Not the End, Just Change

From Enigma’s CD “Cross of Changes:”

If you understand
Or if you don’t

If you believe
Or if you doubt

There’s a universal justice
And the eyes of truth
Are always watching you

Tick Tock…Pushing It…Those Strange Illnesses…Feeling Bloated?

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 8-Aug-2013 11:00:04

This not about the end of the world,
This is about change…
Let’s make that clear right away.
I don’t wish harm, I don’t want bad
Things to happen…
And I’m only doing this to help as many
As I can who will listen.

Now, Listen Big Brother…
You had 9 months to fix things…
Not so you could maintain your ways…
You were supposed to HELP the people.
Instead, things are crazier than ever,
You even had the nerve to allow
Whaling to resume…
Don’t think you won’t pay for that.

You’re pushing it controlling the planet,
Trying to stabilize the poles…
You better think about saving the crystals
First and tune it down with the beams
Start with less submarines…
You know what I mean…
Not only are you ruining the crystal network
You’re making people sick…
Yes, everyone…
That’s the truth behind the mysterious
Illnesses…the deaths…the sicknesses…
Feeling bloated…like you’re going to pop?
It’s the crystals way of telling you
This is how they feel with all the beams
Aimed at them…
The neutrinos are corrupted, sending signals
Making you sick.
The Starseeds felt it first, the worse it gets,
The closer they get to shattering…
The more people will feel it…
Now you know why…

Now get to it fixing things…
Helping the people.
And knock it off with the mindgames
And debunkers…it’s getting ridiculous.
There are enough problems without you
Perpetuating lies.
‘A good start’ would be to announce
Aliens, their presence and involvement.
Start erasing debt for people
Like money will really matter much longer…

Solutions and suggestions?
Save the crystals, save the whales…

To diffuse a harsh beam…
Crystals help crystals…
A clue…the Ten Commandments
Were carved on sapphire tablets…Why?
Now, the magic of a star sapphire …rare…
Together with a crystal black as night
Might just soften a beam…

For the People, For Anyone willing
To listen
Post the Good Spirit in Times Square…
Like Chinese characters…
The lines and light are a language
The higher powers understand…
They might just see you are willing to change
The more they see the artwork around

And for healing
The paintings, the artwork…
See the lines, say the words White as Light
Activate the Lines and Light…
Build a rainbow bridge between
The right and left hemispheres of the brain
And let the light flow…

Shades of Things to Come?
A river widens into a sea
Splitting a continent in half
So easily…
Separating the wicked from the innocent
In the future they will call it the Ole Miss Sea…
The west shall fall to barbarism
While the east will be reborn,
The music of the Heartland
Inspiring unity and renewal…
With a new metropolis rising
To replace 3 lost fallen major cities…

Dear Mr. Spaceman, Big Brother
Honestly now, quit trying to deny my words…
Hypocrites…sending your remote viewers
To constantly ask me more questions while
You bash me publicly.
I have enough problems right now.
If you’re wondering why you’re having
Trouble getting through to me, it’s because
There’s a 3rd Angel now…
He’s huge…and has less patience, tolerance than
The others…and views all energy coming at me
As an attack…so be careful.
You’ve done enough damage,
And I have more info than I can handle
Right now…and I’m not sharing
Until I’m ready…
It’s not all for you anyway.

That whole thing, where the military
Raided the Vatican’s bunkers for supplies
was hysterical though…and the nerve
telling them they won’t need them, it
won’t be rebuilt after…

When your Armies and Secret Service see
What’s coming with their own eyes…
Loyalties will fly right out the window
Your own generals will turn on you…
Agents gone rogue…
Or isn’t that already happening?
It’s even bigger now than you
Could imagine.

Here’s something to think about.
There are 6 left.
If 6 should become 5…
Things speed up…
If 6 should fall to 3. War.

That’s all for now.

I’m ready, William.
Turn the key.

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