In It Together

“But the biggest secret of all is that it was all planned…The luring, the manipulation, the technology, even the instigation of experiments…all for the sake of the end of the game. Which is…that our fate is their fate. There is a cosmic law the aliens observe, but there is also a spiritual law of which only the higher powers know…You can’t just simply sit and watch a civilization crumble, or manipulate it without consequences….It’s like a domino-effect. What happens here will happen on their worlds, ending ultimately in an entire-ending and re-shaping of the entire universes’ hierarchy. The good guys lose…the bad guys lose, ha ha ha. They planned it eons ago, and the parts were played out perfectly.”

~William and the angels

“How can one leave the body upon death and circulate in a realm of heaven that is beautiful and inspiring while their fellow humans are left to suffer on Earth in the prison of their unsuspecting HMS? Some would say this is because of karma and that these poor beings incarnated to serve in this capacity. Even if this were true, does this relinquish you from a responsibility to support and help your fellow humans? Remember we are all one. We all exist in the Tone of Equality as sovereigns united as First Source. What happens to one happens to all.”

~James of the WingMakers


“What happens here will happen on their worlds…”

“What happens to one happens to all.”

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