To Me, To Us

For all of the intelligent beings that live in the higher vibrational planes of existence and have access to exquisitely refined technology; that have traversed immense distances across vast gulfs of space, time and density; that understand deeply embedded principles of consciousness and matter; that have developed relationships with countless civilizations and been witness to remarkable cultural events…trying to imagine what it might be like without all of this knowledge while plodding along in a human vessel in the 3rd density plane of Earth must be difficult.

Well, space family, I’d like to state, and I had to add this post to my blog even though I stopped writing back in March, for the record, that imagining the trials and tribulations of 3D Earth life and living them are two very, very different things.

We have arrived, here in linear time, at the point in which the phenomena depicted in Valiant’s drawings will soon come to pass. I’m writing this to you, Michael-to me, to us-however we might characterize ourselves-because this version of us is on the threshold of the door, ready to turn the knob and open the portal to reality, to begin to remember who we are.

When we get back, fully and completely, to a state of abundant consciousness I hope these words on our blog help to enlighten the difference between imagining and living, but more importantly, to remind us to never volunteer for something like this again!


See ya on the other side…

Mike V.

Ancient Prophecies 9, 2012

Ancient Prophecies 9

Ancient Prophecies

Ancient Prophecies

4 thoughts on “To Me, To Us

  1. Lida says:

    SO looking forward to this!!

  2. Julia says:

    Very true. You can never really imagine what it’s like if you have not lived it. Also, we tend to forget how hard it is after the fact!

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