Should I do it?

One of these days we’re gonna be done with this mission to Earth. When we are, I’m sure there will come a time when groups of us will be sitting around, chatting and laughing about our experiences while we were here.

If an opportune time should present itself, Michael, I’d like you to read this to a group:

Hello, everybody,

Because you’re reading this or seeing it, we must have made it home safely after a long time away. Well, a long time for us down here. For you guys, probably a split second.

From where I am and in this moment of time, the influence of the dark forces is becoming much more apparent and even sleeping humans cannot dismiss what is now going on. All of humanity is standing on a precipice, ready to be nudged into an abyss of awakening.

In this moment, I have no idea what all of you experienced during the changes. I imagine it was tough for some and relatively easy for others. I’m hoping it goes easy for me. Actually, I’m hoping it goes easy for all of us but I know it can’t be that way.

All of you are enjoying the benefit of full consciousness and are seeing things from a perspective I can only dream about. Even though I’ve been where you are before, I’m not there now. Can you imagine such a thing? Jumping backwards from being cosmically aware to being reduced to a pinpoint of insignificance?

I’m assuming that some of you have taken the leap, too. How were we able to make such a commitment?

From here, the notion of dropping yourself into a crazed 3rd density world seems the most asinine thing a soul could possibly do. But from there, what was it like?

This is a small part of what incarnated souls think about. About the decision to volunteer. We know WHY we traveled downward into the murk; understanding that is very easy, but the moment of commitment must have been agonizing as hell. If it wasn’t agonizing as hell, then it sure should have been!

And I suppose that’s the point of me addressing all of you. How hard was it to decide to relinquish all you know? I certainly hope that each of you who has made such a journey gave considerable thought and consideration to the mission before doing it because from where I’m sitting right now, it seems a decision only a madman would make.

You guys aren’t crazy, are you?


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