Always the Waiting

ETs, UFOs, mind control, underground bases, experiments, advanced technology, amnesia, reincarnation, karma, chakras, secrets, wars, killing, poisoned food, water, air, taxes, psychic attacks, abductions, mental illness, artificial intelligence, Reptilians, Dracos, Greys, genetic manipulation, slavery, merkabas, stars, space, crystals, Earth, Qi, Earth-shan, Terra, gravity, anti-gravity, meditation, etheric bodies, astral travel, NDEs, ancient prophecies, Ancient Masters, crystal skulls, shift frequency, higher vibrations, Age of Aquarius, divine intervention, Illuminati, Incunabula,  puppets, puppeteers, visions, ghosts, ghouls, demons, higher self, lower dimensions, 4th dimension, 5th dimension, monads, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Ouija boards, Séance, magick, sacred geometry, vortices, ley lines, dowsing, numerology, astrology, earthing, sigil magic, lines & light, light, darkness, balance, right, wrong, judgment, peace, planets, comets, asteroids, pole shift, flooding, baphomet, ritual, Greenland, pentagram, sex, ET 101, Goddess Diana, DNA, cymatics, portals, sovereignty, souls, consciousness, the Bible, Thoth, hemi-sync music, pineal gland, WingMakers, royalty, angels, gurus, alternate news, false flags, bombings, symbology, water, air, fire, ancient texts, forbidden archeology, fluoride, chemtrails, robots, central race, multi-verses, atomic energy, free energy, inner Earth, Agarthans, fairies, leprechauns, rods, sylphs, devic kingdom, peripheral vision, Philosophers Stone, divine deadline, spirituality, dragons, love, Antarctica, foo fighters, awakening, ego, Higher Forces, They Live, discernment, The Galactic Federation, internet, ascension, ascension symptoms, school, prison, dark forces, energy grids, Mayan calendar, moon, nine months, icons, fear, Ong’s Hat, chaos, spiritual science, Bibliotheca Pleiades, ear ringing, WHALE, Hilton Hotema, missions, actors, whales, dolphins, mer-people, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, meteorites, comet ISON, space weather, Nibiru, financial reset, paranormal, sleeping, Quetzalcoatl, Jesus, Big Foot, chameleons, slender man, thunderbird, black-eyed kids, NASA, shape-shifters, Faraday cages, Tesla, James Mahu, Elohim, Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, undersea bases, greed, synchronicities, all-seeing eye, pyramids, Masons, elite, codes, The Code to the Matrix, the matrix, demiurge, service-to-self, service-to-other, Mars, Project Blue Beam, holography, vaccinations, chants, sound, Hidden Hand, prophets, 13, organics, lies, deception, bloodlines, Svali, Area 51, Roswell, hybrids, weather balloons, birth dates, birth names, birth places, free will, computers, microwaves, Wikileaks, NSA, sharing, pedophilia, violence, emotions, probes, Tunguska, the Valley of Death, lost cities of the Grand Canyon, serpents, Annunaki, gold, human sacrifice, law of intervention, quarantine, cosmic law, spiritual law, Noah, triangles, hemp, marijuana, orgone, genocide, terrorism, conspiracies, Satan, cults, the Kennedys, porn, television, subliminal messages, religion, native Americans, the Great Spirit, frauds, quacks, liars, politics, psychopaths, sociopaths, riots, revolution, protests, cancer, the Lost Tribe, seers, mystics, witches, psychology, trees, aspartame, chlorine, intelligent design, evolution, abortion, racial tension, Maldek, Saturn, misogyny, satellites, Star Wars, AIDS, Edgar Cayce, time travel, mandalas, palm creases, natal charts, halos, auras, kirlian photography, wormholes, black holes, military industrial complex, money, education, celebrities, brainwashing, dumbed down, ESP, clairvoyance, left brain, right brain, the Daniel Papers, whistleblowers, Alien Races Book, Gobekli Tepe, Puma Punku, Teotihuacan, Washington DC, London, the Vatican, the Pope, star gates, star ships, jinn, pain, suffering, the veil of forgetfulness, soul contracts, forgiveness, boredom, anger, the golden ratio, lightworkers, warriors, the Montauk Project, black knight satellite, Fibonacci, radio, mainstream news, Russia, China, Brazil, Buddha, the Watchers, channeling, ascended masters, Alcyone, Taygeta, Erra, the Milky Way, I Pet Goat II, Armageddon, galaxies, nebulae, scandals, corruption, bribery, Einstein, clairaudience, remote viewing, shaman, Uri Geller, Vimanas, Tarot cards, 33rd parallel, temples, monuments, Stonehenge, Temple of the Feathered Serpent, mantras, the third eye, parallel dimensions, underground cities, the 99%, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, chemical weapons, biological warfare, hate crime, cellphones, Wi-Fi, Revelations of an Elite Family Insider, crows, bees, Monsanto, 1,000 years, archangels, law of attraction, suicide, Back to the Future, Dr. Strangelove, Stanley Kubrick, murder, Ring of Fire, hidden in plain sight, White Hats, Federal Reserve, banksters, poppy fields, oil, gasoline, 9 to 5, hackers, Anonymous, bills, credit, debt, bankruptcy, bail outs, Ra, Seth, blood sports, medicines, loneliness, sun gazing, star gazing, astronomy, rape, kidnapping, sex trade, missing people, animal cruelty, hope, longing for home, alternate Earths, planet A, planet B, separation of worlds, levitation, telekinesis, LERM, ACIO, chembusters, roses, Lucifer, Olympia, divine feminine, return to innocence, the Eyes of Truth, quantum foam, beings of light, soul complex, the Law of One, electric universe, Gaia and…the waiting.

Always the waiting.

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