The Battle is NOT Over

Knock Knock Tick Tock…It’s NOT Over…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 23-Feb-2013 13:15:03

I would like to start by Thanking Raye for making that earlier post.
It was a really hard thing for me to do considering the information I was given…
I was so torn to quickly warn everyone…
But then I was also afraid of defeating the purpose of this event.
I contacted Raye in the hopes that her intervention would help decide the best thing.
Ultimately as you know, premonitions should aim to protect, heal, even prevent disasters…
As I hope this did.

I apologize for not making the post myself,
But you must understand…this is more than just some little vision or chancy intuition.
You see, I was contacted with this information from an inside source.
That is to say, a source inside one of the governments. Without giving away too much
Detail, I will just briefly explain that this real person astral projected into my dreams to warn
Me. I couldn’t see his face, he kept himself cloaked, but he spoke desperately and urgently.
He said not to trust the news, that they were lying. That this information would not, and will not,
Ever reach the public.

Apparently a JUDGEMENT FROM SPACE was issued…
I don’t know by whom, but I can only guess…And this is a very serious warning. It’s real and not made up. Asteroids are being sent. They are trying to send a message…
There is no more reasoning, no more forgiveness, or time.
Big Brother, you refuse to cooperate and screw with the natural order of things…
You try to control the weather…
You prevented the volcanoes from blowing…
You screwed around with time itself…
You think you can do anything you want with your abuse of technology.

All I know is, that this time you crossed a BIG LINE…And that it’s NOT over.
More Asteroids will come, will be sent…and will continue to come until the desired
Result is achieved…They intend to do this before you can poison the rest of the universe
With your stubbornness and tactics…
They compared this ‘cleansing’ to Sodom and Gomorrah…
And the primary target is Washington, D.C.

This is what I was told, not made up. And I have no idea if they are targeting other places as well. All I know is what I’ve said so far.
Big Brother, I don’t know when this will come to pass, but I know it won’t be long.
I just wish you weren’t so arrogant with our Alien brothers and sisters…
And I never would have thought that my very own country was one of their biggest challenges.
It really is upsetting. And it really is happening.

That same night, I was also contacted by a tall blond man in a silvery blue uniform, I can only guess his Alien Race…From his ship, in what appeared to be a viewing room…He showed me a 3-D progressive holographic projection of The Earth as it underwent upcoming changes.
The images shown to me reminded me of something Edgar Cayce described in his predictions of coming Earth Changes…only worse by far.
There were much higher water levels…I can’t even begin to describe…
Now I know why the mer-people contacted me, and keep projecting images of WATER to me over and over again. The time is near.
My best guess is that as the last of the realities finally merge into one…
All of these things will come to pass at once. Overwhelming, for sure.
They are only a few remaining realities yet to merge, and they’re struggling because
They are so different from ours…Think of it like blending Oil and Water…
Just imagine from this comparison alone what the final result will be when this is all done…
I think I get sicker every day thinking about it.

And I just wanted to let everyone know that my Artwork still has power, it can still bring peace and protection in this time…Especially when so many paranormal forces and inter-dimensional forces are at play here waiting for the big event to take place. My artwork still continues to
Surprise even me, so I know it can still help you.

Also, HOPE still REMAINS with the Heroes that will rise out of this chaos…
These events will activate the dormant genes inside special people, and
Sleepers will AWAKEN.
So PLEASE don’t lose your faith, especially now. We all need it now more than ever.

Dear Mr. Spacemen, I realize your purpose in all of this…But you have to realize that there are a lot of innocent people that will be victimized by those asteroids. So Know This…Yes, our governments rule the people, but they don’t represent the values of all of us…There is a lot of potential here and many worth saving…
You know what is in my head…You’ve violated my memories enough to view the angel…
And you know there are Others…Time still has a lot yet to reveal…
I understand that quick and harsh judgements must be made to stop the abuse going on by our world powers…But remember us little guys too. So consider your actions carefully.
Perhaps choose representatives of mankind to work with rather than our world powers…
And choose representatives of your own…New world powers must be set in order for sure, but they should not have to come at such a cost as this devastation will create.

I know more asteroids are coming…
And I know what you want to do…
Just remember I’m willing to do my best to help make things better any way I can…
I started this to save a life…And that hasn’t changed.
Choose your representatives now.

That’s all for now.

12 thoughts on “The Battle is NOT Over

  1. says:

    Strange coincidence! I had a flood dream this morning 2/23/13! And now this in my mail! My dream: I was standing on a beach with a little girl – there was water up close to the place where we were which was normal – then from the west came a huge water wave that flooded the area where we were standing – I cautioned the child to stay where she was – it was a safe spot – if she moved in either direction – east or west – she would be in deepest water and I cannot swim! We were watching fish and other sea life come to the surface around us. The water was waist high where I was standing as it passed me. Not my favorite kind of dream even though I love being beside water – just not in it! ellie

    • mike0v says:

      Coincidence? Or synchronicity?

    • lidavg48 says:

      Ellie, not my favorite dreams either, and I’ve many of those in the past…and I live near the water!!!
      Every time I’ve had one…I wanted to move, but can’t. Guess I am meant to be ‘here’!

    • Linda says:

      I also had a dream of a wave of water, I think it may have been around that time or closer to Easter. Mine however, was beautiful, an amazing colour, truly awe inspiring. Somehow no-one was in danger, nor fear.

      It’s interesting Mike, in retrospect, that Feb 23rd is 3 months to the day of the largest recorded earthquake on record (23rd May – also my birthday. Also interesting that I had made a vision card 2 years prior which had me standing in the light of a UFO beam about to be taken up :)) with my family standing around – meaning they’d still be here too… the top of the card I wrote “Happy Birthday 2013”).

      That’s some hard yards you signed up for this time round, my friend. I appreciate your honesty and your courage, and your love.

  2. What it is, is tuning into what has and what will continue going on with Gaia until is where She needs to be. Kryon stated last year that the planet needs to undergo a ‘re-distribution of water’ over and under its surface.

    There will be those who experience flooding of various proportions and those who will experience drought until all is balanced. He also spoke last week of the asteroid that passed by the earth. There will be more of them, but it is not the gloom and doom some would apply to it. They have a positive purpose. They carry energies for the planet. Energies that affect the Humans who need awakening.

    Additionally; this entire year will be one that seems as if every day is under the “full moon” because there will be crazy incidents going on within Humanity. It is the last ‘flailings’ of the ‘dark energetic forces’ created by the minds of Humanity. It’s bringing up to the surface that which simmers below so that it can be neutralized and dissolved.

    There will be “earth-shakes” (I prefer that word) as well; but it is all to be expected. It is nothing of doom and gloom. It is the planet refluffing and cleansing itself; and we need to thank goodness that it is not going to be the grand VABOOM that was supposed to remove all of us from the planet as it was originally planned.

    I explained last year that a lot of work was going to take place in 2013. So just sit back, relax and go along with the ride.

    My advice to everyone and all: If there is something you need to do to upgrade yourselves; work on it. Fine-tune yourself and let the planet do “Her thing.” She is going to do it whether you are ready or not. It’s got nothing to do with “gloom and doom.”

    It has everything to do with “Re-ordering” and balancing this planet and the support system It gives Humanity so that it (humanity) can continue evolving.

    There are those reading this who are going to believe whatever they chose to believe, but I thought I would place “another side” of the story on the ‘Stage of Life.’

    Choice is Good!!!

    • mike0v says:

      Asteroid 2012 DA14 did not pass by Earth harmlessly. It was blasted into smaller pieces by the dark forces using advanced weaponry. The dark forces knew the space rock was targeted at Washington DC and prevented it from arriving there.

      The remaining chunks of the asteroid exploded into Earth’s atmosphere in different places around the globe. Russia took the brunt of the hit.

      A particularly large piece of the meteorite that was on course for Russia was broken up by Service to Other ET races. This event was captured on video and can be seen on YouTube.

      NASA claims the asteroid floated by Earth harmlessly. They even produced a video that claims to show this outcome. It is a lie.

      It’s hard for me to accept that these asteroids have a positive purpose when hundreds of Russian citizens were injured as a result of this event. Some of the injured Russians have written of their ordeal online. It ain’t pretty.

  3. Karma007 says:

    This is an experiment that has gone on far too long, I’m ready to get off this crazy ride. Between the naysayers and the prophets of doom, I just want to live in peace and quiet from here on out. We are all so mentally stressed out that how would we ever have a chance to survive this matrix if it wasn’t for the camaraderie of good spirits in and above the world.

  4. I don’t see a lot of “gloom and doom” going on. I really don’t. You can choose to take that path or not. I choose not to.

    I think or feel once the timelines have aligned, we will have the choice of living in the new one, or staying with the one we’ve been living for thousands of years.

    Right now there is a bridge between the two timelines.

    The bridge will remain for a period of time; but not an extended period of time. You will make the decision to move to the new timeline, or remain in the old. The bridge is going to dissolve.

    You can begin your journey now by making a conscious choice to begin living the new paradigm and learning about the tools you will have available to create and consciously maneuver your course.

    The “old way” has no use in my life at this time. It’s upward and onward for me. I have no interest in “fighting,” “battling,” or any other methods of ‘struggling.’ It’s an old energy whose time is now over.

    If you don’t want a cactus in your garden; don’t plant the seeds…..

  5. lidavg48 says:

    Please let me make one thing perfectly clear…and I don’t mean to offend any one of you!
    You are always free to chose to believe whatever you want to believe and follow any one you want. Your choice, your right. Neither Bill nor I have ever felt any other way…
    But I can tell you this:
    he is not a prophet…and he doesn’t think that.
    he is not a seer…and doesn’t think that either.
    he channels no one, or no entity. so he does not have to “interpret” anything that is given to him.
    he is given a message and passes it on in his own unique style.
    What he is given is sometimes harder for him to hear than for him to say because he is not the bringer of doom and gloom, like some folks think. It is what is….cold hard facts.
    It is not meant to be negative….it is information. period. Do with it what you will. Read it, toss it aside, heed it as a warning if that is what you want.

    The grief he goes through when he receives some of these awful messages is indescribable. You would need to swap places with him to get the full effect of what this puts him through, and he wishes that on NO ONE!

    He does not want to see the annihilation of the earth because of some stupid arrogant power happy people that look on humanity as so much cattle. And even those people, he does not want to see devastation rain down on. He just doesn’t. It is the way he is. He respects life, all life, more than any one can fathom!
    It hurts him to the core to have to deliver messages such as this, but if it can divert the inevitable…then he will do it. And it was an unbelievable truth to hear that it was HIS OWN COUNTRY that was pushing the patience of some unearthly power.

    He does not seek glory or fame or validation from anyone. He never did…ever. He hates that kind of attention!
    He is willing to take on the bad guys for everyone and anyone so this horrible scenario does not happen. That is what he feels.
    And I am not just his ‘Mommy’ defending him. I am bearing witness to what he is going through, and I can tell you honestly, with tears in my eyes…that this is going to happen whether you chose to bury your head in the sand and just keep thinking lovely rose colored thoughts or not.
    May God, our Father, our one Source help us all. He is the only one who can now….

  6. Julia says:

    HOPE still REMAINS with the Heroes that will rise out of this chaos…

    So True!

    I also agree with the idea that most of us do not agree to what the ‘leadership’ says, thinks or does. Why do they still get control? We DO NOT give them that right. We, as individual people are in charge of ourselves. We are the wise ones, the compassionate ones. Deal with the true leaders, not the false ones. Please!

  7. Avalon says:

    After reading all that has been said, I stand by Lida and Valiant for the words carry the truth in them. We have a choice to rise like the Phoenix or stick our heads in the sand like an ostrich. In the end it is a personal decision with all, and when all is said and done, only the truth will be left. And right now that truth is Valiant. Time is time and time will come when it is to be and not a moment sooner or later. It is always darkest before the storm and this storm we will survive.

    Valiant I stand by you and your mom. I am here when you need me.

  8. elliemiser says:

    I have a personal friend who, for many years, has communicated directly with Mother Earth – or Lady Gaia as we know her. When the meteor exploded over Russia and the other countries and states, we asked Lady Gaia about the incident and she said there was a divine purpose for the meteor’s close proximity to Earth and the breaking up of the object.

    It was carrying vital information and instructions to be transmitted to our 3D Earth’s core and to our pineal gland to speed up our ascension process.

    The meteor started breaking up as soon as it hit our atmosphere so the fragments could do their job – some pieces released their info into space around the globe that was for humanity while some fragments penetrated the earth, much like an injection – as soon as the information they contained was released, they were neutralized – became like empty shells – so no harm could come to humans who would find and collect them.

    There are videos of UFOs “shooting it down” but I believe, if that is true, they were aiding in the distribution of the information. It is too bad the pieces were not small enough to prevent damage to Russia and other places that had direct hits but sometimes things happen that are beyond our control.

    I wanted to share this info at this time to give a different perspective of the purpose and intent of the event. My father verified the truth of what we were told. Of course, all have the right to accept any or all of what I share – or reject it if it does not fit your picture of reality. None of us has the whole picture – yet – maybe never will – just know that all is in Right Divine Order and Love will see us through the darkest times to come.

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