The Beginning of Your End is Near

To the dark forces: when warnings are issued and timelines for your surrender are given and these edicts are brought to you from Heaven and the angels, how is it possible for an intelligent race to ignore them?

Perhaps you’re not as intelligent as you think you are.

Remember what I said in meditation when one of you visited me: “Go peacefully. This will not work out well for you.”

And remember what Valiant said in one of his earlier posts: “…the good guys lose…the bad guys lose…ha, ha, ha. And it was all planned eons ago.”


Tick Tock…Here’s the Clock…

Short and Sweet, this will be blunt.
Once the clock strikes Midnight, July 31st, the Countdown begins.
You will have 40 days…

I told you months ago, you can only delay things 9 months.
Times up.
Remember all I’ve said in previous posts…about the crystals.
You’ve pushed them too far.
Either tune it down or they’re going to shatter.
Those crystals in the Ring of Fire aren’t looking too good…

When the United States sees its first August Snow
Four cities in a row
Will suffer the same fate
And the events of September 11th shall repeat
Forty days will be complete…

Who am I and what do I know?
But I’d watch cities like: LA, London, Paris, and Tokyo
You have had more than enough time to make changes.
Resigning or hiding, it doesn’t matter
They have your name and number
There is no hiding…

Dear Mr. Spaceman,
You are not out of the woods.
Four Alien home worlds might just tremble as well.
Remember what I said
We are all in this together.
Of course, there are always solutions.
Time will tell.
For now just sweat…

That’s all for now.

One thought on “The Beginning of Your End is Near

  1. AngelicView says:

    So, September 9th, by my calculations. We’ll see, as always 🙂

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