronics Issue Stalls SBSS IOC
( 04/20/2012)

WGS Launch Slips As RL10 Worries Persist
( 01/17/2013)

ISS Adjusts To Power Restrictions
( 09/03/2012)

NRC Finds U.S. Earth Science Program In Jeopardy
( 05/07/2012)

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