Our Gift

Today, while driving home from work, after thinking about the ridiculous fiasco that’s playing itself out on our world’s stage, a thought dawned on me. Or, more than likely, was given to me. Whatever.

My mind, my higher self, my spirit guides or maybe a leprechaun hiding in my glove-box conked me on the head and said, basically, “hey, goofball, do you realize what it is that you’re witnessing? You don’t, do you? You haven’t pieced it together yet, have you?”

“You and all the other participants in this universal drama have been bestowed with a gift. A gift that is now becoming apparent to those of you who are spiritually awake and are knowledgeable of the scripted nature of this production.”

“Quite simply, you’re being given a front row seat to witness the decisions and machinations of a group of beings who have, undoubtedly and unequivocally, reached the uppermost pinnacles of stupidity.”

As I sat behind the wheel of my car, a smile crossed my face and this entire day brightened considerably.

Regardless of who still controls the highest levels of power on Earth, be it Reptilians, Big Brother, dark forces or some form of artificial intelligence, they have demonstrated to our universe and probably to all the others, what NOT to do when Heaven and the angels are about to deliver on a divine promise.

An entirely new linguistic architecture will have to be developed in order to describe the limitless depths of stupidity to which these beings have sunk.

Wow. Our Earth IS special, after all!

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