Visions Report

During meditation today I had three very clear visions:

A reptilian appeared before me. I was able to see his (or her) neck, face and head. Nothing more. The being didn’t speak. He/she just looked at me and I looked back.

I formed a thought. “Go peacefully. This will not work out well for you.”

The internet, or something very much like it, has been around for a lot longer than humanity knows.

In the deep underground bases, I was sitting in a room filled with computers. The machines were lined up next to each other in groups of about twelve. The units sat on top of long, high tables. The users sat on tall stools to operate the machines. About 120 of them filled the room.

Two components made up the set: a flat screen, maybe 15 inches in size measured diagonally and a small, rectangular, black CPU, no larger than a cigar box.

Keyboards, speakers, microphones, mice and any other peripheral equipment weren’t there. The only interface with the computer came from a connection with the user’s brain.

I don’t know how I know this, but to use the machine, a user simply sat down in front of one of the sets and waited for a very short time. Then, it would come to life with a portfolio of the user and anything they might have saved for future reference.

Vast amounts of information were available on the network, almost exactly like our internet today.

Several sources on the spiritual blogs have been posting messages about water appearing in visions during meditation and dreams. Huge amounts of water. Enough water to swallow entire continents.

Add my name to that list. I was shown water covering enormous tracts of land and it was very, very deep.

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