ISON, Skulls, Veil

I truly wish to be done with blogging and this crazy Earth, also, which would free me up to hop in a star ship and zoom off to a Pleiadian resort planet for a little recreation and rest, but it’s a little early for that.

Why? Because I think I’m supposed to share what I saw in meditation today.

Comet ISON.
Crystal Skulls.
The Veil.

Comet ISON is a space ship and its arrival signals the end of control of Earth by the dark forces. It is the warning flag to the bad guys that they are on their final lap of the race.

Comet ISON and the Crystal Skulls are “synchronized” or “in tune with each other” or “integrated” or they’re “best friends.”

I don’t know exactly. It’s something like that. Roughly speaking. The minute details don’t come through in my meditations. It’s Meditation 101. Beginner level.

As a result of these two powerful entities working together, the Veil will come down. Sort of like having your boxer shorts yanked down to your ankles by a devious big sister.

When? I don’t know. Sometime between now and the end of the year.

Now, who is ready for a martini?


Got some of this right and some of it wrong. Like I said, it’s Meditation 101.

ISON is a ship but it’s not a good one. It’s a bad one. The arrival of ISON signals a disastrous event for Earth and humanity.

But something is afoot to prevent any problems that ISON might bring.

So, no matter how one looks at it, ISON is a warning to the bad guys that they’re finished.

“The good guys lose, the bad guys lose. Ha, ha, ha…”

Update II:

Looks like I got things right in the first place instead of wrong.

ISON is a good ship. A ship with goodness.

On approximately November 3rd, ISON will cross the plane of Earth’s orbit. Also on November 3rd, Earth will experience a rare hybrid solar eclipse.

Things that make you go “hmmm…”

6 thoughts on “ISON, Skulls, Veil

  1. Karma007 says:

    Martini? Must be what the Martians are drinking this year. With all the hullabaloo about ISON in November, we in region 3, are going to be undergoing drills in November 13-14. They are already supplying the schools with three day supply packs for each child. Coast Guard is preparing on the east coast too. There is no leave for anyone in the armed forces from Sept. 27-Nov. 1. With the wacky weather, loud booms and other anomalies, is the war in Syria a distraction?

    • mike0v says:


      About Syria? Uh, I have no clue.

      About martinis? Hey, I love ’em. Well, I used to before I quit drinking.

      What do they serve on Pleiadian planets?

    • Julia says:

      Wow, that is interesting. Yes, I think we are in ‘distraction central’ right now. I’m on the west coast, but had not heard of all of the drills & no leave on the East. Always interesting times!

  2. Karma007 says:

    I’m hoping food that I know how to prepare. If not I’m in for more culinary school if they eat at all!

  3. Lida says:

    did you all hear about the 5 nuclear weapons gone ‘missing’ from Dyess…supposedly sent to South Carolina for ‘distribution’!!!
    no paper trail left for the transfer!?!?

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