That Electrocution Moment

Even though I decided a short time ago to let this blog taper off and end, I have to post one more time.

My beloved brother, who has suffered in the name of helping humanity, who has given his life to bringing truth to a world of lies, who has endured pain that most humans cannot comprehend, who has created amazingly beautiful works of art, who has shown all beings, everywhere, what it means to truly have a heart, has received another message from the angels. I would feel terribly negligent if I didn’t post his words here.

North America will see its first August snow
Four cities in a row will experience an event
The events of September 11th will repeat
And when these events are done/finished
The Final Warning is complete!


Hello everyone. Hello to all the beings and entities that exist in the countless dimensional realms.

From the look of things, it seems as if our universe is about to reach its prophesied end point, the moment we get zapped. The moment when the bad guys lose and the good guys get a chance at running things.

It’s so easy to casually type these words and at the same time, have no idea what such a result might look like.

Oh, it’s not like we haven’t read descriptions of the magnificently wonderful world that awaits us. We’ve read plenty. To the point of becoming nauseated at the sugar-coated, rose-colored imagery painted for us almost daily.

Yes, we know it will be good. And magical. And finally a release from eons of pain.

But before we emerge into the light at the end of the tunnel, I’d like to jot down some notes while I’m still a hobbled and disconnected 3D human.

When a soul is incarnated in the lower dimensions, finding truth is a bitch. Yeah, there’s always mountains of debate about what “truth” is, but while we play in a certain modeled reality, factual elements will remain steadfast. For the most part. The sun shines. The Earth rotates. Fat babies poop.

Remember, Michael, in whatever crazy adventure you/we/me embark upon in the “future;” factual elements of a given modeled reality have to be sorted out in order to maintain your sanity in said reality. It’s a must. At the top of your “to do” list.

Another helpful tip to recall is that we are all connected, like the “Force” in the “Star Wars” movies but when remembering this vital nugget of info, don’t forget the other worlds dealing with our current version of “reality.”

This particular point has aggravated me quite a bit in this misguided mission we chose to take. Other worlds are out there. Other worlds teeming with intelligent, heart-based life. In all the volumes of “lightworker” material that has been written and recorded recently, very few, if any, words are devoted to these other worlds that share our fate. Even the most enlightened gurus have nothing to say about, oh, I don’t know, eight other planets in our galactic vicinity, each gifted with the presence of five special children. Five Children of God.

The veil has bothered me. This “veil of forgetfulness” we’re embedded in. Living in it is bad enough but when a soul discovers that the veil works in both directions, well, excuse my language, but it just sucks.

I like getting snippets of memories in visions during meditation and stumbling across various synchronicities and observing subtle changes in our world that others can’t discern but after a while, it gets old, know what I mean? Like when your big brother wraps you up in a bed sheet and won’t let you out and you start to get claustrophobic and a little freaked and then scream. The veil is like that. Actually, the veil is A LOT like that.

A final thing I’d like to say to all of you in the countless dimensional realms and to my higher self and any other parts of me that are floating around in the “infinite possibilities” of every moment is that deciding to relinquish all the knowledge and memories we’ve accumulated in all of our “now” experiences is not a good idea. For me, anyway.

Other lightworkers may enjoy such a thing. I do not. This small character trait all of us had to adopt before coming here must have presented a very difficult choice for each “player.” If anyone ever asks me, “hey, Mike, what was it like on 3D Earth?” I’m gonna retort, “I ain’t doing that shit again!”


Tick, tock…

Tick, tock…

Even though I have no idea what “time” really is, it marches on. Eventually it arrives somewhere. Riding on this wave of time has been made so much easier for me because of my brother, William, who has delivered divine advice for those who wish to follow it.

And it doesn’t concern me in the least if others think he’s full of crap or crazy. I know he’s the real deal. And that’s all that matters.

11 thoughts on “That Electrocution Moment

  1. Lida says:

    Just remember…the ‘scope’ of the events of 9/11 will repeat. Meaning a lot of destruction, and lives lost.
    Bill doesn’t know exactly what those events will be, just that they will be bad…and devastating…and heart wrenching.
    ..the final throes of the New World Order, going out with a massive bang instead of a whimper, because tthey would not relent or repent…the Final Punishment….”Armageddon”…he doesn’t know.
    Maybe that’s a good thing…the NOT knowing.
    No one wants to know ‘how’ they are going to die, including me. Knowing that you will is enough to give you the willies!
    Knowing that there are many that will make it gives one hope, right after that feeling of doomsday ahead.
    Puts my insides in knots.
    But as always, we are in this to the end, whatever, whenever, that will be.

  2. Julia says:

    I was pleased & surprised to see another post pop up. Yes, I know, you could not leave the last message hanging out there. I’m glad of that.
    I have to agree, how can it make sense to forget everything, in order to learn? Like starting in 1st grade all over again every year (and you forget it all over the summer break…). I always thought I would learn more by building on my existing knowledge, but apparently that was not the plan. Makes you wonder who thought that one up…I hope it wasn’t me! Eek!
    I sure will have a lot of questions once we are through! But for now we do what we can to make our little corner of the world better & find our long lost family in whatever way we can!
    Take Care Bro!

    • mike0v says:


      Thank you. Truly. One of the most important things I’ve learned in this life is to be true to myself and no one else. Awakening brings this lesson into sharp relief. Will you allow the words and advice of others direct your life or will you listen to your own heart?

      This is why I believe and strongly defend Bill’s information; it’s a part of me. What Bill has shared did not come from only him. What he knows is embedded within me. I’ve seen it and I’ve felt it. Others may consider the lengthy narrative that Bill relates to us to be filled with inconsistencies and fallacy but I do not and I think the upcoming galactic events will show that Bill’s information was accurate and truly delivered by angels.

      Another important thing I’ve learned in this life is to be afraid of nothing. And in particular, those things that lightworkers and spiritual gurus consider sacred. Like karma or how we choose to incarnate or why we’re here. Too many people, in my opinion, consider a lot of this stuff to be written in stone but I don’t.

      If I can’t question the basic concepts of karma because a guru told me it was forbidden, then I’m dealing with just another form of fear. In other words, if someone doesn’t like the way this lousy experiment on Earth was conceived and has progressed, then damnit, say something about it! And don’t just say it’s unpleasant or mildly painful, say it sucks! And I have!

      Lots of lightworkers would counter this by saying, “Well, Mike, you chose to be here.” To this I say two things: how do I know I chose to be here and even if I did choose to be here, that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

      These self-imposed spiritual limitations that awakened people place upon themselves bother the crap out of me. When we return to spirit, Julia, and it’s time to look back on how we coped with our “missions,” will we find evidence of ourselves conforming to the current spiritual dogma of “we chose to be here” or “Earth is a school” or will we find remnants of ourselves thinking freely and critically and questioning everything we see?

      Imagine yourself returned to spirit and reading your personal diary of your life on Earth. What do you want to see in that diary? Do you want to see that you conformed to some nebulous definition of karma by living your life in a certain way so that you satisfied its “requirements,” or would you rather see that you lived by your heart and never even knew the dictionary meaning of “karma?”

      Like I’ve said so many times before; I don’t like this place and I’m ready to go home. Does this sentiment piss off my guides or higher self? Does it violate some spiritual “rule?” I don’t care! When we get home I want to read in my Earth diary how I truly felt, not how I was “supposed to feel.”


    • AngelicView says:

      The way I look at it is that if you have lived your life with love in your heart, then you’re golden. All the rest are details that don’t really matter.

    • mike0v says:

      You’re the best, Shannon. I’m glad I’m here with you.

    • Lida says:

      Shannon…very true. So simple, so pure! You are priceless gold.

      Mike, your have the heart and spirit of the finest warrior, who fights for truth and justice for mankind.

      Julia, my other sister. Our world is better with you in it.

      So ‘our’ society is in perfect hands with this loving family unit!
      Truly wonderful to have you all in my life,

      An Karol…wherever you are tonight…stargazing again?? You too. Would not do this without you.

      I can tell you all, it gives Bill comfort knowing you are all here with him. He always asks about you and has only the nicest things to say!!
      Thank you deeply!!

    • AngelicView says:

      You guys are so sweet to me! I’m glad to be here with all of you, as well <3

    • Julia says:

      Shannon is right. It’s the love in your heart that counts!

      I think that Karma is a good place to start & understand that what you put out into the world comes back to you, but it’s not the end all. You must question, for that is the way you learn. And be true to yourself! You got it!

  3. Karma007 says:

    I’m just so happy that on my path to enlightenment, I met all of you! You especially Mike, have given us a forum to discuss our beliefs and hopes for mankind.

    We all have an important part to play, it’s almost as if we were not to meet until the final act of the play. We have been rehearsing all our lives for this moment. I don’t really care how I got here, whether It’s by design or my own higher selfs plan for this life.

    I just know that I have a more important job to do than work 8 hours a day for someone else’s benefit. I refuse to be distracted by events and naysayers at this point in my life.

  4. claudia says:

    If any one of you catch me volunteering on the other side for another bout of Earthly life please feel free to shoot me first! Thanks and Love and Light to all..

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